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'Karina' by De Andre Drake

The body paint artist of the Bay

September 5, 2013

De Andre Drake went to prison in a high profile case, then discovered his love and talent for drawing, painting and visual art. Since losing interest in air brushing T-shirts, De Andre closed his storefront, The Ave., and has graduated to body art, where he paints on bodies. Hear one of Oakland’s premiere artists talk about his career and this new genre of spray-painting.

Abundant knowledge! Less bullets!

March 4, 2013

In commemoration of our Black Nation (Independence) Day, WE invite families and our entire community to a “Sacred Gathering and Celebration of Marcus Books” and our new mural – to promote righteous self-determination, self-beauty and self-defense – Saturday, March 30, noon-4 p.m., at Marcus Books, 3900 MLK Jr. Way, Oakland.

Stop the supercop! All out to Oakland City Hall Tuesday!

January 14, 2013

Oakland’s mayor, chief of police, and city manager announced their intentions to contract with William Bratton as a consultant to the Oakland Police Department. Oakland has become the epicenter of anti-brutality campaigns, so those who want the brutality to continue are bringing in their big guns. Join the Justice for Alan Blueford Coalition and allies on Tuesday, Jan. 15, to tell the Oakland City Council that we reject Bill Bratton and his racist, fascist policies. Meet up at 5:00 for a rally with the meeting at 5:30.

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