Free Gaza! Free the Gaza 21, including Cynthia McKinney, from Israeli jail!


by George and Candy Gonzalez

Wherever the battle for freedom is joined, expect Cynthia McKinney to be on the front lines.“This is an outrageous violation of international law against us. Our boat was not in Israeli waters, and we were on a human rights mission to the Gaza Strip,” said Cynthia McKinney, a former U.S. Congresswoman and presidential candidate, as she and 20 human rights workers and journalists from 11 countries on a boat attempting to break the blockade of Gaza were abducted and being dragged by an Israeli gunship to jail in Israel.

“President Obama just told Israel to let in humanitarian and reconstruction supplies, and that’s exactly what we tried to do. We’re asking the international community to demand our release so we can resume our journey.” Noble laureate Mairead Maguire was also aboard, and all 21 are now in Israeli jail cells.

We urge people to take immediate action to have the Israeli government release Cynthia McKinney and the others on the Free Gaza vessel, the Spirit of Humanity, when it was boarded by Israeli Occupation Forces and forcibly hauled to Israel. (The people to contact are listed below.)

If any other country did this, it would be called “piracy.”

The Spirit of Humanity was not even in Israeli waters and posed no military threat to Israel. The 21 people aboard were on a human rights mission to bring desperately needed supplies to the thousands of Palestinians living in Gaza who have lost many loved ones, their homes and possessions due to Israel’s attacks in December and January.

The boat was seized in international waters by Israeli navy gunboats blockading Gaza. Tons of medicine – as well as toys, crayons and olive trees – destined for the besieged people of Gaza were confiscated.

According to a newly released report from the International Committee of the Red Cross, the Palestinians living in Gaza are “trapped in despair.” Thousands of Gazans whose homes were destroyed during Israel’s December-January massacre are still without shelter despite pledges of almost $4.5 billion in aid, because Israel refuses to allow cement and other building material into the Gaza Strip. The report also notes that hospitals are struggling to meet the needs of their patients due to Israel’s disruption of medical supplies.

“The aid we were carrying is a symbol of hope for the people of Gaza, hope that the sea route would open for them and they would be able to transport their own materials to begin to reconstruct the schools, hospitals and thousands of homes destroyed during the onslaught of ‘Cast Lead.’ Our mission is a gesture to the people of Gaza that we stand by them and that they are not alone,” said Mairead Maguire, winner of a Noble Peace Prize for her work in Northern Ireland.

“Our boat was searched and received a security clearance by Cypriot Port Authorities before we departed, and at no time did we ever approach Israeli waters,” stated Huwaida Arraf, Free Gaza Movement chairperson and delegation co-coordinator on this voyage. “Israel’s deliberate and premeditated attack on our unarmed boat is a clear violation of international law and we demand our immediate and unconditional release.”

We stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza, desperately trying to survive and those trying to bring a token of hope to them.

We demand that the vessel and all those on board are immediately released and allowed to continue their voyage to Gaza. We admire their backbone and determination to work for justice, to take action rather than “mouth off” safely from afar.

This is neither the first nor the last of Cynthia McKinney’s attempts to break the blockade of Gaza

On Cynthia McKinney’s first trip with Free Gaza to break the blockade, their boat, sailing in international waters, was rammed and nearly sunk by Israeli gunboats during a terrifying night on Dec. 30, just as Israel was launching its attack on Gaza. The boat, loaded with three tons of medical supplies intended for Gaza, was able to reach port in Lebanon.

McKinney is also one of the main participants in another heroic campaign, along with New York City Councilmember Charles Barron and British Member of Parliament George Galloway, sending medical supplies to Gaza.

Half of Gaza’s hospitals were destroyed, exacerbating the medical emergency for many civilians wounded in the attacks. None of this horror even takes into account the many people yet to fall victim to leukemia and other illnesses resulting from the 75 tons of depleted uranium left by Israel during its illegal war. (, June 27)

Viva Palestina USA will leave July 4 from New York City, with hundreds of people taking a convoy of trucks through Egypt to the border of Gaza to deliver much-needed medical supplies to the besieged people of Gaza.

June 6 was the 42nd anniversary of the Israeli seizure of Gaza from the Palestinian people. Yet, like the U.S. attempts at re-colonizing Iraq, none of Israel’s U.S.-supplied weapons of mass destruction has been capable of destroying the Palestinian people’s will to continue fighting the illegal occupation.

