Kagame’s prisons, courts and killing spots: Ingabire, the Netherlands and the West


by Ann Garrison, Didas Gasana and Charles Kabonero

The argument over who has been most to blame for the bloodshed in recent East Central African history intensified even further this month with testimony further challenging the history of what we know as the 1994 Rwanda Genocide at the International Criminal Tribunal on Rwanda.

Rwandan President Paul Kagame’s former bodyguard, Aloys Ruyenzi, testified at the International Criminal Tribunal on Rwanda that the president of the Interahamwe, the militia said to have massacred the Rwandan Tutsi population in 1994, was himself a Tutsi and Rwandan Patriotic Front agent.

Ruyenzi, in an interview in the Newsline East Africa, also described what he called “killing spots” where, he says, the Kagame regime continues to sort, classify and then systematically execute those it perceives as enemies with bayonets or, if they resist or run, with pistols:

“Signals used to announce victims

“Vehicles carrying category A (ex-FAR, Interahamwe and former refugees from DRC [Democratic Republic of Congo]) put on right hand indicators as they approach roadblocks (three of them) to the killing field.

“Those transporting category B victims (dissidents) put on left-hand indicators as they approach roadblocks to the killing field, whereas vehicles carrying category C victims (the high level personnel) put on no indicators as they arrive.

“The roadblocks

“’There are three roadblocks,’ the former officer explains.

“The first one has 12 soldiers comprising staff from the Directorate of Military Intelligence and the Republican Guards. On receiving vehicles bringing in victims, he says, the soldiers communicate to their colleagues at the roadblocks ahead, giving details about the category of victim coming in.

“The second has 12 soldiers, in two lines: Line one with five soldiers and line two, 5 meters behind the first one, has seven soldiers.

“’Each soldier has a bayonet and two pistols to kill the victims. Line two is supposed to reinforce line one in case of any resistance and the pistols are used to reinforce the bayonets in case of any problem,’ Ruyenzi claims.

“The third roadblock, he says, is the ‘burning site’ where dead bodies are destroyed by fire, using petrol.

“’After the bodies are burnt, the ash is left to cool and is carried in gunny bags loaded into a container on a lorry, a blue Mercedes Benz 1924, whose plate numbers are occasionally changed from GR to IT (and vice versa),’ Lt. Ruyenzi says.

“The GR… and IT… number plates belong officially to government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) respectively.

“After that, Lt. Ruyenzi says the lorry transports ash from the ‘cremated’ bodies to the heavily-guarded (by DMI [Directorate of Military Intelligence] operatives) Ruriba brick factory in Kigali city, where the ashes are emptied into the river Nyabarongo and the empty bags are kept to perform the next task.” – from “Another Kagame aide reveals boss’ secret killing spots” by the Newsline team

Ruyenzi also described the Nyungwe killing field in 1998, during the war in Rwanda’s neighbor D.R. Congo, where, he said, many people were brought in 30 minibuses and 10 pick-ups acquired for the express purpose of transporting the Rwandan Patriotic Army’s victims from Rwanda and elsewhere to Rwanda’s infamous Kami Prison torture chambers. He said they too were collected, sorted and classified, according to their crimes, then burnt alive after being doused in petrol.

Ruyenzi has had refugee status in Norway since 2004, but he told the Newsline editors that he maintains contact with soldiers in Kagame’s army who tell him that the executions within Rwanda continue as before.

Kagame remains on the offensive

On Tuesday, Nov. 12, Rwanda’s High Court denied opposition leader Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza’s bail appeal and sent her back to prison to await trial for conspiring with terrorists and genocide ideology, which means disagreeing with the official history of the 1994 Rwanda Genocide.

Rwandan exiles and supporters have demonstrated in Brussels, the Hague and London since her arrest, and the new Dutch Parliament, now led by a party best translated into English as Liberal Conservative, seems to be moving towards a vote to sustain a 2008 decision to cut economic aid to Kagame’s Rwandan regime because of its human rights abuses in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo.

H. Vincent Harris, a Dutch new media consultant and writer who, with his Colored Opinions blog, explores the impact of migrants on democratic development, particularly in relation to the Great Lakes Region of Africa, says that Ingabire has growing support in The Netherlands.

