Editorial by Milton Allimadi

The Kagame dictatorship has finally officially arrested Rwanda’s opposition leader, Ms. Victoire Ingabire Umohoza, the woman Gen. Paul Kagame fears the most in the world.

Had she been allowed to run in Rwanda’s presidential elections in August, it’s widely believed Ingabire Umohoza would have defeated Gen. Kagame.

Instead, she was prevented from running and accused of being a “genocide denier.” This was a falsehood. What she had done was to state that: yes, Tutsis were massacred in 1994, but that Hutus were also massacred, and there could never be any genuine reconciliation if only the vanquished side was prosecuted.

Kagame instead conducted sham elections and awarded himself victory with 93 percent of the votes – a margin that would shame even the members of the former Soviet Politburo.

Kagame was practically the only candidate for voters in his police state, which he likes to sell as Africa’s Singapore. But this African dictator, long a favorite of the West and heavily promoted by Bill Clinton and Tony Blair, has seen his star dim dramatically.

On Oct. 1, the United Nations released a report confirming what media outlets such as this one have been saying for a long time – that Kagame was involved in and is responsible for genocide against Hutus who had fled to Congo. The report of course exonerates Ingabire Umohoza.

So far, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and ICC prosecutor Moreno Ocampo, likely with a wink from the United States and the U.K., are providing cover for Kagame. When the fish stinks from the top, rapid decay cannot be stopped.

Even some top Kagame colleagues, such as Gen. Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa, who fought by his side when he invaded Rwanda from Uganda in 1990 with the support of Gen. Yoweri Museveni, began to abandon him earlier this year. Nyamwasa fled to South Africa and it’s widely believed Kagame’s agents were behind an attempted assassination of the general.

In the run-up to the elections in August, major opposition candidates were prevented from registering, including Ingabire Umohoza. The right hand man to opposition candidate Frank Habineza, Andre Kagwa Rwisereka, first vice president of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, was beheaded. Who doubts that there would have been vociferous denunciation by the U.S. had Sudan’s Omar Bashir, also accused of committing genocide by the U.N., treated his political opposition in similar manner.

It’s going to be difficult for his friends, including Clinton and Blair, to continue selling the fiction that Gen. Kagame is Rwanda’s savior and “best hope.”

In fact, Kagame was linked to the assassination of Rwanda’s former president Juvenal Habyarimana. That attack immediately ignited the conflagration and massacres of 1994, in which an estimated 800,000 to a million civilians perished, mostly Tutsis.

Meanwhile, Kagame has never been prosecuted for the Hutus massacred by his army, the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), which was on loan from Uganda during the war of aggression against Rwanda from 1990 to 1994.

So why is Kagame arresting Ingabire Umohoza now?

Could it be that he wants to deflect attention from the U.N. report implicating him in genocide? Could it be that he is desperate to manufacture diversionary headlines – which newspapers such as The New York Times are always eager to swallow?

At the end of the day, the truth cannot be suppressed forever. What crime can Kagame commit against Ingabire Umohoza that could be worse than what he has already done, given the body counts now linked to his regime by the United Nations?

Milton Allimadi, publisher and editor in chief of The Black Star News, New York’s leading Pan African weekly investigative newspaper, can be reached at Milton@blackstarnews.com. Allimadi has also worked for The Journal of Commerce, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and The City Sun.


  1. Sincerely, for how long is the world going to sit down and watch bloody dictator Kagame kill us all this time with impunity? Since 1990, aided by his comrade in crime Yoweri Museveni, Paul Kagame has become the world's leading notorious killer humanity has witnessed and tolerated.
    Kagame should rest assured that even if he kills Madam Ingabire and all political prisoners he is torturing in Rwandan prisons today or not, his crimes are already registered, and his only sure way of escaping this accountability is to hang himself before justice catches up with him. just a simple advice.

  2. The days of a thief are numbered. As the title of this article says, these are General Kagame's last days. The truth is catching up with him faster than he can invent his lies. His day of reckoning is coming. There is no doubt.

  3. Last Year Congress conducted a Comprehensive Policy Review towards Sudan. It is crystal clear that the same needs to occur for Rwanda as part of following through with Public Law 109-456. The last three US Administrations have been complicit into the current state of Affairs in Rwanda with their Silence.

    How many more have to suffer before anything is done?