It is this spirit of resistance that will continue to inspire many more Spirit of Humanity trips and Viva Palestina convoys loaded with medical supplies and various other forms of international solidarity with the people of Palestine.

Appeal from the Free Gaza Movement

The Spirit of Humanity prepares to set sail for Gaza, carrying tons of supplies and 21 human rights workers and journalists. – Photo: Since the kidnapping of the Gaza 21, tens of thousands of people around the world have mobilized to demand their immediate and unconditional release. The Free Gaza Movement,, thanks everyone who has made a phone call, sent a fax or email, written a letter or organized a demonstration on behalf of our 21 imprisoned friends.

To maintain the pressure until they are released, readers are urged to contact the following:

Israeli Ministry of Justice: phone +972 2646 6666 or +972 2646 6340, fax +972 2646 6357

Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs: phone +972 2530 3111, fax +972 2530 3367

Mark Regev in the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office: +972 5 0620 3264 or +972 2670 5354, email

“With respect, freeing the Gaza 21 is not enough. We are not the story,” declares the Free Gaza Movement. Since its founding in 1948 the State of Israel has regularly kidnapped and tortured Palestinians, throwing them into forgotten prisons where they can languish for years. Today, over 11,000 Palestinian political prisoners without benefit of due process, some never even charged – men, women and children – endure torture and isolation in Israeli jails, outdoor prison camps and secret sites. They come from all walks of life: doctors, journalists, parliamentarians, workers, resistance fighters, homemakers, students and others. They are our sisters and brothers, imprisoned simply for being Palestinian.

The Free Gaza Movement implores all the good people around the world who have working so hard to secure the release of the Gaza 21 to “adopt” a Palestinian prisoner. For more information, visit or contact Donna Wallach,

Former San Franciscans George and Candy Gonzalez live in Belize, where they are leaders in movements for human rights and environmental justice and many of the other worthy causes they championed in the U.S. They can be reached at Bay View staff contributed to this story from several sources, including Workers World,, and the International Liaison Committee of Workers and Peoples (ILC),


  1. Cynthia McKinney and the others are trying to bring attention to the plight of the people in the Gaza strip. In the process they are bringing to world attention the Israeli and Egyptian government blockades of Gaza. These blockades are inhumane and should not be tolerated.

    Even if you disagree with Hamas and their goal of removing the Zionist state of Israel from the Palestine, there is no reason to make the people of the Gaza suffer. Hamas will moderate their views if they are engaged politically. Simply by blockading Gaza the Israeli government is helping them gain sympathy from the Palestinian people and their supporters. A more intelligent path is the one Obama has presented in Cairo, with America engaging in a dialogue with the peoples in the middle east and presenting an alternative that does not include invasion and conquest by America although he has demonstrated in Afghanistan that he will not rule it out.

    Hamas is aligned with Iran because Iran offers an alternative to submitting to Israel and Israel's supporters.

    But we must remember that Hamas was originally supported by Israel as an alternative to Fatah and the PLO. When the PLO became a state entity and began to negotiate with the Israeli power, the radical islamic movement took advantage of the failure of the PLO in their negotiations to achieve a viable Palestinian state and gained the support of the masses of disappointed Palestinians in Gaza in particular. Meanwhile Israel had severed its own links with Hamas and now is treating them as the enemy when in reality all they are doing is attempting to gain for the Palestinians the equal rights that were supposed to have come out of the negotiations that have been going on since the Camp David Summit under Carter so many years ago.

    This problem should have been resolved years ago and it is only the intransigence of the Israeli government and it backers in the USA that has led to the ongoing humanitarian crisis. Former President Carter recognises this and it is why he condemns Israel now. Cynthia McKinney is simply joining the majority of the world in opposing the blockade of Gaza.

  2. Keep her militant ass in the Israeli Jail then maybe she might get a clue of just how good she has on US soil instead of thinking that everyone owes her something. Could not have happened to a nicer person. Maybe this will teach her a leason.

  3. Rep. Cynthia:

    (Heard a rumor you wanted to become a man… To do this you’ll have to transfer to a Nigerial jail…)

    Your (pretend) admirer,
    Wonderful Wayne

  4. I’m sorry for my hateful stupidity. I really have no idea what I am talking about. I am just angry and bitter with my life. I don’t even know who Cynthia Mckinney is and I don’t wish militant regime to torture and hold anyone, not even Israel.

