Kagame regime demands Professor Peter Erlinder return to Kigali to stand trial


Introduction by Ann Garrison

The Kagame regime continues on the offensive in the wake of the “U.N. Mapping Report on Human Rights Abuse in the Democratic Republic of Congo, 1993-2003,” released on Oct. 1, which documents the Rwandan army’s war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocidal massacres of civilian Rwandan Hutu refugees and Congolese Hutus in Congo. Kagame denied the accusations, most of all the accusations of genocide, and then responded by arresting Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, leader of Rwanda’s FDU-Inkingi Coalition of parties and the second of three opposition presidential candidates to be jailed since attempting to contest this year’s presidential election against Kagame.

Bernard Ntaganda, founder of Rwanda’s Parti Social-Imberakuri, has been in jail since his arrest on June 24, as he tried to leave his home to protest exclusion from the election, and he is now reported to be in critical condition in a Kigali hospital. Ntaganda and Ingabire’s lawyers, family and friends report that they are being tortured and held in inhumane conditions.

Rwandan exile Umuvugizi newspaper editor Jean Bosco Gasasiras, whose deputy editor, Jean Leonard Rugambage, was gunned down on the streets of Kigali during the run-up to the Aug. 9 presidential polls, has reported a leaked account of the plot to arrest Ingabire, fabricate charges and even slow poison her. Exiled Umuseso Editor Didas Gasana says that Ingabire’s arrest is haunting him day and night but that he doesn’t think Kagame will feel free to execute her. He does, like Gasasiras, fear that she may be “slow poisoned” in prison.

Rwandan Chief Prosecutor Martin Ngoga charges Ingabire once again, as in March, with genocide denial and conspiracy to commit terrorism and, on Oct. 21, Ngoga announced that he wants American law professor and international criminal defense attorney Peter Erlinder back in court to stand trial for genocide denial as well.

Erlinder traveled to Kigali to defend Ingabire in May but was arrested within a week himself, then released on medical grounds, but only after an international outcry, including that of the National Lawyers Guild and bar associations all over the world, at the end of which Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered his medical records to authorities in Kigali with a plea for his release.

After the release of the U.N. report on atrocities committed in Congo by the U.S.-backed regimes of Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi, Erlinder said that no one should expect justice in response in international courts, because “the U.S. controls the International Criminal Tribunal on Rwanda (ICTR), the U.S. controls the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the U.S. controls the U.N. Security Council, which establishes and controls the international criminal tribunals.”

Professor Peter Erlinder’s statement in response to the news that Rwanda’s prosecutor demands his return

After having arrested would-be presidential candidate Victoire Ingabire six days ago, Rwandan Chief Prosecutor Martin Ngoga announced that he intends to prosecute her former attorney, U.S. law professor and U.N. Rwanda Tribunal lead defense counsel, Peter Erlinder, for “genocide denial” based on articles written in the U.S. and published on the internet.

by Professor Peter Erlinder, Director, International Humanitarian Law Institute

St. Paul, Oct. 21 – Following my release for medical reasons, the well-publicized myth that the Kagame dictatorship had changed, that misled both me and my former client, Madame Ingabire, has been exposed.

After my release, the banning of all serious political opposition, the beheading of the vice-president of the Green Party, Madame Ingabire’s arrest, the assassination of journalists, the attempted assassination of Mr. Kagame’s former chief of staff who defected to South Africa, the assassination of another ICTR defense counsel and Kagame’s “election” with 93 percent of the vote caused the Obama White House to question the state of democracy in Rwanda on Aug. 13:

“(A) series of disturbing events prior to the election includ(es) the suspension of two newspapers, the expulsion of a human rights activist, the barring of two opposition parties from taking part in the election, and the arrest of journalists … (S)tability and prosperity will be difficult to sustain without broad political debate and open political participation … Democracy is about more than holding elections.”

On Aug. 28, LeMonde and the New York Times leaked a 600-page report from the files of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights detailing crimes of Kagame’s troops in the Congo between 1993-2003, including genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. These are the same sort of crimes Chief ICTR Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte’s 2009 English language memoir says were committed by Kagame’s troops in Rwanda in 1994, but her honesty cost her job in 2003 when she refused to follow U.S. orders NOT to prosecute Kagame’s Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) at the ICTR.

