Law Professor Jwani Mwaikusa: Martyr for truth at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR)?



On the morning of July 15, I spoke to William Mitchell Law Professor and international criminal defense attorney Peter Erlinder about the grisly assassination of Democratic Green Party of Rwanda Vice President Andre Kagwa Kwisereka. Kwisereka was found beheaded, with a machete left nearby, near Butare, Rwanda, on July 13, 26 days after Professor Erlinder’s release in Rwanda, where Rwandan President Paul Kagame’s regime had arrested and incarcerated him for three weeks. Erlinder had traveled to Rwanda to defend Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, Rwanda’s FDU-Inkingi party leader and presidential candidate, only to be arrested and accused of “genocide ideology,” which means disagreeing with Rwanda’s official history of the 1994 Rwanda Genocide and/or with the regime of Rwandan President Paul Kagame.

When I told Professor Erlinder about Andre Kagwa Kwisereka’s assassination, he said, “Yes, and an ICTR [International Criminal Tribunal on Rwanda] defense attorney, Professor Jwani Mwaikusa, was just assassinated, too, in Dar es Salaam.”

He also said:

“No one knows for sure whether he was assassinated by Rwandan Patriotic Front operatives, but we do know that lawyers put themselves in danger by defending people whom the RPF have identified as their enemies.”

Professor Erlinder put himself in great danger by traveling to Rwanda, and says that he would have been “disappeared” had he not sat down, started hollering, demanded to speak to the U.S. Embassy, and made the sort of scene that white Americans feel empowered to make, in the Kigali hotel where he had been arrested. Professor Mwaikusa, however, put himself in far more danger and paid the ultimate price, along with a nephew and neighbor who attempted to come to his defense.

Professor Erlinder and Professor Mwaikusa were both towering, world renowned legal scholars, teachers and human rights defenders, but Professor Erlinder was an American who survived, Professor Mukwaisa an African who paid with his life. His assassins no doubt knew that, though their stature and accomplishments were similar, the international outcry and consequence would not compare.

As U.S. citizens, we are complicit in Professor Mwaikusa’s death because President Paul Kagame’s Rwanda is the highest per capita recipient of U.S. aid in Africa.

Thanks to Professor Charles Kambanda for sharing his thoughts on Professor Mwaikusa and his legacy. – Ann Garrison

Professor Jwani Mwaikusa: Martyr for truth

by Charles Kambanda

The identity, motive and/or sponsors of Professor Jwani Mwaikusa’s assassins, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, may remain “unknown,” meaning “unproven,” for some time, but Professor Mwaikusa’s friends and colleagues know that whoever was responsible deprived the legal fraternity and the entire human race of an irreplaceable, independent and incorruptible mind.

We will remember his extensive knowledge of philosophy and law, his both Cartesian and naturalist legal theory, his deep humanity, his great sense of humor and his courageous, landmark work at the International Criminal Tribunal on Rwanda (ICTR). Professor Mwaikusa contributed much of his valuable time to defending the accused at the ICTR. His concise and precise objections to any inadmissible evidence or testimony was his unique contribution. The quality of his research in preparation for his court appearances will also remain an ICTR landmark.

In order to defend his clients, Professor Jwani Mwaikusa, a Tanzanian by birth, inquired into Rwanda’s social and political environment prior, during and after the 1994 genocide. His findings led him to a crucial conclusion that “both parties to the Rwandan Civil War within which the 1994 genocide surfaced committed international crimes.” This conclusion, which he referred to as “the bitter truth,” deeply angered Rwandan President Paul Kagame and his top Rwandan Patriotic Front officers and officials, and they have thus, inevitably, become suspect in his death.

Professor Mwaikusa often argued that by not prosecuting Rwanda Patriotic Front/Army (RPF/A) senior officers who allegedly committed crimes, the ICTR was acting in contravention of its own founding treaty. He insisted that there is overwhelming evidence, collected by private investigator and former ICTR Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte for RPF/A senior officers to be prosecuted by the ICTR before the court closes. He did not mince words about the Kagame regime’s political meddling into the International Court’s affairs and administration of justice in particular, and warned that the ICTR risks leaving a legacy of “victor over vanquished” justice. The liberty with which the Rwandan regime exerted pressure on the ICTR meant, in his view, that international justice was being replaced by international politics and diplomacy.