  5. She is exactly where she belongs!!! it’s simply amazing how a former US Congresswoman can think she is above the law and has the right to break immigration and customs laws! This is nothing more than a publicity stunt which attracted little—-if no publicity !!!! Great news!!! 21 peace activists for 3 tons of supplies—-what a joke!!!! Israel delivered 300 tons of aid to Gaza on the day the boat was confiscated for attempting circumvent the law. And she thinks since ” “President Obama just told Israel to let in humanitarian and reconstruction supplies”—– she has the authority to violate the border controls established by the Oslo Accords ??

    What an arrogant POS !!! Israel should keep her for being a repeat offender !

  6. Yeah. Right on Wayne. Those innocent Palestinians don’t deserve basic human rights. That’s what we smug, ignorant, rascists believe, isn’t it? You are Wonderful! And smart!!

  7. I believe Miss Leiws ( does she mean Lewis?) has got the wrong end of the stick. Cynthia McKinney is in Israel precisely because she appreciates the lifestyle she leads in the USA and wants that to be reflected in Palestine. It is called selflessness, a quality Miss Lewis seems to have little of. Come to Palestine , Miss Lewis, I’ll show you Israeli democracy in action at the gate of the City of Bethlehem. Or , Jericho, Nablus and Hebron. McKinney is asking nobody for anything. What exactly are you suggesting she ‘thinks’ everyone owes her. Please be more specific.

  8. Roscoe. I wonder if you would change your mind if you could walk in anyone else’s shoes.

    You’re the ugly American, even if you are not.

    Way To Go!

  9. Finally someone rational speaks.

    Learn from Joe and maybe you can make a meaningful difference in the world, even if killing and imprisoning is your M.O.

  10. Don’t know who this person is called sheila again but I do now what McKinney stands for and that is a racist militant who is a disgrace to the planet I hope they feed that bitch to the sharks.

  11. Sheila Again,

    No I’m not an American—– but I do in fact understand the rule of law—-something that Cynthia Mckinney knows absolutely nothing about !!!! Because she is a Privileged Person !!!

    She’s nothing more than a hateful, spiteful, arrogant, POS that can’t seem to understand the difference between following the rules and purposefully breaking them.

    Her agenda is for no other purpose than to promote her sense of self importance!

    21 people on a boat for 3 tons of supplies—- that’s a whopping 3 pick-up tuck loads !!!! What a nutcase !!!

    Here is the true Cynthia McKinney—

  12. Sheila Leiws,

    On what do you base your statement “rascist militant”. No reflection on the Israeli citizens, but don’t you think the regime that occupies that state is as rascist as they come? Do you know the history of Israel?

    Regardless, innocent people are not allowed to leave and cannot get enough food and medical supplies. And by Proxy of your statement, you are saying that is not important here. Instead, your disdain for Cynthia Mckinney as a character is seemingly what you care most about.

    Rascist Militant might best describe the israeli regime that is blockading humanitarian aid, which UN laws do mandate.


  13. So,

    Sheila again is not Sheila Lewis ??????

    Wow—I was confused there for a moment—thought maybe Sheila was schizo !!

  14. Someone else is posting under my name. I have only posted once. I am from Ga where Mckinney was a representative. She was a disgrace who had a personal agenda and cared nothing about her constituents. I can almost guarantee that she has an agenda now and it has nothing to do with humanitarian efforts.

  15. I am appalled at the level of meaness exhibited here.
    People in democratic societies are allowed to follow the paths they believe are right.
    I suspect that Jesus would have been on that boat along with Ghandi, Mother Teresa and others who believed in helping the afflicted, the hungry, the sick.

    While you obviously can and do disagree, smallness of spirit is a very sad thing. I am sorry for you.

  16. Roscoe must be Israeli since he is not an American. Perhaps he’s Canadian. Either way, he is a reactionary Zionist on the top order and most probably salaried agent of Israel. Of course, he doesn’t specify what crime the peace activists committed since they were in International waters and clearly were not trying to smuggle in arms.
    Sheila Leiws is nothing but a cracker plain enough. Crackers are crackers and there is nothing that can be done about them. Funny how racists always accuse the oppressed of being racist. It reveals there lack of what racism really is ie; power. It’s when the oppressed speak out and demand justice when bigots play the race card with reverse discrimination.
    Wayne E. Houser, Jr. must’ve retired early from the Foreign Service since he doesn’t understand the language of diplomacy. However, I suspect he has made up that title given the poor syntax, not to mention atrocious grammar of his comment. I might be wrong actually. Considering the lack of education concerning the the world in the US it’s quite conceivable the State Department indeed hires illiterate goons into the foreign service. That would greatly explain why American foreign policy is a first class disaster.
    That’s all I have to comment.

