Obama requests immunity for Kagame re Rwanda Genocide and Congo wars


by Ann Garrison

Susana Sanz Guardo of Basta de Impunidad en Ruanda (Stop Impunity in Rwanda) attended the Sept. 13 Paris protest against Rwandan President Paul Kagame’s visit to meet French President Nicolas Sarkozy. She wrote that an unprecedented 1,300 people from several European countries marched to the Parliament Building protesting Kagame’s human rights abuses in Rwanda and Congo, calling him “genocidaire (someone who commits or advocates genocide).”

“The biggest success has been, without doubt, that for the first time Rwandans and Congolese living in Europe, being victims of the policy of Kigali, have joined together in the same march and with one common voice,” she wrote. “For the first time the protest has been massive. This means that they have lost the fear, that we will not stop and that there is no turning back.”

On Aug. 29, Barack Obama’s State Department filed “Suggestion of Immunity Submitted by the United States of America,” a request for immunity for Rwandan President Paul Kagame in the civil lawsuit Habyarimana vs. Kagame, which alleges Kagame’s guilt in the Rwanda Genocide and Congo wars and demands damages for the widows of assassinated Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana and Burundian President Cyprien Ntaryamira.

Obama seems to be requesting more legal immunity for a foreign head of state than he himself enjoys, after the landmark Supreme Court case Clinton v. Jones, which established that a sitting president of the United States has no immunity from civil litigation against him for acts done before taking office and unrelated to the office.

Or will the Obama team argue that Kagame is immune from legal action for assassinating the Rwandan and Burundian presidents because that was part of Kagame’s path to seizing power and is therefore related to his office as president of Rwanda?

Plaintiffs’ counsel say they can prove that Kagame ordered the assassination of the Rwandan and Burundian presidents by shooting down their plane, which crashed into the presidential palace in Kigali, Rwanda, on April 6, 1994, triggering the panic and subsequent massacres that came to known as the Rwanda Genocide. The two presidents were returning from peace talks in Arusha, Tanzania, called to try to bring an end to the Rwandan civil war of 1990-1994, which began when then Gen. Paul Kagame and his Rwandan Patriotic Army invaded Rwanda from Uganda on Oct. 2, 1990.

Habyarimana v. Kagame

Habyarimana v. Kagame alleges that Gen. Paul Kagame and nine of his top military commanders and officials are guilty of “wrongful death and murder, crimes against humanity, violation of the rights of life, liberty, and security, assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, torture, and continuing conspiracy in furtherance thereof” in Rwanda and its neighbor, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Plaintiffs allege that many of these crimes, including the assassination of the Rwandan and Burundian presidents, were committed before Kagame succeeded in overthrowing the government and becoming first a government official and then president.

The suit demands a jury trial, in which evidence would become public record, and might then be included as evidence in a criminal trial.

Peter Erlinder and lawyers Kurt Kerns and John P. Zelbst filed the suit on behalf of Mesdames Habyarimana and Ntaryamira in the federal District Court of Western Oklahoma in Oklahoma City prior to Kagame’s April 30, 2011, commencement address at Oklahoma Christian University.

Kagame failed to answer the complaint within the time allowed, and the court thus declared a default judgment in favor of Mesdames Habyarimana and Ntaryamira.

This judgment could, however, quite likely be overturned if Kagame, Obama and the State Department were willing to let the case proceed on its merits to a jury trial.

Pierre Prosper, a lawyer who served as George Bush’s second United States ambassador-at-large for war crimes issues from 2001 to 2005, is representing Kagame in his claim that he was not properly served with the lawsuit and that he therefore cannot be expected to answer the lawsuit or be declared in default for failing to answer.

Kagame was not properly served?

It seems unlikely that the State Department would have intervened had they expected Pierre Prosper’s challenge of proper service, by a team of experienced lawyers and private investigators, to succeed.

But it’s difficult to argue that Kagame was not properly served and remains unfamiliar with the lawsuit, considering that his own prosecutors presented portions of it as evidence against law professor Peter Erlinder following his arrest in Kigali, Rwanda, in May 2010, after he arrived to defend opposition leader Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza.

Kagame’s prosecutors’ use of the lawsuit now as evidence against Ingabire herself make it even harder to argue. Ingabire stands in the dock in Kigali, facing a possible sentence on charges of terrorism and “genocide ideology,” i.e., refusing to deny that Hutus as well as Tutsis died in ethnic violence before, during and after the genocide.

Executive immunity after Clinton v. Jones

This is the first time that the U.S. State Department has requested immunity in a civil lawsuit for a foreign head of state in U.S. courts beyond that which U.S. presidents can claim after Clinton v. Jones, a landmark U.S. Supreme Court case establishing that a sitting president of the United States has no immunity from civil litigation against him for acts done before taking office and unrelated to the office.

The State Department has claimed immunity for Kagame’s alleged wrongful acts before he became the president of Rwanda, an immunity which Bill Clinton could not claim from Paula Jones’s lawsuit, which she filed when he was president of the United States, suing him for what he allegedly did while he was governor of Arkansas.

On Monday, the wives of the assassinated Presidents of Rwanda and Burundi filed their “Objections to the August 29 State Department Suggestion of Immunity on Behalf of Rwanda’s President Kagame” and cited the State Department statement of interest of the United States of America, No. 1:104 CV 1360 (Feb. 14, 2011) (LMB), declaring that immunity is only applicable to “official acts by a sitting government,” with which all parties agree.

Law professor Peter Erlinder

“It is astounding that the Obama-Clinton-Koh State Department would choose Paul Kagame as the first head of state on whose behalf to assert immunity for unofficial actions,” observes law professor Peter Erlinder, “wrongful acts before becoming head of state, in light of the clear legal guidance of Clinton v. Jones and the factual record of massive crimes committed by Kagame before he became titular head of state under questionable circumstances in 2000 and again in 2003 and considering negative White House comments that ‘an election is not democracy’ after opposition parties were outlawed and journalists expelled and assassinated in the rigged election in August 2010.

