In this video by Channing Kennedy for ColorLines, Oakland residents express their anger both at the failure of authorities to charge or even reprimand the officer who killed Oscar Grant and at the media’s one-sided coverage of the following protests.


  1. In light of the death of Oakland resident Gary King Jr. 2007 and the recent riots over the unjust killing of Oscar Grant, I will curate a photojournalism/graffiti print project under the direction of Paul Barron. Barron was commissioned by mayor Ron Dellums to install his graffiti angel of Gary King Jr. @ 55th and MLK in 2007; A graffiti memorial which is still erect on the BART pillar near the intersection where Gary King Jr. was killed a year ago by repeated use of a police tazer.

    John Paul Bell and his wife Brianna Bell of will be contributing artists
    Ryan Saari of will be a contributing artist and the family of Gary King Jr. is invited to be at Buzz Gallery that evening as well as performance art.

    This event is scheduled for February Art murmur and will run as “Black History – a graffiti-photoproject on Police Brutality and Social Response in Oakland” through February 28th.

    Mama Buzz Cafe and Gallery
    2318 Telegraph Ave
    (between 23rd St & 24th St)
    Oakland, CA 94612
    (510) 465-4073

  2. I was watching the video and observe a unarm black man being executed in front of the public! This was in hindsight a ..”Lynching” in a upgraded modern way! Our young people must be aware or conscious that sum people mindsets are still the old ..”South” way! We must educate our young people to (1)Observe…(2) Inform…(3) Protect our each other….This may be 2009 but in sum ways the mentality is like 1959. May god bless Oscar soul and i will pray for the city of Oakland and always Keep the Faith!..Sincerely,Don M.

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