These U.N. documents also confirm the evidence I put in the ICTR record that acquitted my client of “conspiracy and planning to commit genocide” in a February 2009 judgment, for which I have been accused of “genocide denial” and “spreading rumors.” Observing that the ICTR judgment runs counter to the victor’s description on the internet of the how the war developed makes me a “genocide denier” in Rwanda. My “crime” has been to say that, if there was no long-term planning and conspiracy, the victor’s story of the “Rwandan genocide” must be re-examined.

But my prosecution has larger implications as well. If U.N. immunity does not apply to any prosecution of defense counsel by the Kagame government, then all defense counsel and defendants have reason to fear that meaningful representation at the U.N. Tribunal will be impossible, especially since the former chief U.N. prosecutor has confirmed that Kagame and the RPF should be in the dock themselves.

Professor Peter Erlinder is the director of the International Humanitarian Law Institute at the William Mitchell College of Law, 875 Summit Av., St. Paul, Minn. San Francisco writer Ann Garrison writes for the San Francisco Bay View, Digital Journal, Examiner.com, OpEdNews, Global Research, Colored Opinions and her blog, Plutocracy Now. She can be reached at anniegarrison@gmail.com. This introduction originally appeared on Colored Opinions.


  1. The dictator Paul Kagame is now soon forgetting his US-UK given chair. Both him and his government are enjoying the USA and UK support in all corners and i do not think it is the right gift to US for him to turn his neils to USA Citizens…but whatever he does, USA can still turn a blind eye to this criminal a well blood fed general.

  2. Keep spreading your lies those images are not true. Liars lie and cheat to score some temporary successes, but run the risk of being discredited for good in the long-term.
    What is the prof scared of? He understands the law and should face justice and prove himself otherwise.

    • dear jackson,

      He understands the law but there is no law i Rwanda but injustice. It is illegal to suicide and going to Rwanda is a suicide ; therefore Peter Erlinder should not go back there according to the law

      • Still even if there's no law according to you, which is not true, because alot of genociders have been tried and let free by the law in place. No one killed, let him die as a hero. People tthat believe in what they say, they die for it. Most heros are considered heros after they are dead. You guys might be making him lose that chance of being called a hero.
        @ Ihozo, the pictures don't exist, that's why ann has to fabricate them.

  3. “…..the evidence I put in the ICTR record that acquitted my client of “conspiracy and planning to commit genocide” in a February 2009 judgment,” Is this the only success Erlinder has ever achieved? we are simply tired of hearing this because he shoves it down our throats at every opportunity. By choosing to tamper with Rwandan history, you will in the long run realise that you messed with the wrong guys and Iam sure your last words at your deathbed to your family will be ” please steer clear of Rwanda.”

  4. Ann,
    Enough is enough of your continued lies and fabrications against Rwanda.
    The picture shown was picked from a scene of car accident in Rwanda and is not anywhere related to the massacres you are concocting.

    You have been contradicting your self but all intended to propel your Tutsi genocide denial together with Ingabire, Prof Erlinder and the group of genocide deniers. At one time you mention that Rugambage of green party was killed because of following a report on the assasination attempt of Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa, but in this article, you attribute the death of Rugambage to leaked account to arrest Ingabire. Who cant see that you are beating about the bush confusing international community.

    • Rugambage was not a member of the Green Party, or not so far as I know. Andre Rwiereka was the Vice President of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda and he was beheaded, his body dumped in the wetlands of a river in southern Rwanda.

      Rugambage was the Deputy Editor of Umuvugizi, who remained in Kigali after Jean Bosco Gasasiras fled to Uganda.

    • @John: How low can you go to try to convince people that picture is from an accident scene? Have you looked at the background? Come on…. I think she wa simply trying to show that all these deaths and arrestations are somehow related. The details keep little minded people like you busy, but we see the bigger picture and that's the strength we have, and you lack. So leave her alone, go back to school for a bit more analysis and come back later.