When Kagame’s government jailed Professor Peter Erlinder, Professor Jwani Mwaikusa spoke out. He condemned the move and said that it was a “strategy” to deprive the ICTR of independent defense attorneys. Professor Mwaikusa worried that it would be a matter of time before he too would be in a Rwandan jail for the same reason. Now we can only speculate as to whether he had any premonition that his own fate would be even more harsh and final, or that a nephew and a neighbor would both die attempting to come to his defense.

In a landmark case at the ICTR in which the Kigali regime and the prosecutor at the ICTR sought to transfer some of the ICTR’s cases to Rwanda, Professor Jwani Mwaikusa convinced the court that the defendants had no chance of a fair trial in Rwanda. He also successfully argued that the regime in Rwanda lacked the moral authority to try its former political rivals because there is too much evidence that leaders in the Kigali regime are guilty of the same crimes.

Professor Jwani Mwaikusa accused the Kagame regime of twisting the terms of the U.N. resolution that instituted the ICTR. He argued that the U.N. Security Council used the term “Rwandan Genocide” knowing that extremists from both of the two rival ethnic groups committed atrocities against the other, but that the Kagame regime uses the term “Tutsi genocide” to water down the regime’s role in the atrocities.

“Robbery gone wrong” is not an option in the professor’s assassination because the assassins did not depart with anything of monetary value. The assassins stole his ICTR case-related documents. By coincidence or design, the manner in which Professor Jwani Mwaikusa was assassinated is not different from the way some other critics of the Kagame regime met their death. Seth Sindashonga and Major Theoneste Lizinde, both strong critics of the Kigali regime, were assassinated in 1998. The two had sought refuge in Kenya. Journalist Jean Leonard Rugambage was assassinated on June 24 after writing that Kagame had ordered the assassination attempt on Rwandan exile Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa. A week later, Professor Mwaikusa, a strong critic of the Kigali regime, was gunned down. On the same day, Democratic Green Party of Rwanda Vice President Andre Kagwa Rwisereka was beheaded near Butare in southern Rwanda.

The perpetrators remain unknown, but the United Nations secretary general, on July 15, called for an investigation into the deaths of Jean Leonard Rugambage and Andre Kagwa Rwisereka. He has not yet ordered an inquiry into Professor Mwaikusa’s assassination, but one is certainly called for, discomfiting as the truth may be to some of the world’s most powerful people.

Professor Charles Kambanda is an American of Rwandan origin and a former professor of law, business and philosophy at Makarere University in Kigali, Rwanda, where both the Umuseso newspaper editor and Democratic Green Party of Rwanda President Frank Habineza were his students. He was once a member of Rwandan’s ruling Rwandan Patriotic Front Party. He first met Professor Jwani Mwaikusa in 2001 when they were both teaching at the University of Dar es Salaam and they remained friends from that time on. Professor Kambanda is now involved in research on Rwanda’s ongoing social and political conflict. He can be reached at

San Francisco writer Ann Garrison writes for the San Francisco Bay View, Digital Journal,, OpEdNews, Global Research, Colored Opinions and her blog, Plutocracy Now. She can be reached at

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  1. Instead of talking this nonsense after 16 years, you should have stopped the Genocide right away. You have weapons—Iraq, Afghanistan—that could stop 94 killings in just one day. So, what are you talking about? You only save lives where you have interests only. Shut up and let our Rwanda be on its own.

    • I think "you" means the US and the rest of the West, though you've responded to P. ya Nangolah, a Namibian human rights defender. As a citizen of the U.S., I'll agree yes, we should have stopped the genocide in 1994, or more precisely, we shouldn't have started it by training Paul Kagame at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, then arming his invasion of Rwanda from Uganda beginning in 1990, and thus enabling him to give the order to shoot down the plane carrying Habyarimana and Ntaryamira back from peace talks in Arusha, Tanzania on April 6, 1994.

    • I agree that Genocide in Rwanda changed the socio-political landscape of great lakes region and I strongly believe that until the truth about it sees the daylight he will be no peace in the region. The only person who benefited from genocide is Paul Kagame; he made it the platform of his machine and techniques to portray himself as hero gain sympathy of international community and used it at home to silence the opposition by creating legislation to persecute anybody who opposes his views. He triggered it by downing the plane carrying two presidents, Burundi and Rwanda president and this act of terrorism is hardly spoken. This man is a disgrace of Rwanda and the whole region and he is high profile criminal, His regime is responsible of 5 million deaths in Congo, large scale of mineral rooting in Congo..