“Her husband and children are here, and she was a working, law abiding, respectable, taxpaying resident for 16 years before her return to Rwanda to try to contest the presidential election against Kagame. Church people who have influence with the Dutch Parliament have collected over 1,000 petition signatures and lobbied the Dutch Parliament to do whatever it can to ensure her safety and human rights.

“Parliament has already instructed its embassy staff to attend Ingabire’s trial to bear witness, even though they don’t think there’s any chance it will be fair.”

Harris also says that the Dutch Parliament is likely in December to reconfirm its 2008 decision to cut off economic aid to Rwanda because of its concern about Rwanda’s human rights record. In 2008, he says, they were concerned with reports of Rwanda’s human rights abuses in D.R. Congo, particularly those of CNDP [National Congress for the Defense of the People] militia leader Laurent Nkunda, who was finally arrested and imprisoned in January 2009, although, in a highly disturbing development, his CNDP militia was then integrated into the Congolese Army.

“The new Dutch Parliament is particularly concerned about the ‘U.N. Mapping Report’ released on Oct. 1,” Harris said.

The “Mapping Report” documents the Rwandan government’s war crimes, crimes against humanity and massacres of Hutu civilians that an international court would be expected to prosecute as genocide crimes in the Democratic Republic of Congo between 1993 and 2003.

A growing number of international critics argue that these crimes in Congo are ongoing – like those Aloys Ruyenzi claims are ongoing within Rwanda – with impunity, because the perpetrators have never been tried or “brought to book.”

Harris says that if, as expected, the Dutch Parliament sustains its freeze on budget support to Kagame’s Rwanda and makes a strong statement as to why they are doing so, it could make an issue of why other European nations and the U.S. continue to prop Rwanda up financially, diplomatically and militarily.

San Francisco writer Ann Garrison writes for the San Francisco Bay View, Digital Journal, Examiner.com, OpEdNews, Global Research, Colored Opinions and her blog, Plutocracy Now. She can be reached at anniegarrison@gmail.com. Charles Kabonero and Didas Gasana write for The Newsline East Africa.

Listen to KPFA News on this topic, broadcast Thursday, Nov. 25, 2010


  1. Ingabire should be procecuted as any wrong doers she is not above the law. The article is just a stupid story of an ex-soldier who run away and using such stories to support his asylum status. very wrong Aloys…..

    • Two questions about Ingabire 's case:
      Why Kagame's regime never contested the testimonies of Aloys Ruyenzi and Abdul Ruzibiza?
      Why did n't him charge them of negationist, genocidaires, terrorist, liers, and so on like he did to Ingabire because of haar speach on the Memorial about a faire justice for Hutu and Tutsi massacres in our country and outside?

      Does the ethnic factor not play a very essential role in these three cases: Ingabire/ Ruyenzi/Ruzibiza?

      Think just about it!

    • Mr Sagakiga, It is very right to procecute all evil doers starting from those who killed millions of Ugandans, Rwandans and Congoles . and if Ingabire is one of them it's alright for she is not above the Law. One thing I know ,She is above Genocide base on the fact that she was in Holland during the 94 war. Her hands are bloodless and because of this she is worthy and far beyond any leader or ruler in this beloved motherland Rwanda.

    • are you sure of what you are saying? or it becouse you or your relatives have a goog post in Rwanda?
      A stupid story??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very wrong story? how sure are you? say it in details or stop saying so sance

      • Get me right dear Ihozo for what you call stupid story maybe a story full of wisdom . I request you to go back and read it again . you will realize that nobody on earth has the right to procecute innocent woman.

  2. Ingabire is not an opponent. at al. We have respect to a true opponent, i mean one with different ideas to devekop our country and preserve our values. She's a terrorist, an ethnic supremacy militant. Let not be confused by those with a hiden ageda whose aim is to "end the job" .

  3. Baby view National black newspaper is no stranger when it comes to writing articles demonizing Rwandan officials and judicial system as a whole. Just ask Ann Garrison will tell you. I read their articles whenever I come across one. I tell you, there is nothing good they say about Rwanda. By the way, how do you keep supporting Ingabire who has been funding FDLR in the jungles of congo even when a mountain of evidence is there?.. What an article!.

