Free the Minister of Information JR! Convict killer cop Johannes Mehserle!

Next court date and case updates

by Committee to Free Minister of Information JR

Minister of Information JR, an advocate as well as a journalist, didn't let his false arrest Jan. 7 intimidate him; he was back out on the street with the people on Jan. 14 protesting the imminent release of killer cop Mehserle on bail. - Photo: Bill HackwellThursday, May 21, is the next court date for JR Valrey aka The Minister of Information JR in the case where he is falsely being accused by Oakland Police Officer Ruiz of committing felony arson on Jan. 7, the first of three Oakland Rebellions protesting the police murder of Oscar Grant III.

Recently M.O.I. JR won two small battles in the case:
1) the judge ordered that the defense would be able to view arresting Officer Ruiz’ disciplinary file in regards to certain matters relevant to this case – i.e., falsifying evidence, lying under oath etc. and
2) the bail money was given back to M.O.I. JR, and he was released on his own recognizance.

The third matter that is being worked on currently is the defense has motioned for an accounting of what M.O.I. JR was arrested with. This is the first step in getting his camera back, which the Oakland Police have had since Jan. 7. The police have not responded to the D.A.’s first request for this information – after the defense’s initial motion for this information was granted – so the defense is waiting to see if the police will respond to the second request. We should know at the May 21 hearing.

In this photo, one of the many that used to grace the pages of the Bay View until M.O.I. JR’s camera was confiscated by OPD on Jan. 7, the homie, Amin, Fleetwood, NY Oil, M.O.I. JR and, in front, Maya Rise and Apollonia are politicking last August in Las Vegas at the ‘08 Hip Hop Political Convention. – Photo: Minister of Information JRM.O.I. JR is facing a maximum of three years in prison, and his lawyer Marlon Monroe said that he believes that this case will go on until the end of this year. The prosecution offered M.O.I. JR a deal at his last hearing, for five years of felony probation, four-way searches (meaning warrantless searches any time any place), time served and restitution in exchange for a guilty plea. Needless to say, M.O.I. JR refused their offer and is still engaged in proclaiming his innocence.

His next court date is on Thursday, May 21, at 2 p.m. in Courtroom 115 at 661 Washington St. in downtown Oakland. Pack the courtroom! Free the Oakland 100!

Also check out Chairman Fred Hampton Jr.’s response to last month’s East Bay Express hit piece on the POCC Minister of Information JR here,

Contact the Committee to Free M.O.I. JR via or (415) 671-0789.

Don’t let DA reduce charges against cop who killed Oscar Grant

Johannes MehserleJohannes Mehserle, the BART cop who executed Oscar Grant, will finally be back in court Monday, May 18, at 9 a.m. Everyone is urged to come out for a press conference and rally at 8 a.m. in front of the Alameda County Courthouse, 1225 Fallon St., at 12th and Oak Street, Oakland. Originally scheduled for March 23, this hearing was postponed after Lovelle Mixon and four Oakland police were killed on March 21.

Oscar Grant’s family is asking all who support justice for Oscar to be there with them at some time during the all-day hearing. Any time you can spend, 10 minutes or an hour, will be appreciated.

Oscar Grant IIIWe can’t let police intimidation or sympathy for the cops recently killed to allow the judge to reduce the charges. OAKLAND STAND UP!

At this preliminary hearing, the judge will determine whether there’s probable cause – sufficient evidence to indicate that Mehserle committed a crime and should go to trial. It is critical that the judge and the police officers in the courtroom to support Mehserle see that everyday people who are concerned about police accountability and justice for Oscar Grant are there as well.

Photo: Dave Id, IndybayTo the hundreds of thousands who have seen the videos recorded by eyewitnesses on the crowded BART platform where Mehserle shot Oscar in the back as he lay there, unarmed and not resisting, the cop is clearly guilty of murder. But it took a “riot” – or rebellion – for District Attorney Tom Orloff to charge Mehserle and, considering Orloff’s sympathy with police, it will take enormous concerted pressure for Mehserle to be convicted.

Killer cops are seldom charged and almost never convicted. This is the people’s opportunity to make history in Oakland, birthplace of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense.

‘March 21, 2009’

by N’Jeri Eaton

On March 21, 2009, a sunny Saturday afternoon, Lovelle Mixon killed four Oakland police officers before being shot to death. Featured in this broadcast quality video are Lovelle’s cousin, Minister of Information JR and Bakari Olatunji.