  17. why doesnt mckinney get on a boat and help out her former constituents? i am sure with the economic collapse, there are many from her district that could use all sorts of aid..someone mentioned about walking around like jesus,..i can tell you, jesus never had a pic on FB wearing a kaffiyeh, and a t-shirt with muslim designs..he was neutral, and cared about everyone..the people she went to help have nothing better to do than shoot rockets into israel, ecspecially after, the israelis gave that land those dipshits brought that upon themselves..obviously alot of people hate jews,..but you dont have to be an israeli/jew to understand, that if someone who lived a few miles from you was launching missles into your living room while your chowing on your hungry maan dinner, laughing to leno, you’d respond exactly the same, and you know it. so i hope this trouble maker gets sent to Jail #6, which is out in the Negev..i know, cause i sent alot terrorists there, besides the hospital..

  18. A Zionist is not a Jew. A Zionist is a Zionist, period.
    (I assume the readers know who this is quoted from)

    The parishioners of the dominion heresy cult embodied by the state church of Israel are “chosen”, indeed. They are the perfect ignorant hill billy dominion heretic stooges. For a fistful of wistful shekels, they allow themselves to be hate bait for the sole purpose of enriching the US War Dope and Oil Exchange.

    One needs to ask, “What was this dumbed downed rag tag band of hillbilly dominion heretics chosen for?” Well, as said before, to enrich the war, dope and energy industrialists of the exchange. But there is more. They were chosen to take the fall when the US “Bastille” is finally shattered by an American awakening. I can hear it now. The US War Whore Exchange complains, “Them hillbillies in Israel made us do it”, as they attempt to make their getaway. Then the Hillbillies in Israel roast in the flames of Masads II.

    If thats being “chosen”, leave me out of it.

    Cynthia McKinney is a genuine American Hero. She was one of the very few patriots in the K-Street Brothel that was once our house of government. As a former US representative, she is also a vessel of US National Security Secrets.

    All Israel did is remind us of what they did for the Exchange when they attacked and murdered US sailors of the USS Liberty.

    Israel – you’ve crossed the line for the last time. And that podunk dominion heretic excuse is out of steam and falls on deaf ears. Release Ms McKinney, all of the Gaza relief and all of the Gaza relief workers. Do it immediately. Your time has ended. You are no more chosen than a grain of sand. None of us are.

    Look at what you’ve done to the world with your slavery to the exchange. Look at what you’ve done to a once respected religion.

    Look at yourself Israel. It’s over. Release the crew and supplies and “Spirit” now. There are no more tears for you.

  19. Take McKinney out of the equation, and then critique Israel. If you do so without bias Israel stands accused of serious crimes against international law, american citizens, and the right to freedom. America”s support for the state of Israel is eroding. The new administration has already come under attack from the many surrogates and politicians that support Israel no matter what. The support of everyday americans towards Israel is eroding. The actions that state consistently takes is causing a major concern amongst the Israeli people also. Now the goverment of Israel is a hard line group with no serious intentions of real peace.

  20. There are two mutually exclusive issues here.
    1. Truman should never have agreed to place Israel where it now is. The resulting catastrophe has alienated the USA from the Arab word (probably) forever. There was plenty of room in Iceland and northern Canada.
    2. Votes to elect RACIST-Cynthia were collected (largely) from ignorant masses of from her “specific” race. That would not have occurred if she had been Japanese, Chinese, Malasian et al. Eventually (even) her electors woke up and DUMPED her outta Congress. Now she’s creating “waves” …pretending to be something she is NOT: a humanitarian savior. She is only seeking attention…and has found herself in JAIL. Well, lets hope she stays there. None-the-less, as someone who has spent YEARS in the Middle East, she should be happy its an Israeli jail…and NOT an Arab jail… So, even ignorant, racist, little Cynthia has something to be thankful for. She should take advantage of the situation by learning Hebrew. (Never, never, never, pass up an opportunity to improve one’s self.)
    Wonderful Wayne

    Wonderful Wayne

  22. Wayne
    You are wrapped up in the assumption of an enigma. If you support peace. stay focused on what the USA needs to muster, which is “guts” Only then will any one entity, or collective parties realize that their only hope for a peaceful result will come from the acceptance of each others existance.