  4. The problem with you guys is that you mix journalism with activism. They never mean the same. If you want to wage war against Kagame, this is a wrong way to do it. First of all you are publishing negative materials, no one who is mature can take you seriously. You have become an anti-Kagame movement and yet you support a person who has a dirty mind as well. I bet you if Ingabire became president, blood would shed from Kigali to Cairo. Shame on you. You kill the meaning of activism

  5. There are people confusing Rwanda and Rwandans with Paul Kagame. Though the latter has self-imposed to the country and its people manu militari, and through his oppressive and stalinian regime managed to suppress their voice, if they could be freed they would dismiss him as a leader.

  6. That's terrible. If you report a news, try to be impartial. All you said is Rwandan gvt are evil. That's fine. Ingabire is not a Saint. How can she expect, after 16 years abroad, to come back to Rda and be elected. She left Rda destroyed by Hutu gvt. Why does she want President. Where was she when Habyarimana was killing people? Did she protest?
    I do not know her and I do not trust her and your news as well. You are saying about 1 person who is a refugee in Norway. Does he have proof? No!!! We need names of people killed, places, dates. I did law, I am here in London. This story just rubbish, I am sorry.

    • Did Habyarimana kill peope? u mean in Genocide??? how old was Ingabire and which power did she have? to stop genocide??

      So as I can see Kagame refused her to be elected becouse he felt sorry for her!! a pure woman who had just came back from abroad, could not be elected eehh???? He should have gave him a chance! it was up to Rwandaise to vote or not to vote her!!!!!

      u did low!!!!!! but u don't act like a loyer! 'DON'T JUST LEARN THE LESSON, LIVE THE LESSON'

  7. San Francisco BayView, stop ridiculing yourselves, all your articles about Rwanda are one-sided, not factually-based, and an insult to true journalism. When reading your articles about Rwanda, one can't help but realize what you're doing is just "propagating an opinion" rather than reporting news. Frankly, you bear striking resemblance with FOX NEWS. Ann Garrison, do you really realize how journalistically closely resemblant you are with such doom predictors as: Bill O'Reilley, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, etc. Honestly, forgive me for venturing into American politics & Media when in fact the subject here is Rwanda. Have you ever wondered why the aforementioned people never say anything good about Obama. Really have you? Here is the answer, when someone chooses to ignore facts, but instead advances an opinion, no matter what the news is, his/her opinion will always take precedence over facts, and that's who you're, how you operate, whenever you talk about Rwanda.
    Just a fair-minded, ordinary Rwandan-American Citizen.

    • you imase me when u start comparing Kagame with Opama????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nathing in commom apart from being both president. do you really knaw that kagame'parliament house is like church!!!!!!! No places for oppositions!!! therefor he act like a prist!! everything he says must be accepted i n Kagame's name Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.maybe u can compare kagame with an american president who has been ruling during 15th century.

  8. Ann Garrison, it may be presemptuous of me to give you a piece of advice: go visit Rwanda, i bet you'll come back a changed person who values facts over opinion. The late senator Patrick Monaghan once said, and i paraphrase, people are entitled to their own opinions but they are NOT entitled to their own facts. Please keep this in mind if you want to be taken seriously as a reporter, hence, avoiding to be compared to people like Sean Hannity or Glen Beck.
    Just a fair-minded, ordinary Rwandan-American Citizen

    • Morgan, if Ann goes to Rwanda, she won't have time to visit anything! She will be sent to prison like Prof Erlinder or Ingabire. Except if she wants to go to visit rwandan prison… i'd loved this to be a bad joke! But it's not…:(

    • Becouse u make sure road are clean!!! and no one aroud to wear sleepers on the street? is that why you are inviting Ann to come to rwanda? or you will show her where you put all bodies after you have finished killing them???