  2. Dear Eric,

    They should have stopped the rwanda genocide however during the security council meetingKagame envoy said "if they send more troops in in Rwanda i will kill them" Kagame din not want anyone to stop genocide as he wanted many people to be killed in order to take power in Rwanda.the Kagame solders at one side were killing hutu even tutsi and at another side, some hutu were killing tutsi even killing some hutu as well . Every where it was chaos.

    Please dont say again"Shut up and let our Rwanda be on its own. " because rwandese people need hel to get peace, rwandese people are hunger for democracy whatever Kagame can do. Rwandese people need the truth about what happened in Rwanda genocide. Who brought the presidential plane, who created the tatal insecurity in the whole countries prior to rwnda genocide.

  3. I sincerely believe that the dictatorial regime of President Paul Kagame of Rwanda has a hand in the murder of Rwandese Green Party Vice President Andre Kagwa Rwisereka on or around July 13 2010 and possible also in the recent assassination of Professor Jwani Mwaikusa of Tanzania. The Rwandese regime of President Kagame is known for its vehement intolerance of real or perceived political opponents, whether they are human rights defenders, opposition leaders and defense lawyers. The recent arrest and detention of American human rights lawyer Professor Peter Erlinder seems to strongly suggestion that the recent armed attack on former Rwandesemilitary officer Gen Kayuma Nyamwasa in South Africa, the harassment and other persecution of Rwandese oppositio leader Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, the arrested and detention Professor Erlinder, the apparent assassination of Professor Mwaikusa, the recent assassination of Andre Rwisereka and numerous other attacks on Kagame's real or perceived opponents seem to point a finger in one direction–that of President Kagame's dictatorial regime in Kigali. It is time that the US Government, the European Union, the Commonwealth and other international power brokers act against President Kagame's regime—P. ya Nangoloh, Namibian Human Rights Defender

    • I think You are right in your comments. I regret that innoecent people are being killed due to their knowledge about rwanda genocide. This professor from Tanzania is really victim of his job as a advocate.

      Why some people are till blindly supporting this mad man Kagame, he is killing everywhere:Rwanda,Tanzania, south africa, congo, uganda, … USA and EU should stop funding him and this can give at least peace to rwandese and opponents and other innocents.

        • Thank you, Phil. Since the Bay View has been reporting on Rwanda/Congo, and very intently on Rwanda during this election year, Rwanda has become the nation sending the third greatest number of readers to the site. The other nations sending the most readers are the US, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, and Australia, so this is a singular and exciting development. I know that the editors would like to expand coverage and build audience in other African nations as well. It's going to be tough because they have a tireless editorial staff of 1, sometimes with some help, but nevertheless, this is exciting.

          Charles Kambanda, who wrote this memory of Professor Mwaikusa just wrote to tell me that in one day he's received 130 responses from all over the world, including many African nations. Apparently more people wrote directly to him than left comments here, but that's exciting too.

        • Please don't think I'm not interested if I don't visit right away. I will. I've been conscious of the mining aggression, especially uranium mining aggression for a long time. I don't know if I could find it now but I also remember an unforgettable picture of a brave woman in the street in one of your cities, part of an LGBT rights demonstration, with a sign saying "I'm a lesbian from Namibia, so arrest me!"

        • Dear Eric, do think Phil has not rights to knowledge.

          According to what i have read on this website, he knows more about Rwanda and Kagame.I have looked at his organisations websites as well. He is a very documented and intelligent guy.