  23. Glenn…you missed the point…it’s time to MOVE the Jews off ARAB LAND! Wake up and SMELL the coffee…

  24. ms.Mckinney was given permission to leave the port in Cyprus after they had lied to the cypriot port authorities and claimed that they were traveling to the to port Said in Egypt,when she devated from her declared route and entered Israeli territorial waters ,the ship was seized.And everyone seems to forget that their are two borders that are closed, Israel and Egypt. But no ones calling on Egypt to open their borders,let’s just blame Israel, bottom line is she’s just a publicity seeking ho

  25. reminds me of the girl in weeds, who was kidnapped and no one would come to her aid and pay the ransom……McKinney is in an Israeli Jail and No one seems to give 2 Sh*ts if she stays there for 25 years !

  26. What is important here is that an American has been held in a foreign prison. The exact nature of her arrest is not clear. American Government should demand explanation from Israel.

    When it comes to Israel America is always silent.

    Rachel Corrie, the 23-year-old American peace activist and student was run over and killed by a Caterpillar D9 bulldozer on March 16, 2003.

    What did America do?

    America goes around the world fighting with China, Russia, Burma and Iran for Human Rights when it does not even bother to fight for its own citizens.

    Who is running America? Americans? Hard to believe.

    Oops, I forgot, Obama has yet to show his birth certificate, instead he is paying a dozen lawyers to seek legal protection exactly against showing his birth certificate.
    He must be pretty busy protective his own ass.

    Note: By the way, I am a supporter of Israel’s right to exist. but not its right to arrest foreign citizens at will

    I am writing because I cannot understand the idiotic writing of some of the people here who talk about McKinney instead of talking about the criminal activity of Israel which is holding an American citizen without due process of law.

    If any other country has done this American stooges in Washington would have been shouting in all media just like when they supported the gay sodomist Anwar Ibrahim in Malaysia and corrupted kodorkovsky in Russia or the bogus journalist arrested in North Korea.

  27. The 21 humanitarian workers aboard The Spirit of Humanity were NOT in Israeli waters at the time of the arrest. The direct coordinates of the boat at the time of the arrest placed them 26 miles off the coast of Gaza, in international waters. All passengers, crew, and supplies upon the boat received a certificate of clearance from the Port Authority in Cyprus on the 29th of June. The following day, after several hours of intimidation tactics, Israeli Occupational Forces attacked and illegally boarded the boat, abducting the 21 workers and dragging them, against their will, to Israel. This is a grotesque violation of the Geneva Convention. The only reason why the ship was targeted was because of the blockade which the rogue state of Israel has imposed upon the Palestinian people for years. This blockade is an extreme violation of international law. To date, 19 of the Free Gaza 21 remain captive, illegally, in an Israeli prison, on the grounds of “entering Israel illegally,” which is absurd because they never entered Israel and never had any intentions of so doing. It is important that we speak out and take action to demand the immediate and unconditional release of the Free Gaza 21.

    Spokesman for the Prime Minister of Israel

    We are, sad to say, singing to the chorus, when we should be, in the strongest terms and with extreme prejudice, letting the government of Israel know how we feel.

    Don’t worry about their little inadequacy complexed sayans. Given, less than 2% of the US population are parishioners of the claimed state church of Israel, but very few are true blue Zionists (Zionism is a Dominion Heresy straight out of the Dark Ages).

    They cannot accuse you of being anti-semitic. There have been successful plaintiff cases very recently where organizations like the ADL had to pay a lot of money for putting their foot in their mouth when thay gamed the old “anti semite” shtick. You are protected by existing case law and precedent.

    This is your life. And life, like humanity, is what you make it. Let the government of Israel know you are free. Do not be afraid. That is what they want. THey and our government want your fear. Do not be afraid. As Mau Dib chanted, “Fear is the mind killer.”

    Write Mr Regev. Be polite, but don’t hold your punches. Ms McKinney is an American Patriot. This is a national security issue. This is a humanity issue. Don’t allow fear to queue you up for the box cars of ignorance and silence. Speak before your voice is taken by fascism. Speak our before time denies you a voice. Life is short. Don’t waste it. Don’t waste your humanity. Free Cynthia.

