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Posts Tagged with "tips for fathers"

Split parenting: A family divided

August 2, 2013

In speaking with fathers, it is painfully obvious that “split parenting” is one of the most difficult and gut wrenching experiences anyone who loves his children can go through. It’s all too real, and we are left to find ways to make this potentially devastating situation not only tolerable but one in which adults can learn to communicate and children can somehow thrive.

Fathers, babies and stinky diapers

May 25, 2013

From the first breath, father and mother alike have the same level of responsibility and opportunity in welcoming their newborn into the world. Mothers will always be closer, as they carry and nurture the child for nine months and continue to be the first source of food, in most cases, after they arrive. But wait, fathers, don’t get jealous. Everything else is a shared and mutual opportunity, including changing those “stinky” diapers.

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