  4. It is possible that international opinion about Kagame and his regime is beginning to wane and wear thin. May be Kagame is being abandoned by the very people he pegged his trust on due to changed strategic interests.
    But even Kagame's supporters now realise that stability brought by Kagame after the mass murder is not a substitute for some form of democracy or the rationale to personalise the Rwanda state and pose as the only one capable of preventing another genocide.
    Rwanda needs institutions that will ensure its continuation when Kagame leaves office, grows old or dies. A time will come when Kagame will be told to stop blackmailing the entire world about the terrible genocide. He will be required to stop commandeering the term genocide for persona; political gain. He now should accept the hollowness of the slogan that anyone who questions him does not understand Rwanda or is a self styled expert of Rwanda or is a denier of the genocide.
    I think there is a critical mass of people across the world, including within RPF and the West, who now realise from independent investigation that Kagame is another tin pot despot, intolerant of dissent and who craves for unquestioning loyalty and who seduces the world through sleek propaganda and gigantic projects in Kigali which he has personal control of and which might not address rural property and stability in the long term.
    He has done his part and should realise that other Rwandans can also rule and that there will be Rwanda after him and the Rwandan Patriotic Army.
    Kagame forments future instability through this brutality and the tendency to hang onto power.
    In the fullness of time the international communiity ought to investigate his human right record during the war and after and in regard to Kagame's and Museveni's adventures in the DRC and other nations where, spies are, allegedly deployed to kill Kagame's opponents.
    Kagame continues to hold the Rwandan masses hostage to a phantom ideology that he is the only one capable of leading that country but unfortunately he failed to realise that, unlike modern day Israel, Rwanda is a midget state in the middle of Africa, without immense strategic interest to Western benefactors.
    Israel, despite suffering the holocaust, is a kind of democracy, nothwithstanding its treatment of Palestinians. Sometimes Israel investigates its own soldiers accused of atrocities but even when it violates international law, it can count on US support. RPF/A cannot count on such support forever.
    But even Israel has realised that in the long term its lobby in the West is weakening and that the young generation of Jews are no longer held hostage by the Holocaust ideology.
    David, Nairobi, Kenya.

    • Dave, this is such an eloquent response that I just posted it to the Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza for President Facebook page and sent it to Charles Kambanda, the author of this memory of Jwani Mwaikusa, and the African Greens list:

      "A time will come when Kagame will be told to stop blackmailing the entire world about the terrible genocide. He will be required to stop commandeering the term genocide for personal political gain. He now should accept the hollowness of the slogan that anyone who questions him does not understand Rwanda or is a self styled expert of Rwanda or is a denier of the genocide."

      May I quote you, and if so, would you like to be identified other than as "Dave" commenting on the SF Bay View site? I think it's safe to say that that time has come. Note the Spanish response to Kagame's visit this week:

  5. Brovo Professor Bay view for posting Professor Kambanda's article. Anybody who has met Professor Kambanda knows how informed and critical he is on issues in the Great Lakes Region. His recollection of the Tanzanian Professor assassination is 100%. I am only worried that Professor Kambanda too might be assassinated.

    Kagame is a disgrace to Africa. His the same to Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda. It is only because USA nad its allies have imposed him on to us. We are paying the ultimate price of US's economic interests in our region.

  6. Talk about double standards at the UN, is why people like this prominent lawyer was killed. Why on earth doesn't the ICTR prosecute Kagame and his "boys" and "girls" who killed people in braod day light? Who did not see these crimes being committed. You only needed to be in Rwanda. Heavey trucks were dumping Hutu dead bodies to unknown place en mass. When the war ended, Kagame brought these dead bodies and claimed they were Tutsis? For heavens sake, if the Tutsis were only 14% of the Rwandan population – which was 7 million that time, where did "these so many dead bodies claimed to be for the Tutsi come from? Yet we have more that one and half million Tutsi who claim to be survivors of the 1994 genocide!!! Get the millions of dead bodies allegedly for the Tutsi, plus the survivors of the "tutsi genocide" the total will be like 5 MILLIONS. wHERE DID SUCH A FIGURE COME FROM in a population of 14%Tutsi? Comeon, wake up? Kagame has never given up on killing!!He is a killer by birth

    • Yes, re the UN. I noted yesterday that the UN had called for an investigation of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda's Andre Kwaga Rwisereka's grisly beheading,, so I went back to read it today and found they'd called for a "full investigation" by the Rwandan government, the most likely suspect. The government has already arrested a most UNlikely suspect, Rwisereka's former business partner, whom they say was "disgruntled."

      A "disgruntled" business partner is not likely to multiply stab and then behead his former partner with a machete reminiscent of Rwanda's 1994 massacres. But, to anyone paying only cursory attention, the arrest in Rwanda and the UN's worse than hollow call for a "full" investigation there might sound like honest responses.

      • According to people in Rwanda, the wife of Andre Rwisereka has told people in Butare that the government should release the business partner who has been arrested as he is innocent. She stressed that the rwanda government should arrest the really killer.

        • The London Guardian published this piece, which sounds good, "Deadly attacks on Rwandan opposition spark warning by UN," but read it and you'll see that they're pointing to the UN as a human rights defender, without noting that the UN has not called for an INDEPENDENT investigation, but for a "FULL" investigation by the prime suspect, the Rwandan government.