  5. Ann,
    Regarding the issues mentioned by Erlinder on the memoir of Carl de Ponte, she able to write, let her write her version of story and if she has a case to argue, they are people in Rwanda who are well placed to give proper perspective of the allegations.

    Ann has been systematically on record of supporting genocide deniars and dont get surprised if you follow Prof Erlider by answering the same charges he is facing in Rwanda. You can recklessly write about politics but not rewritting the history of Tutsi genocide in Rwanda.

    If you keep misinforming and giving forum to revisionist, one day the long arm of the international law will catch you like your acquitance Erlinder.

    • iminsi y'igisambo ni mirongo ine, kandi ngo ntagahira gahanze ni umwana w'umunyarwanda!!! Ngo ukuri guca mu ziko ntigushya… Time will tell, mereke gushyushya imitwe… 4 wt the gvmt are scared of? They understand the law and should face justice and prove themself otherwise. Bingo!

  6. To Ann, queen liar

    Rwanda’s laws against those who defend or deny the genocide that took the lives of over a million family members, friends and neighbors are not about politics or symbolism – they are designed to protect the hard-won peace, stability and growing prosperity of our nation.
    Bring away your lies
    In your life have you taken a place talking about
    2.CDF(coalition of democratic forces)of Ingabire your Mandela as you said?

    I think that you are also behind those forces physically or spiritually

  7. But This Ann Garrison!!!!!!
    I think she has a very well paid consultancy in denying genocide and supporting genocidaires. And what the Hell this so called “Iwase” is saying “given US/UK chair to Kagame????? I am so sorry but you are very stupid enough to pull us that down and to believe that this Garrison will either feed us or let us die if we do not do what she wants!! Is she now talking on behalf of Obama???? Please Ann you are NOT OUR MUM!!!! I urge you to stop NOW condescending to take us as if we are surviving because you wish so!!! NEVER!!!!! We are proud to be Africans and we eat our bread because we are hard workers not because you are feeding us with your stupidity!!!! We don't need your charity at all!!!! Please NEVER AGAIN to talk to us that way. I also believe that soon you are following Erlinder in his path. Just wait a moment!! You always think you are untouchable but just wait… Sorry, We are no longer in colonialism era!!!!! Never and NEVER again!!!!!

    • your intimidation is not far to end and soon you will face justice of millions of hutus you murdered. Hutus and Tutsis genocide can not be deniable.Soon justice is going to show up.

  8. Anyone reading the preceding comments can see the quickness to spit venom the supporters of Kagame's dictatorship possess. Hundreds of thousands of innocent Congolese women and children have been murdered by Kagame's hit-men under Laurent Nkunda. Only when the UN threatened to withdraw funding to Rwanda were those murderous forces pulled out of Congo. Even now, school children studying geography in Rwanda are taught that part of eastern Congo is theirs and should be returned to Rwanda. This is not about genocide. Genocide is the pretext the Rwandan government and military uses to invade Congo and steal its mineral resources. As long as the Rwandan people and America and its allies continue to condone the mafia-like regime of Kagame which murders innocent Congolese citizens, they are as guilty of genocide as were the Nazis in western Europe. Rwanda thrives on the chaos it creates in Congo. The wolf in sheep's clothing has be exposed!

    • Those who are gilty of genocide are the people ann is representing. They are trying to run away from it, but they can't hide. It still hunting them. Atleast rwanda is using the mineral money to build rwanda, and it's true that part used to belong to rwanda. We are getting back what used to be ours. Why would ann care, does she need some minerals too. We can give you some, to help better your life. why don't you complain about belgium, that was plundering the Mineral for years? Congo why cant you stop rwanda, do you think ANN is going to help you?? Do you know the most paid presdient in Africa it's kabila, what are you saying about that. Ann if you want content to write about you do some research, not dealing with the losers you live with in the west. They havent' been here in africa in long time, so they don't know what they are talking about.