  4. May God encircle Ingabire Umuhoza with his care and lay his hand of favor upon her head.May God of Heaven bring kagame 's reign down in Jesus Name.Amen

  5. Stop spreading lies, no one is dying in rwanda, the rwanda's population is growing not shrinking, i don't know what you are saying or where you get your information. People here are working so hard for their progress and the progress of the country. You that are living out rwanda, have been left out. Come and see what rwanda has been up to, if you are not worried of any wrong doing.
    Bana burwanda nimutahe, amahaga ntacyo arusha urwanda. mujemuza mudusure.

      • Ann you talk about poverty in rwanda like you have been there. The life quality of poor rwandese is better than the life on the counter parts living in the neighboring countries. You are totally wrong on this one. No one is homeless in rwanda, how many people are homeless in USA??. No one goes to bed hungry in rwanda, yes we don't have electricity in every house, but we will get there. People look poor for guys that want to play politits. These people are happy. They say before you start pointing fingers, first of all look at yourself, i guess you know what i am saying. Rwanda is not in the first world. I have been in china, which is has the highest population, people in the villages have the same life style, like those in rwanda. Use your brains sometimes. Don't just be radical without reasoning, and please travel to open up your mind.

  6. Who could have done better than Kagame. We who witnessed the horror rwandans went though. We can boldly say that Kagame has done a great Job. Challenges were so many, tough decisions were to be made, but The strides Rwanda has made today is vivid and visible all. Its high time that Rwandans come together to rebuild their country rather than destroying it.

  7. Bonjour Mahoro?laisser les se tranquilliser via leur propagande.Le FPR est tres different en valeur en nom et en action par le MRND ou leur fameux MDR PARMEHUTU, ils sont tombes en echec avec leur ideologie genocidaire.Please le Rwanda d'aujourd'hui n'a pa besoin de vous.Qui ignore ce que vous avez fait?Qui ignore ce que vous etes?
    Please Garrison, fiche nous la paix, laisse le Rwanda tranguille.

  8. If you desire Ingabire as politician, come and bring her in your country.Rwanda doesn't need it's support,because it will be only destruction of what Rwanda people has built.Go and bring your ideology in your favorite country.Your majority theory has no sens today

  9. ingabire is like any other rwandan citizen. she can be arrested, detained and imprisoned if found guilty. if she is innocent then she shall prove that in court. why would the rwandan government want to kill her? she isnt worth all the hero worship she seems to get on the sfbay. and to say that she is the only credible opposition politician is a fallacy and an insult to all the parties in rwanda.

      • Come Ann on give me a break, those two idoits are not credible to represent RWanda. If you want to play the race card, there are some educated and credible Hutus in rwanda and outside of rwanda that could have done better than those two idoits. I would rather see twagiramugu faustin or joseph sebarenzi be a president than have those two or ingabire. Ingabire coming to rwanda was a sucide mission. She very well knew she would get no where. Because her past would hunt her. She was working with the military wing(FDLR). Well as a politician FDU had to have option B, if the The elections fail, they were going to USe FDLR to over throw KAGAME, none worked, now she's in prison??? SAD, you seem smart here, why didn't you give her better advice??? or well you know nothing about east african politics.

  10. kagame is a criminal and needs to be arrested ASAP. us Rwandans who live out of the country we are not stupid, we can't come to get killed. We see how many people you killed. the progress you are talking about it depends on who you are. We have relatives out there and we know how much they are suffering. if you want to know who's dying look on pictures of Kibeho refugees, congo refugees, Gisenyi and Ruhengeli and you are still killing them. Why are chasing interahamwe while you are doing the samething. Keep you Rwanda and your progress. we will come when it's over with you and it's very soon.

    • Jbr , dream on nothing is happening soon. The war of the mouth will take you nowhere????. Please stop killing your relatives in rwanda with your poor ideology. No one is dying in rwanda, shame on you for bringing kibeho and congo, that was during the war, and it's like a decade ago. I am sorry for the souls that lost their lives in the wars. You guys lied to them and left them to die. Now you wish the same for those left in rwanda. We have learned about you. You get us in trouble and after things get tough, you run to europe and USA and live us to die. That's not happening again. Stay in europe and we will stay in rwanda, i bet life is better down there.