    • Definitely you are right in your analysis. Most of the people killed may be not be tutsi but hutu according to statistic or independent figure. But for political gain they only say tutsi.

      Hutus has been killed since RPF attacked Rwanda and this can be proved not anly by rwandese but also by Spanish missionaries who were working in Rwanda (I am very sorry to say that Spanish who were working in rwanda can prove it because Kagame killed all of them, I mean here some of the survivors of friends of those spanish )and hutu are still being killed?

      One day the really truth of rwanda genocide will be aknowledged.

  7. Professor Charles Kambanda,

    Thank you very much for helping the world know more clearly how and why Professor Jwani Mwaikusa (RIP) met his untimely death. From what I personally know and can tell about Kagame's methods of opponent extermination, I have no single thread of doubt that Kagame maliciously killed this peace loving and truth seeking professor.

    Since Kagame joined Museveni's NRA forces in 1981 in Uganda to wage their bloody war (1981-1986) against the people of Uganda, Kagame's job was to kill summarily any opponent or prisoner of war captured by the NRA. Being a physically weak person, Kagame was assigned the top military intelligency job and all prisoners would be brought to him for interrogations in the bush. But 95% of all the prisoners of war, or army deserters sent to Kagame's custody would be brutally executed after tying them Kandoya style and hitting them with brunt objects like small field hoes. That is why he was nicknamed "PILATO" by his NRA colleagues in the field. Kagame wrongly and myopically believes that killing political opponents or who ever does not toe his line of thinking, gives him an edge over his opponents.

    This man Kagame a Tutsi, clearly knowing what repercussions would be amongst the delicate tribes of Rwanda, planned and ordered the killing of two African Hutu Presidents Habyarimana of Rwanda and Ntaryamira of Burundi on 06/04/1994. His reckless act resulted into what the ICTR was formed for by the UN to try and make Rwandese people forget and forgive through reconcilliation. However, Kagame aided by his mentors and the wrongly labelled Rwanda genocide, maliciously, through indirect and direct intimidations held this International Court hostage since its inception in 1994. It is just until recently that some brave defence Lawyers at the ICTR and some Judges, were overwhelmed by the credibility of real concrete evidence on the ground, and started scratching on the real truth about the Rwanda unfortunate 1994 tragedy. This has clearly scared and infuriated Kagame the major culprit of this truth.

    I am very sorry that Professor Mwaikusa was one of the brave sons of this world just like Proffessor Erlinder who openly came out to expose Kagame the rabid killer. May your Soul rest in eternal peace son of Africa Professor Jwani Mwaikusa.

    By Francis Muhoozi

  8. You guys are nothing but BS Hutu extremist propaganda,you will never win with your lies & hate,Rwandans knows better…God bless kagame.

    • The truth is always the truth regardeless who say it.. do you think a tutsi Kayumba nyamwasa is a hutu extremist? do you think a white man Peter erlinder is hutu extemist? do you think the whole spanish community is hutu extrmist.

      What do you want people to write about rwanda and kagame now? they need to write what is now happening in rwanda, which is :Killing and jailing innocent people by Kagame inside rwanda or outside rwanda even in South AFrica

    • John, for reasons best known to Kagame and his Junta, you have been made to beleive that the only answer to any methodical question to Kagame's illegal acts is "Hutu Extremists … Tutsi genocide"!!!John, gone are those days when the world believed this…. I am Tutsi myself … I know so well Kagame's crimes against the Hutu much as I know the 'interahamwes' crimesa against the Tutsi!!! Kagame too is a criminal. John, Kayumba Nymwasa Hutu?( Who attempted to assassinate him?) … Was Dens Ntare Hutu, was the Vice President of the Green Party Hutu? ( Who killed them???? was it the interahamwe you keep taking for scape goats? – wasn't it Kagame? … Are the likes of Debarenzi and the King Kigeli himself Hutu?