    • It is in our history that some part of Congo belongs to Rwanda and it is not deniable and i truly think that our territories in Congo should be reclaimed in diplomatic way first . having said that, I do not agree that our lost territories to Congo can be a motive for Kagame to go and murders Rwandans who live there.he should go there instead to liberate them rather than finishing them all. He should be brought to justice

  9. @James , Vivian , Kelly and other Kagame`s supporters,

    You are hiding behind your computer and fake names and utter insults of all kinds to Ann.
    Reveal your real name ! Why are you afraid to reveal who you are ?
    Let me tell you stupid guys,the truth will always hurt you and the fact of being so mean towards Ann won`t help you to have the peace of mind that you don!t have. The blood of millions of innocent people killed by your criminal president and his army is crying out justice before GOD !!!

  10. While you waste time to compose and forge articles misguding the public; The country Rwanda is on the move to growwith and stright mind of do it yourself. Should think about it stop this kind of misguiding articles. Very Wrong especially if its a told story we Rwandan know where were before and what we are today

    • Supporters of Paul Kagame
      You are not commenting on the article. Instead, you just come to insult and intimidate the author. Why in your comments, do you write of the author being a genocide denial or sympathising the terrorist group FDLR? The author did not in any way support FDLR in this article and the article does not in any way deny Rwanda genocide. The author wrote real facts and you were supposed to comment on these facts mentioned in the article.

      Please, supporters of Paul Kagame, support him in a constructive way and let the truth be known.

    • You are no where compared where you were before.Only thing i can confirm is that you are very full to the neck Kagameand his government ideology the one the dictator Habyarimana and his inner inner cicle had. There is no difference my friend, you are and you are going no where.

    • @Sagakiga: You know what? You are worse than you were actually. You know why?
      1) Economically you say there is a boom. Great! But look, outside Kigali no other city is built and clean. As a matter of fact others are falling apart starting with the big ones, Butare, Ruhengeri, Gisenyi,… So, what you have is not an economic boom. You have a wealth explosion for some, that creates the illusion that you are advancing. Enough to deter those who can't look beyond the curtain. Habyarimana had a real economic boom because in his time, the well being of the simple citizen was increasing!

      2) Socially you lie to yourself saying you have no more divide. Currently, it's the first time in modern Rwanda history that Tutsis are openly divided. Not in one group, two,.. but more than 5. Then you tell the world there is no ethnic groups anymore. Great! How come you call it the "genocide against tutsi" instead of calling it "genocide against Rwandans"? The truth is that you are living a lie people. You can not advance as a society before you embrace who you really are fully first! Currently there are many Rwandese marginilised and completely ignored in their own country. One day or another their children will ask what's wrong, and probably distroying what has been built. Reminds you of 1990-1994 ?
      3) Internationally, you are on the rampage to spread more lies about your achievements as if the entire world was blind to what you do. Eventually this backfires. Who suffers? Those who believe the illusion, much like you!

  11. @ so called Jeremie,
    are you writing from FDLR camp or what!? It seems u don't have a clue what "username" means. U re accusing "me" that Im a partisan and no full name but as It turns out: you are worse in both!
    Sure the truth that we didn't solve the congo issue in full will haunt me, we should have used blitzkrieg, then this FDLR issue won't be there today! by the way, you should ask yourself why did it have to be the way It did. Arrogance of congolese is the cause of all that, they should have disarmed those "people" and move them far from borders if they really cared but then….They are congolese, they did what they do best: Dance around fire forgetting that It can burn them. God be with any1 who died in Congo!

    • Unfortunately you are right. The secret lies in the details though. Rwandese people are very ambitious, which makes them very competitive. With competition there is always a chance for arrogance – in the case Rwanda there is tons of it – and with arrogance comes the cocktails that makes rwandese very tough to be around or mix with!

  12. Prof Peter is a coward like Ann and the like. If you guys believe in what you say, you should also be willing to die for it. Let Peter go to rwanda and die, then he will have died like a hero, to you genocide deniars, You guys need to understand, that we suffered alot and took the matters in our own hands to get were we are today. If you think things are not going well in rwanda, you should go in the bush and start the struggle. You and your ann, are enjoying life in the west lying people in rwanda that you represent their interest. How can you represent people when you are miles away??
    Ingabire as much as she wanted to be a president, she should understand that, when she is suspected of wrong doing, she has to face justice. You are saying why is she detained. Why are the people in guantanamo bay, in prison? The USA cant afford to keep the out because they would escape., same applies to Ingabire.