    Then, when you congress critter K-Street John returns from another long vacation holiday you paid for, give it to them with both barrels.

    Common sense, humanity and enlightenment is making it’s way back into the public arena. Hungary, the place where the truth is kept in a vault – where the alleged Holocaust archives are stored, has just refused to make free speech (holocaust denial) a crime.

    There’s a lot we don’t know. There a lot we’ve been told is the truth. Read Benjamin Freeman’s (A Jewish Parishioner) 1961 Speech at Sweet Liberty.

    Write Mr Regev. Write him right now and tell him to unconditionally release the pirated booty and activists. Spirit was in international waters. There was no crime. Cynthia and the others are not being released because they have refused to sign a document absolving Israel of the crimes of piracy and kidnapping. That’s why Cynthia, and the others are still in an Israeli dungeon. They took the risk. So should we by writing Mr Regev.


  29. my comment is to dave: it’s great to be an american, where we can debate issues like’s also great that the 2nd amendment lets me have some .308 with a scope for terrorist supporting jerk-offs like you, who obviously are falling for the “non-violent” intifade/’s too bad dip shits like you dont add up to much, except maybe a future canidate on some haji’s website getting his “infidel” head lopped smell the coffee..asshole, i could only hope one of those n. korean missles goes astray and lands on you while you’re stroking your sausage to some pallywood clips..

  30. If you say all Muslims are terrorists you will be condemned as a bigot, and rightly so.
    But you are entitled to say a Muslim who has been convicted of terrorist offences is a terrorist.

    If you say all black men are rapist you will be condemned, and rightly so.
    But you are entitled to call a convicted rapist who happens to be black a rapist, because that’s what he is. May his victim was black as well.

    If you say that Jews are cruel tricksters, you will be condemned as a bigot, and rightly so.
    If you say that the actions of the Israeli government toward the Palestinians and anyone who supports them, are cruel, and involve trickery, you will also be condemned as a bigot.

    Is this not cruel and is this not trickery? Has no-one the balls to stand up to these arrogant morons who shamelessly perpetuate the worst stereotypes of their own people, in the name of their own people, thus endangering them? Can their deluded supporters not see that every ounce of animosity against them has been earned?

  31. So many people talk about “the rule of law”, and how important it is.

    Is Israel exempt from international law? This blockade is totally, 100% illegal, as the enitre world knows (aside from USA and israel). The only reason why this criminal blockade is tolerated is because the USA permits it. What israel has done amounts to piracy–even worse!

    For the people who make claims that this woman should be killed or fed the the sharks or locked in jail, etc., think about what you say. What about human rights? What about due process?

    While it might be the case that Israeli gov’t does not want anything other than what they permit to enter Gaza, and they have the might to enforce this criminal desire, it does not make it legal or morally permitted.

    T. Christie

  32. Both the US Government and the Israeli Government are state Terrorists. Both commit war crimes. Palestine is dreadful, to be sure, but if we go by sheer numbers the US is the biggest War Criminal.

    Israel is just a stooge committing small scale war crimes that pave the path for Genocide, Inc., the United Staes of America.

    How can I say that?

    What ever reason for the invasion of Iraq you pick have been to be a lie. Even if they were true, the murder of Millions of Iraqis would still be mass murder with extreme prejudice, genocide, IOW, a war crime. Our government has killed Millions of Iraqi without sanction or justification.

    And we let them do it – and we continue to allow them to spill innocent Iraqi blood.

    Afghanistan is a war crime. How many Afghanis were on those alleged Hijacked planes – None. Bin Ladden has denied in interviews and writing that he had anything to do with slash 11. Even the FBI says it does not have any evidence to indict Bin Ladden for slash 11.

    And about slash 11. How can US Airliners equipped with remote and autonomous flight control and navigation systems, fly through the most expensive air defense system in the world, through 3 consecutive defense drills for those precise set of events that occurred on slash 11.

    US Commercial Airliners have had those remote control systems for thirty years. A remote operator can take control of any US manufactured commercial airliner, usurp the pilot’s control and do anything he wants with them.