  9. Jon ought to reply to issues raised without resorting to the convenient excuse-that anyone who disagrees is a Hutu extremist. How does Kagame hope to deflect the growing international dissent without resorting to the game of victimhood?
    Arguments like Jon's do not help Kagame or where logic is in dire straits as in Rwanda.
    Jon tries to argue like Moshe Dayan did in the mid 1990s that "everybody hates us, the whole world hates us" when faced with the slightest criticism of Israel's policies in Palestine.
    Jon could explain why Professor Erlinder, for example, who is obviously not Hutu or Tutsi would pander to Hutu extremist propaganda, unless the intention here is to impy that either outsiders are incapabe of analysing for themselves the terrible events of Rwanda or that there is some international conspiracy against Kagame and his inner circle.
    Readers shoud resist the temptation to fall into Jon' s trap. This debate is not about Hutu or Tutsi. It is about Paul Kagame and his cabal vs Juvenal Habyarimana and his cabal and what the two sides did and continue to do over the mass murder in the African Great Lakes since 1990s.
    I suspect the UN Security Council did not extend the ICTR's mandate for no reason. May be Kagame's lobby at the State department failed to convince the US and its allies, in the manner it did to kick out Carla Del Ponte in 2003.
    If the extension was motivated by the growing belief that the ICTR has not investigated all sides of the Rwandan crisis, then we can say that, slowly, but surely, the long day in the rain for Kagame and his people has just began. That day might be long in coming, but it will, surely come as a matter of logical necessity.
    In the conflict of the former Yugoslavia, both sides of the conflict have been tried although Serbs still believe the ICTY is a Serb witch-hunt.
    The same trend has been shown in the Darfur conflict where rebels and government officials have been indicted.
    I am not sure Kagame will ever be indicted but can be sure that some of his key allies including former ally Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa and Charles Kabarebe will, although the former now poses as Kagame's enemy.
    A growing body of evidence about RPA's war crimes and crimes against humanity cannot be ignored forever. Nyamwasa participated in many of RPA's atrocities in Rwanda and DRC. Patrick Karegeya, also a fugitive is also suspected to have masterminded manyt RPF assassinations abroad, including that of Seth Sendashonga in Nairobi in 1998.
    Despite their 'defection' from the RPF the likes of Nyamwasa real have nowhere to run to. They are unlikely to run to the West where many nations have issued warrants for their arrest. There is a growing likelihood that they many, soon, be extradited for trial or be forced to stand as prosecution witnesses in the eventual trial of key RPF/A cadres.
    Dave, Nairobi

    • can see you re trying to push your new talking point just to make Kagame look bad,theres no any proven link of Mwaikusa assassination and Kigali,and Kigali has no any case to answer and zero interest at ICTR so why kill the poor guy,its all lies and FYI some robbers have already been arrested in Dar es salaam

      • Kigali has zero interest at the ICTR? Why then has Kigali tried so hard to have the cases at the ICTR moved to Kigali? Why does it continue to try? That is the attempt that Professor Mwaikusa defeated in court. He argued, successfully, that his client, Munyakazi, and others could not get a fair trial there because there's no independent judiciary.

        And why did Rwanda's Chief Prosecutor Martin Ngoga use Professor Erlinder's arguments at the ICTR in his complaint against him?

          • Yes, Munyakazi got 25 years that Professor Mwaikusa, before he was assassinated and his ICTR legal docs were stolen, had said he would appeal to the ICTR Appeals Court in the Hague.

            And let's not forget that the UN fired Chief ICTR Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte after she announced that she intended to prosecute Kagame for ordering the assassinations of the Rwandan and Burundian presidents that triggered the 1994 genocide.

  10. Kagame and Museveni killed all those people in 1994 in Rwanda, Luwero Triangle in uganda, in the northern Uganda, Bunya the R. D. C, and the southern sudan Dufur. the two people need to go to the I C C. now. Museveni killed people 7/11 in kasnaga in kampala and say its Somalis this is how this two guys kills and its just the beginning, wait during election time.We have seen this many time and its still happening in kampala mark this.

    Mugisha Tom

    • You're very stupid and you know for sure that Kagame doesn't belong to Interahamwe militia and he was even going to be killed while he was a little baby of 4 years. His parents fled to Uganda. The Genocide against Tutsis started a long time ago before 94. Tutsis have always been killed in Rwanda and the whole world is only barking when they want to defend themselves from Bantou neighbors.

  11. You guys keep your fantasy Kagame kill this,that and that and soon will be tried (keep dreaming) that will never happen,you can spin your lies and hate but everybody knows the real killers of 800000 tutsi,Kagame save us from your evil..anyway we moved on but dont lie on our face and try to change the story of what happened in 1994 and before,we dont kill and hate anybody we are all Rwandese but justice must work to make sure this will never happened again,just come back home face the justice(if u did any evil) and help build our Nation….funny thing,you keep blaming Kagame killing Congolese but now the World know who is the real killer of Congolese people,theres no a single soldier from Rwanda in Congo but the killings is everyday business and who s doing that? its the hutu extremist and FDLR and you know that,too bad they want to finish Banyamurenge..God help us from these evils!