  13. Dear Kelly, I am not with you. they have right to fight for their right.
    which genocidaire dou u mean? hutu genocidaire or Tutsi genocidaire ? in both communities we have genocidaire and innocent people.

  14. My answer to so called jackson M, I think you should think twice and try to define genocide then think of people whom Kagame killed and come up with a positive answer I am sure that you will realise that yourself, you are a genocide deniar. I understand that you called for the bush soon if you do not change the way things are in Rwanda,that bush gonna find you.

    • I agree with Iwase : I think Jackson may be working for Kagame ideology of destroying all opponents and their relatives. my message to Jackson: Be realisitic , dont support the dictotor,oppressor, you may join kayumba in the near future regardless who you are.

      • Hey Dunia, Kayumba was an idiot, he is the victim of the manipulation of his wife. That's what happens when a bitch controls you. He is regreting whereever he his. Writing stupid articles and looking on the progress going on in rwanda.
        Kagame is not destroying any one, these people self destructed themselves and came to collapse in rwanda.
        Iwase, people have died in rwanda on both side, most hutus were victims of ex-far. They used them as shield, during the war. Childen and innocent women way put infront while the, the army hid behind them. It a war strategy and it has been used around the world. You saw hezbollah use it. Sorry for the souls that were lost. I am happy for those who distanced themselves from ex-far and are now living in rwanda happily. Hopefully you guys will put you guns down and come back to rwanda one day. We miss you alot.

  15. Let no one worry about Ann Garrison,she is a jankie-she feeds on drugs -and she has no idea what she is writing about.Any one watched her interview on Youtube with Democracy today? She keeps on blinking her eyes and hiding behind her messed up hair everytime they ask her a question.so guys she is not a threat at all.She is a physchatric patient.

  16. @Kelly, Jackson M ,Claudine Mukeshimana and other crazy supporters of Kagome Paul,

    Mwa nyanazimbwa mwe ayo mwigira yose mumenye ko amaraso mwamennye kandi mwishimira gukomeza kumena azabasama.Mwa mbwebwe mwe pour qui vous prenez vous ? Ubwo bucucu bubuzuyemo buraza kubashiramo vuba aha mumaze kubona ko na nyina wundi abyara umuhungu sha.Zino ngegera gusa.

  17. As a Rwandan Tutsi, I am sad to see many of these Rwandan Tutsis to not understand that there will be a day when Kagame will not be in power. Every dictator who was a puppet of the west and who doesn't respect democracy and free speech, ends up being killed or chased away out of his country. See the fate for saddam or mobutu to understand the future of Kagame. At the end of the day, democracy will prevail, and the hutu majority will be in power. And the more many of you Rwandan Tutsi mistreat other people, that will come back to bite our asses. Karma is the bitch!

    Kagame may enjoy life now, but those who will pay the price, will be future generations of Rwandan Tutsis. Wake up, idiots! Living in the USA, I do see many of these Rwandan Tutsis like the racist teabaggers who worship racist politicians instead of the really issues affecting the USA.

    With that being said, I truly admire the wonderful Ann Garrison, thanks for your humanity, my dear sister, you care more about Rwanda than many of these Rwandan Tutsis. For your info, I am a Tutsi myself, whatever that means.

  18. Eddie you are a fake tutsi or you are just claiming to be one. Are you talking about rwanda or USA. Don't mix the two. Kagame will go but RPF will stay, he is a dictator to then ones that are ignorant like you. You may not have lived in rwanda before genocide, that why you dont care. We like him, and he's agenda for the country. Sorry if you don't like him. Keep kissing Ann's ass or Marry her, she's single, did you know that?
    We are planning for the future generation a better rwanda. You can stay in the west. Freedom of speech acceralated genocide, that's why we censor everything. Rwanda is no america, so don't compare our democracy to their's.

