Solidarity and commitment

by Shaka At-Thinnin, Black August Organizing Committee

Shaka-At-Thinnin, Solidarity and commitment, Abolition Now! The Black August Organizing Committee stands in full solidarity with those of our brothers and sisters persecuted and tormented daily within the confines of America’s concentration camps, most particularly Pelican Bay, Corcoran and all other prisons and prisoners who join in this monumental effort.

The hunger strike initiated by all of the nationalities in Pelican Bay begins on July 1 and has already gained the support and respect of organizations and individuals across this country and around the world. We must support this call for justice and humanity by appealing to everyone we know and come in contact with to use whatever resources at their disposal to spread this word through this new age of technology so that those in places cut off from this type of interest will get this word and decide to help.

People in college should present the petition and all other legal aspects of this effort to the professors and students of the political science and law classes for study and support. The prisoners cannot walk into courtrooms and present their legal papers before judges in timely and eloquent fashion no matter how great the injustice or continued persecution. Though brilliant minds behind the walls have filed lawsuits for years to correct those things overlooked by the general public, there must be a groundswell of motion and interest in what is truly going on within the solitary confines of these so-called Security Housing Units.

We know them as sensory deprivation and torture chambers that have no place in an enlightened society that prides itself on ruling the world with justice and equality. Lawyers and legal researchers are badly needed to help put an end to these archaic practices once and for all so that we can truly say that there is justice for all.

For more information, contact Black August Organizing Committee National Headquarters, 1714 Franklin St. #100-309, Oakland, CA 94612, or