Solidarity in the fight against Arizona immigration law

by Terrance E. White, aka Bro. Tee

Arizona-Blacks-Latinos-protest-SB-1070-042510-by-Juan-Munoz-199x300, Solidarity in the fight against Arizona immigration law, Abolition Now! First and foremost, I would like to salute all the comrades around the world who stood up and protested against Arizona’s Jim Crow laws of segregation. Amerikkka’s up to its dirty tricks once again.

All was fine when they rode the backs of Latinos for cheap labor, but now that individuals are using their minds and starting their own small businesses, they (the U.S. and Arizona) want them out because they can’t use them anymore.

Never turn your back on a snake! Amerika was built upon corporate capitalism. If Latinos are “illegal,” then Christopher Columbus was illegal when he came to Amerikkka. The Columbus Day anniversary is a celebration of mass murder, slavery and conquest. He used religion and guns – after he was welcomed as a guest – against the Blacks and the indigenous in the Americas, mistakenly called Indians.

All this was done in the name of white supremacy based upon the concept of “chosen people” and manifest destiny and was designed to further cultural genocide and maintain mental slavery.

Arizona is trying to put this back in full swing. They are capitalist parasites, bloodthirsty opportunists. People who would desecrate their own grandmother’s burial plot. Amerikkka is a region of political injustice and great suffering. Columbus didn’t discover shit; he came to America and exploited America with his illegal ass!

I’m a powerful Black conscious man, so I yell out Black Power and I fully support my Latino comrades in struggle and solidarity. And we demand justice or there will be no peace!

In solidarity and true liberation, Comrade Tee!

Bro. Tee’s pen pal, Sharon Martinas, writes that he organizes study groups among his comrades and is a jailhouse lawyer, “so he is in Ad Seg.” Send our brother some love and light: Terrance E. White, 20063290, P.O. Box 710, Riverside, CA 92502.