      • Ann in your country, whenever someone tries to leave the country with alot of money they are detained, and when some one assocaites themselves with an army group or a terrorist organisation, they are watched and most of the time are arrested. Rusesabagina, sent money to Coalition of Democratic forces (CDF). Which is a military wing of FDU. FDU having a military wing wasn't a bad idea because in Africa you can't get to power without an army. But the whole thing was a risk which was bound to fail. Rusesabagina was credited for the movie, he should have kept it like that. After getting the spot light, he decided to play politics. But Ann you understand that, that was a smart move for Rusesabagina, because he wasn't going to keep talking about the movie his entire life. He had just escaped his job of a taxi driver in brussel, he didn't wanna look back. Now he has to deal with rwanda's leadership for trying to distabilize, rwanda's peace using CDF.
        prof peter is a different case and not related to rusesababina, he's dates back in the days. And he accepted to go back, when he give bail. He gave rwanda's authority ways they would get him to come back if he didn't comply.

        • @James: I wonder how you can be so sure of this without seeing the evidence yourself. Let's see what happens when Rwanda Chief Prosecutor Ngoga tries to document this transfer. People all over the world, not just in this Kigali courtroom, will be evaluating the evidence.

    • Hey idiot brainwashed one,

      As of now, you could have concluded that Kagame is is the active agent of the CIA and the West have decided that in order for him including museveni to remain in power unopposed by the West, is to do the dirty work for the West, looting african mineral wealth for corporate america so that the West closes their eyes against these dictators…after all they have decided to sacrifice their people for the West in both un popular peace keeping missions in sudan and somalia.

      Here is an other hint for you, to understand that Kagame is very dangerous man for Africa as far as I am concerned and here is why. Bill Gates is promoting vaccines to sterilize Africans for depopulation control, do you know who is his best friend in Africa? Kagame. Kagame is Hitler, and he is not done yet killing Rwandans.

      • You have something against corporate American, are you out of work? I actually admire corporate america, where they see opportunity, is where they go. Now Africa has the minerals, which they are talking advantage of, if it weren't for corporate america and china, the minerals you are talking about would be usless, no one would explore the minerals. You very well understand that Africa doesn't have the ability to purify the minerals you are talking about. Atleast someone is doing something about it.
        You can call me brainwashed, but what i am sure of, is that i am more patriotic than you are. You are selling your soul and your continent to strangers. You say kagame is more dangerous for africa, but the funny thing is that we here in africa we see him like the best thing that has ever happened to Africa.

  19. Eddie, even Karamira was a tutsi, whatever that means. And the Issue here is not whether you are a tutsi or hutu. The Issue is the future of rwanda, kagame is building rwanda and Ann is not building it, but wishing tear it a part. Give me one thing she talks about that makes sense? Other than saying kagame is a dictator, killed people that she can't prove. She support ingabire that is an extremist, One day she wanted kayumba tried, another day she is in favor of him, basically she is confused like you. You are the one that needs to wake up, whereever you are. How can she say that ingabire was arrested because of the Mapping report. The report just came out, and she was on bail for almost a year pending investigation. Actually if anything she's an accomplice because she funded the rebels in congo, who raped the congelese women.

    • I never wanted Kayumba tried, nor was I ever "in favor of him." I reported several times on what Kayumba said and did, on the indictments against him in foreign courts, on Kagame's anxiety that refugee soldiers might join him and come back, as a refugee army. And on the assassination attempt. And I recorded Charles Kabonero saying that Kayumba is popular in Rwanda where "the army is the most influential institution," and, where he, Kayumba, had "questioned why Rwanda had to be fighting it neighbors in Congo, and skirmishing with Uganda."

      In none of that did I take a position regarding Kayumba.

  20. Umuco wo kubeshya warabokamye niwo uzabata ku gasi mwa ngegera mwe. Ahinyaaa! Imihirimbiri gusa y`inkiramavunja yirirwa yisirihanga itukana kuri mudasobwa gusa! Puuuuu…muzapfe urwo si ruto !!!!