    Just ask Rabbi Dov Zacheim. He was in charge of the company that built those devices. He left that company after the FAA implemented the policy to have the remote flight systems installed to become became Comptroller of the Department of Defense. He was comptroller on 9-10-2001, when Don Rumsfeld announced 2.3 Trillion dollars was missing from the DoD books the good Rabbi Zacheim was responsible for. On 911. the plane alleged to have struck the Pentagon, hit dead center on the office that was auditing Dov Zachiem’s embezzlement of 2.3 Trillion dollars killing all the auditors and AGs and completey fry all electron and hard copy data.

    There is no such thing as a coincidence. There is only the illusion of it.

    In 2001, according to the UN, the Taliban had completed eradicated opium production. There was a zero Poppy Harvest. The next season, after the US War Crime Invasion, the was a record harvest. Oil was 40 dollars a barrel. The same barrel filled with heroine or refined opium is worth millions.

    There is no such thing as a coincidence. There is only the illusion of it.

    Remember this name: Pete Zalewicki. Just in case you ever get asked this question when playing trivial pursuit, “Who has been the only FAA Air controller to be the air controller in charge, including slash 11, of alleged US “terror” flights for the last 25 years.

    There is no such thing as a coincidence. There is only the illusion of it.

    PNAC – Project for a New American Century suggested the need for an event like a “new Perl Harbor” to get the weapons factories lite up and to begin extorting the treasure of the United States of America.

    There is no such thing as a coincidence. There is only the illusion of it.

    We have been living in an illusion. Israel’s continual distractions keep us occupied with 15 minutes of daily Orwellian rage so we won’t begin to consider the broader scope of the “illusion”.

    There is no such thing as a coincidence. There is only the illusion of it.

  33. McKinney is an American hero who is standing up to the Israeli bullies. Time to stop sympathizing with those people if they are breaking International law. Free McKinney!

  34. Hello everyone.. I enjoyed reading everyones opinion about the matter. But Im on Cynthia’s side and always have been. When your a fighter for human rights you must suffer at certain points and time. Israel is a false statehood and the 85% of the so-called Jews their are not even the real Jews. Im also impressed to learn that George Galloway was amongst those imprisoned. If you have no clue who he is look him up on Youtube, he is a true freedom fighter. Im glad Cynthia M. has the courage to stand up and fight. She encourages me to do the same. For all you haters Cynthia has already made history… What are you doing but complaining. You haters. Tomorrow im going to visit her Georgia branch office and offer my supporting hand anyway possible.
    Black Talon… Dying For Freedom.

  35. I would first like to address the colonialistretired foreign service officer. It is very easy to see just what kind of “good ole boy” you are. Why is it that you people think you have the right to teach anyone a lesson that don’t agree with you particular brand of politics. Your ancestors came to the western hemisphere running away from the dominant European powers or were your ancestors at part of the domination? Shortly after their arrival they began to steal, rape, murder and practice genocide against the people of the western hemisphere and it has not stopped. (Five hundred plus years of this BS) They enslaved the Native American Indian and sold them into slavery. They even kidnapped and enslaved europeans to settle the new colonies in the Americas, they stole the African and enslaved them to work their plantations and other enterprises of greed and arrogance and then enslaved the Chinese to build their transcontinental railroad. Now you have the degenerated gull to want to keep one of the descendants of those your ancestors stole from Africa in a Isreali prison. Sir you are one SOB. I’m Cherokee/Shoshone/Taino Indian and you are one ………………………. but what more can I expect from a retired foreign service officer with the surname of Houser.

  36. Freedom of Speech is a Wonderful Thing.
    But this is getting ridiculous. As Dr. Cosby would say “Come on People.” First of all keep your comments short. Be glad that this publication asks for comments.
    All I see is gobbledegook and rantings of misinfomed and illiterate people that can’t type or spell. Where are the educated and sensible people that need to comment? Please
    think before you write. There are more comments/insults than articles on this page. Get your own website!
    Back to the article. Many people do not agree with Ms.
    McKinney’s politics. Many people do agree. She did get elected, Duh.. The mission she was on was not to smuggle in arms or contraband. So whether one likes it or not, it was a just cause. That is the bottom line. If she was in
    international waters it reallly is a shame. The U.S. in all
    likelyhood will not do anything about it. So get over it.
    The main thing is that no one was hurt and a point has been
    made. In wars, the people are always the ones who suffer.

  37. Palestinians have a homeland, it’s called JORDAN. Move there and quit startin’ with the Israelis. They won (stole) it fair and square.

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