  12. I saw many Rwandese names from these comments. I've a message for all of you: LET'S WAIT FOR THE KINGDOM OF RWANDA very soon. That's when all our problems will be finished—Hutus and Tutsis will live peacefully together and I admit that we all want to have a better country.

    This is the time for the restoration of our dormant Kingdom. May God bless our country.

    • Dear Eric,

      The kingdom means the caming back of the King,Kigeli. Do you think Kagame can allow the king coming back alive to Rwanda. Do you know the history of Rwanda clans Nyiginya and bega or abanyiginya and abega.

      Kagame is form Abega clan and he cannot allow the Kigeli coming back. He can kill him.
      I believe the King is better than Kagame as well.

      • Dear Dunia,

        I'm a 100% Rwandan and from the Abega clan. As you said, Kagame will never allow His Majesty to come back in his country but we'll have to wait for history to write everything. We've some prophecies here in Rwanda and people strongly believe that the Tutsi Kingdoms will come back; and in the near future.

        King Kigel is an old man and he must be buried in Rwanda after establishing the Kingdom. We better wait.

  13. Oh Please
    This is gating very ugly and personal! What kind of journalism is this one? Oh I Think tomorrow you will write that Berlusconi was biten by RPF in Italy, Ugandan General Kazini was killed by RPF in Kampala Luck Dube was Killed by RPF in Johannesburg, Eugene Tereblanche was assassinated by RPF in Pretoria and so many on your fake list??????????????? What A journalism of activism, hatred and negative propaganda.
    Ms Ann Garrison! Whoever is paying you to write such bursheet is making you look very ridiculous and unprofessional in the eye of the very many Rwandan and international Honest citizen who knows the truth about Rwanda, because they leave they every day life there unless you who seat in the other side of the sea and write whatever can earn you the bloody bread even if it is helping to destroy a country that is recovering from the world worst calamity. What did you do to make it recover? Oh the media you talked however stopped what? Lost how relatives, endured which kind of trauma? Is that Rwanda, your bosses , and those vultures of lawyers wish to see? Good luck because you need one. go to and see the real image of Rwanda that you love to tarnish.

    • Tell them bro, show them how they are wrong. Those people are trying to convince us that genociders are saints. They don't know anything about our country and they're just sitting there talking bullshit and nonsense. Kagame has stopped genocide and will always fight anyone—Victoire Umuhoza and Ntaganda—who wants to bring it in our country.

  14. Dear all,

    It appears that every body is an expert on Rwandamn matters.
    Lawers are speculating and the media is condemning before the courts receive the cases. Let us use our brain.
    Maybe you need a level head moderator for the deabate if any.

  15. i think its better to leave all to those people who are going to vote, because we can say what is behind these people while the people still want him,,
    since the democracy in Africa now is developing lets leave then wait for what will hapen

  16. I am Mr.Richard Addo accountant in Ghana Commercial Bank Accra-Ghana.I will like you to go through the information below and please get back to me. I have been working with the bank for the past (14 years). There is one Alhaji Hamza Mustapha a citizen of Iraq an Oil businessman in the West Africa and a well known customer to our bank.

    He made a deposit of (US$9.5m) Nine million, Five hundred thousand US Dollars with our bank without next of kin in the form he filled and signed with the bank. It is sad to know that the man died in a bomb blast during his visit to his family in Iraq , though I was the officer on duty when this money was deposited with our bank and every record is intact. The Ghana Commercial Bank will not accept to pay the money to anybody hence there was no next of kin in the form he filled.

    So my bank has decide to make you his next of kin or the beneficiary of these funds so that you and my bank can use the funds for PRIVATE LUCRATIVE BUSINESS,REAL ESTATE PROJECT and other business you can manage for our bank as project manager and representative for Ghana commercial bank in your country. Please send to me your full name, address, telephone and fax so that I can give your information to the Attorney for Ghana Commercial bank: ( Hon.Abubakar Sumani – Lawyer ) who shall assist for the change of ownership or the Affidavit of Oath in the High Court of Justice here in Accra-Ghana.

    I am a staff of the bank and I have every document of this deposit in his bank file of which I am ready to furnish you with upon your request. An offshore account can be opened in your name with our bank for onward gradual wire transfer to any nominated account of your choice in your country. There is no risk involved.
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