  21. Kagama has failed to promote freedom of speech and democratic institutions, he is the most stupidest selfish and less sophisticated politician, Africa has ever known to say the least. As I said the future of Generations of Rwandan Tutsis is in peril, and that's why you saw recently a Gang of Four that included Kayumba and the others, all former friends of Kagame, going against this psychopath dictator Kagame.

    Let me tell you this again, at the end of the day, the West will support an other puppet in Rwanda and at that time, it will be a Hutu who will satisfy the democratic process of the West and Hutu majority will run the country. The Western handlers of Kagame can decide to remove Kagame overnight, and the rest will be history.

    Both of you james and jackson, you are traitors to Africa, you don't deserve to be called Africans. You are supporting Kagame to continue looting congo minerals to benefic Corporate America, and then what will be the end of this economic colonialism, you piece of shit. Instead of supporting the determination of Africa to even unite more against the western colononialists, you continue to support a puppet dictator. You should really know better.

      • Thanks Mary, for the offer. I definitely will contact you when I am ready to write one. Indeed I have a lot to say that can help many of these brainwashed rwandan Tutsis to open their eyes about the deadly forces that are behind Kagame, the dark forces that want to control african wealth as the greenback is collapsing.

    • RWanda is no different from any other african country. Give a country in africa that is not controlled. That's how we run things down here. You call yourself a panafrican when you live in the west. If you like your continent. You should live here. You are a usless african. You are the one that is not supposed to be called african.
      Those four you are talking about ran away from accountability. You very well know that, and don't bring them up.
      Come eddie, every country in the world is sort of controlled. USA owes china debt, china can pull a plug anytime.
      Let's enjoy when kagame is still around, and continue cry. We know kagame is not a mountain to stay forever, you don't have to remind us that. But he is laying a foundation for someone even better than him to take over. The God that gave us kagame will give us another leader that is not ingabire.
      In the world we have to groups of people ,those that like to complain, and those that work to change things, rwanda is working to change things while you are there crying. I will send you tissues.

  22. @ Eddie you talk lots of crap… Kagame a puppet of the west?? lolll, check your facts again buddy, an ally of the west and more specifically US and Britain would be the right way to put it!! Changing Kagame might not prove as easy as you think or wish, France has tried on numerous occasions. For one, don't lump leaders like Kagame with the likes of Mobutu, Habyarimana, etcc… Those leaders had weak armies and no purpose or vision for their country. The RDF is one the strongest armies in Africa.

  23. It is easy to fight haters of the Kagame regime, simply tell them to buy a ticket and go and visit the country, they'll quickly realiz, the guy is making wonders. he has done in 8 years what habyarimana has failed to do in 40..And please Eddy, you must not be an Economist, lolll, Congo was doing wel ???looll, Congo never did well economically!!. Sorry but i doubt your tutsi origins, you style of writing and choice of words smells like interamwhe to me..The RPF is here to stay so guys, get used to it.. As a Rwandan it baffles, to see that our people can't realize or refuse to accept all the good that is happening in our country.. @ Eddie, stop this bullshit talk about Kayumba, lool every Rwandan knows that he fell out of favor long time ago, when he was nominated Amb. to India some 7 years ago. From Chief of Staff to Amb in India. He is no one in the Rwanda of today. . No one takes him seriously. There is no rift in the army, and Kagame is fully in control!! lolll

    • Dear Inkotanyi, I heard some like that before. "your Gay has done in 2 years what Ikinani has failed to do in 20 (if so) …" but guess who said that to your Gay ?… Former Colonel Macinya (if you know who I'm talking about!) He lives in Rwanda now. I follow the news and have been in Rwanda recently. Kigali is beautiful and it has physically changed a lot. It's clean, malls are built, it's a vibrant city but the people are the same. A lot of drinking, a lot of beggers on the streets, Kigali crowded and very divided by the neighboring country they came from. Of cause those who were in the country before 1994, some of them are still there, some are in jail and some are refugees. I didn't have a chance to look in the rural areas but it seem like every rwandan want to live in the city. Anything of the magnitude of the president's death, natural or otherwise, would quickly cause chaos. Our discussion should be how we respond in those circumstances as good rwandan citizens abroad. God bless you