      • has everyone turned into sheep these days? stop labeling people with that nonexistent ideology that has been taught in order to suppress opinion and expression . everyone has a right to criticize regimes.
        so you are saying that rpf massacres in in the last decade should not be talked about, right? well how about tell rpf to stop using the same massacres and the lie that they stopped them as a reason to legitimize their despotic and authoritarian rule.
        Rwandans are an intelligent population, that's why only the ones in diaspora voice their disapproval towards the rpf regime. The ones inside the country stay quiet to remain safe. Only the ones who have blinded by either propaganda or ethnocentrism like you come out and and talk because you know that support for rpf ensures security. All Rwandans should try stepping out of the ethnic mindset and analyze things with clear minds. Stop being wooed by criminals just because you can ethnically identify with them or think they know better, you'll be surprised by how enlightened and powerful you'll become. 'knowledge is power'. That was know even before Christ, sign up!

  11. JBR….when you say 'we will come when its over with you", i hear shades of 'kill the cockroaches'. so, you are saying that people are dying like flies today in rwanda? if that is so, then why is there a population growth rate of more than 3% a year? obviously, people arent dying as much as you say.

    • You are not not providing anything constructive by accusing someone of things he didn't even mean. If you would have read the article and then his comment without bias or any false preconceived ideas about what he stood for, you would have realized that he meant the end of kagame's regime when he said, "when it's over with you." If you can't even get over the fact that someone has views different to yours and actually pay attention to understand what he has to say, my question for you is why do you comment on it?
      You said that you hear shades of "kill the cockroaches". If you did your own research, you will be shocked to know that the most of the independent news organizations during 1994 that came up with such hateful rhetoric were owned by rpf through businessmen they had installed to spy and infiltrate with the intent of destroying rwanda's social, economic, and political fabric. e.g. radio muhabura, one which was indisputably owned by rpf, had the most divisive and hateful rhetoric and succeeded in terrorizing and dividing the public. You would be shocked to learn that the political wing of rpf was a member of the Rwandan government from 1993 that had been set up by the arusha peace accords as a government of national unity that would pave way for the first multi-party elections. You would also be shocked to learn that the head of the interahamwe was a tutsi. You would find many more facts that would show that, in the end, when the president and all the top heads of internal and external security were assassinated, the country pretty much had no cohesive functioning institution. As a matter of fact, the only functioning entity after the assassination was the rpf/rpa. The only entity that would have wanted to have a chaotic and divided country so that once it broke the cease fire and resumed it's military coup, taking over would be easy. Most of the questions should be directed to the rpf and they should be the number one suspect in most of what happened during those dark days.

  12. no one will kill you? Tell that to the family of the butchered politician during the election campaigns. You are safe in Rwanda if you don't publicly say what you think. That's the same as being killed, except you're dieing inside. Accusing anywhere else of fake news from rwanda is so ironic it make me laugh. You are the one getting news so fake they should come up with a new name for it, i think virtual would be a good start. The media high council makes sure everything you hear and see is from the rpf government talking points, and given the track history of the rpf, nothing could be farther from the truth than what they say. You want to talk about prisoners: what they do to them is also no different than murder; they use them as slaves to enrich themselves. Remembering also that most of those prisoners are innocent, only guilty of being hutus.
    If you want to talk about the population numbers. ask yourself why they has been no census in Rwanda that records ethnicity. It's not because the different ethnic groups don't exist, it's because everyone would be stunned when it turned out that you have close to 50% split between the hutus and tutsis than the old 85%-15% they would like us to believe.
    Trust me, they are millions of rwandans that would not think twice about getting out of the country if you assured them of a similar citizenry life in another country. That says a lot given that no one easily hates their country.

    • Umukundarwanda, we should find a Consensus, talking rude to each other will get us nowhere. We have lost families on both side. As far as saying 50%, that not true, you guys are still Above 80%, that's a fact, no census is needed to be done. It would creat fear, and bring us to 1990. Those people killed during the election time, were killed by thugs and the people that they owed money. But in RWanda nowdays any death is blamed on the government, even if some one days of aids or accident and that happens around the world, give me a country in the world were people don't die? RWanda will be here , after kagame and ingabire or other current big figures, let's try to build a rwanda where we will not be fighting or suppressing freedom of speech. It will take time, but if we decide to be extremist it will never happen.

  13. Hutu extremists should know that insulting Kagame will not solve their problems. The whole world knows who they are. Criminals responsible for the death of more than one million lnnocent lives lives. Rwanda has sufficient evidence to prove Ingabire's associations with those criminals. She has lost her chances a being president of Rwanda, let alone a free woman. She will certainly spend many years in prison. Watch hutu extremists. You have lost power forever!

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