  9. You all people above demonizing the Anna Garrison report, you have been brain-washed by Kagame machine. You need to step aside from the repressive system and try get independent opinions. Kigali regime is paranoiac. Freedom is its worse enemy because it will never accept to open its gate of darkness even though it is being reveled on daylight by independent, non biased international organizations and those who found the courage to escape and denounce the hateful ideology of Kagame extremism. But I understand where you come from. Rwanda is a broken society and extremism on both sides is so prevailing the unifying forces have no voices. Denying atrocities committed by RPF is like denying genocide against the Tutsi. But I know you are not ready to accept that " necked truth". You really need to wake up and realize that times ahead can be even tough for our children if we do not make a radical paradigm shift in our thinking and judgment.

  10. I am a Rwandan, I am not gonna discuss here whether I am a hutu or a tutsi. We are all human beings. The problem I am having here with BAY VIEW BLACK newspapers and its writers is that, based on their periodical articles they seem to be misinformed about Rwanda. There is a whole bunch of hutu extremists in exile in Europe as well as here in the US who want the status quo thus, spreading propaganda anyway they can to distort the progress Rwanda is making and BAY VIEW BLACK newspaper with Ann Garrison are not immune to their causes.

    • Manzi,
      I fully respect your point, even if I don't share it. Let me just guess one thing even if you don't want to discuss it: you are a tutsi, right ? I mean, personnally, I don't care but try, if you do too, try to present your arguments without over pointing on people based on their ethnicity. you want an example: instead of saying: "There is a whole bunch of hutu extremists in exile in Europe as well a…", you should say something like: "There is a whole bunch of extremists in exile in Europe as well a…" because the way you present things implies hutus have the exclusivity of being extremists, right ? Once your presentation is cleaned, then feel free to oppose Ann Garrison's arguments. Nothing personal, bro!

      • At some point I agree with you Mr. Mbeng. I may have overstretched my point of view. Extremism is way out of hand on both sides of the spectrum. Not just hutus, also some disgruntled tutsis who puts their greed beyond the average Rwandan- What do they do?…They free their homeland and start acting like crying babies in countries they are being hosted in to justfy their asylum status.

  11. You fans of Kagame and his evil system,shame on you !!! Do you think that Ann Garrison will stop telling the truth because of your threats and insults on her ? You are not only extremist but also stupid . Praising a criminal like Kagame is the worst blindness of mind I`ve never seen in my lifetime so far.
    Manzi,Morgan Matsiko, Desire,Mongombe and Sagakiga…your extremism leads to hell !!! I don`t see any difference between you and the interahamwe militia and the inkotanyi who killed millions of people.For sure,you are some of them. You are not only brainwashed but also criminal and the blood of innocent people is haunting you…..Shame on you !!!

  12. I like Kagame, I will admit that…I don't even know the guy but I like where he is taking the country. He has accomplished so much in so little time compared to pre-1994 to current. And he keeps on going!.

    The extremist hutus and their supporters don't like that. Some greedy tutsis who prefer corruption over transparency don't like that. The French who lost control of rwanda don't like that. Rusesabagina, Ingabire who fund FDLR in Congo to take over Rwanda don't like that. If I were Kagame at this juncture I would be depressed!..but he keeps on running the country effectively despite all the smears.

    • Who else between you guys would be able to make hutuand tutsi to live together again? Manzi uvuze ukuri. Who would let's all refugees go back Rwanda? Mube mumuretse kuko Imana yamuhaye igihe cye cyo kuyobora!

  13. History will tell the truth. How long it took for UN recognition of the massacres and even genocide against the Hutus in Congo? How much time Mandela spent in prison? … Dear brothers for reconciliation between Rwandans, we need truth and justice. Justice for all people who were killed by the Interahamwe and the APR … WAIT AND SEE.

  14. How come all Hutus jailed in Rwanda are charged with genocide ideology even when they are accused with Tutsis?/hahahhaha..doesnt USA UN,UK,EU see this that this law is an anti hutu law than it is anti genocide law?

  15. Ruyenzi, ndumva mfite amatsiko: Why did you join Kagame? Why did Kagame attacked Rwanda, Where is my family? Do you mean that you are the one who kill them with Kagame!?Why all those Rwandan were outside Rwanda? No place? Would you open your eyes and see what Rwandans are doing in Rwanda? …

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