  24. Eddie cry me a river. We don't care about your tears. Before you left rwanda, kagame was your hero, now he is a dictator, sad sad. If you fall out with him, don't cry, in rwanda we have always had, abanyarwanda bimbwa. You guys can go, the kayumba's you are talking about, they left hoping things would fall apart. Unfortunately they didn't. We are here and happy.
    You can call it sand, but for us we see it as concrete. Sorry for your family members. May their souls rest in peace. It would have been better if you made proud, from where they are in heaven, by building rwanda, and not selling it. You are greedy and willing to sell your soul for a spot light, on the web sad.
    WE can give you the money you paid to RPF, if need be. You live in the west a expect the freedom of speech in rwanda can just be like that in the west? Hey you compare us to tea party, and you know the tea party is the out come of free speech. Can you see that. HUman's need to be controlled sometimes. And kagame is doing a good job on that.

  25. From my understanding you think Ann is doing a good job than, kagame, there is where i find you to be an idiot. How can a grown ass man like you be so dumb? As far as the Bill gates thing, it's just population control. If Africa wants to eradicate poverty. One of the most important thing to do, is population control. We have exhuasted other ways, need something new. people can't keep having more kids than they can afford to take care of.

  26. Dear Inkotanyi,
    Please do not fall in the trap most young interahamwe fell in: idealise the leader of the moment. Those young interahamwe have been there and done that. They thought they were on the right path, they thought they were invincible and during the 100 days of tutsi hunt, they thought Rwanda was theirs only. Theya are not learning any new tricks from you. You are a baby and the path you are choosing to help future generation is the same they took. They failed. They are in exile, in jail or they are hiding from you, they know a brain washed young man can do to prove himself. Re-examine your position vis-a-vis the regime in Rwanda. Have you ever heard of a regime in France, a change of regime in Canada or UK?…
    A political regime in Africa is a temporary stage before it is ousted. And remember this: "le Roi est mort, vive le roi". Do not be too excite boy.

  27. Who is this Ann? an expert on African affairs? a gifted writer? I don't think she understands what she needs to do. I am Francophone but I bet her written English is so poor to meet the standard of a qualified writer, and also she lacks impartiality in her discussion. She is the most biased pundit I have ever come across on internet blogs. Has she ever been to Rwanda? I've just visit Rwanda in the last two weeks and she is totally wrong

  28. I do not hate the RPF members,what I hate is their terrible strategy which consists in TELLING LIES.You will not build a nation on that filthy foundation.You need a strong corner stone if at all we are to achieve peace and stability in the land.But a realistic analysis shows that the trurh would not help you in any way whatsoever,so keep the truth under the rag,and lead the country with an iron fist….though that kind of rule does not stand the test of time.We shall be there to see you,when the time is ripe….STOP SHEDDING INNOCENT BLOOD,PLIZ.

  29. jereme,
    your are not seriour at all,why you talk like somebody woho don`t think anything.
    please be polite and if you have a problem come to Rwanda we will solve it.

    That is discrimination.

  30. Hello nashaka kubakebura ko mwokwibuka ko abicanyi batazoragwa ubwami bwijuru.Kandi umuntu azohembwa ibikwiranye nivyo yakoze akiri muri uyu mubiri. Waba wicisha inkota canke ivyiyumviro vyawe umenye neza umwami ukorera uwo ariwe hamwe n'agahembo urindiriye kuko ngo ntawuzorusimba.

  31. Very sad to read this comments. Kagame supporters are you for real? Can you have an intellectual debate without insulting people who voice a different opinion as yours? Just know that whatever you do; good or bad, you will pay "tout se paye ici bas" also know that above all there is GOD!

    Kagame will have to respond to his criminal acts no matter what. You can defend him all you want "without insulting others”. Whatever Kagame is doing, he should know that he is buying a one way ticket to hell for his family. The way he killed Habyarimana, he might end up being treated the same way. The way Habyarimana kids are running the hills of the world, Kagame kids might go through worse! “UN BON ENTENDEUR”

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