“The objection on behalf of the presidential widows filed today lists French and Spanish indictments; four U.N. Security Council reports from 2001-2008; a 600-page UNHCHR report of Kagame’s Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity between 1993 and 2003 issued Oct. 1, 2010; and U.N.-ICTR prosecutor reports from 1994 to 2003, all of which confirm massive crimes committed by Kagame and his Rwandan Patriotic Front that are in the public record.

“The irony of the ‘Suggestion of Immunity’ is compounded because Victoire Ingabire, the would-be presidential candidate against Mr. Kagame whom I attempted to advise in Rwanda in May 2010, which resulted in my own arrest by Kagame on charges of ‘genocide ideology,’ is now in the dock in Kigali facing trumped-up terrorism charges, as reported in the New York Times Sept. 10, 2011, during the same week that the Obama administration has asserted immunity for massive crimes for which Mr. Kagame is charged in multiple criminal indictments and U.N. reports.

“The question is, why IS protecting Mr. Kagame so important for U.S. policy-makers, anyway?”

Habyarimana vs. Kagame, the civil lawsuit, is available here.

Suggestion of Immunity [Kagame’s] submitted by the United States of America is available here.

Objections to the August 29 State Department Suggestion of Immunity on Behalf of Rwanda’s President Kagame is available here.

Ingabire on trial, Kagame in France, Obama for Kagame immunity

KPFA Weekend News report broadcast Sept. 10, 2011

Transcript of KPFA Weekend News report broadcast Sept. 10, 2011

KPFA Weekend News Host Cameron Jones: Victoire Ingabire’s trial will resume in Kigali, Rwanda, on Monday, where Ingabire is expected to testify in her own defense. Ingabire is on trial for terrorism and genocide ideology, which, in her case, means refusing to deny that Rwandan Hutus as well as Tutsis died in ethnic violence before, during and after the 1994 Rwanda Genocide.

As Ingabire prepares to testify, Rwandan President Paul Kagame is on his way to France in response to the invitation of French President Nicholas Sarkozy and President Obama has requested immunity for Kagame as a head of state in the civil case, Habyarimana v. Kagame, which alleges Kagame and his officers’ guilt in the Rwanda Genocide and Congo wars and demands damages for the widows of Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana and Burundian President Cyprien Ntaryamira. Ann Garrison has this report:

KPFA/Ann Garrison: As Victoire Ingabire prepares to testify in her own defense, Rwandan President Paul Kagame is on his way to France at the invitation of French President Nicholas Sarkozy. Sarkozy has sent French Foreign Minister Alain Juppé to Asia for the duration of Kagame’s visit.

Juppé has publicly disapproved of the invitation and said that the official Rwandan report on French involvement in the genocide is a collection of lies assembled to stop the investigation of Kagame and his senior officers and government officials’ crimes, including genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, an investigation conducted by the French court of Jean-Louis Bruguiere.

Susana Sanz Guardo is a principle organizer with Basta de Impunidad en Ruanda – in English, End Impunity in Rwanda – an international organization based in Spain. KPFA spoke to Sanz Guardo as she prepared to travel to France to join Rwandan, Congolese, Burundian and international human rights activists in protesting Sarkozy’s invitation and Kagame’s presence in France.

Susana Sanz Guardo: His visit is really surrounded by a strange atmosphere, and has awakened most human rights organizations, who have asked to be mobilized. Military diplomatic French people are also doing their work, who are all against Kagame’s visit.

KPFA: On Friday, in the United States, President Obama asked a federal court in Oklahoma City to grant Kagame immunity in the civil suit alleging his guilt in the Rwanda Genocide and Congo wars filed by William Mitchell law professor Peter Erlinder and Wichita lawyer Kurt Kerns. Rwandan American legal scholar Charles Kambanda, a professor at St. John’s University Law School in New York City, had this to say about Obama’s request:

Charles Kambanda: In this case, in my opinion, the interests of the people who have come to this court – of the United States court – are far greater than the interest the United States might have in protecting Kagame. Also the interest the United States has in protecting its image as the pioneer of fighting for the helpless people who are denied their rights by their leaders is far compelling to any interest the president of the U.S. can possibly think of in Kagame’s case.

KPFA: For Pacifica, KPFA and AfrobeatRadio, I’m Ann Garrison.

San Francisco writer Ann Garrison writes for the San Francisco Bay View, Global Research, Colored Opinions, Black Star News, the Newsline EA (East Africa) and her own blog, Ann Garrison, and produces for AfrobeatRadio on WBAI-NYC, Weekend News on KPFA and her own YouTube Channel, AnnieGetYourGang. She can be reached at ann@afrobeatradio.com.



  1. I don`t understand so far why this criminal president Paul Kagame who killed millions of people in rwanda and Congo is given immunity . He won`t escape the trial in the life to come. GOD is the supreme judge.

  2. Perhaps Kagame doesn't care about the judicial system of a country that stood by while 800000 of his countrymen were killed in a genocide lasting 100 days. A genocide which he stopped. To blame the genocide on him is ridiculous considering that there is clear evidence, given by General Dallare to the UN (who representing US and other western interests failed to act to prevent or curtail the genocide), that the interhamwe were already being trained, that machetes had already been bought and that deathlists already drawn-up. Either we, western countries, involve ourselves in a country when it matters or we have some dignity and think twice about condemning the people who do.
    That the French government have the audacity to have a moral voice on Rwanda's past is equally laughable considering Opération Turquoise and the devastating effect that had on bringing genocidaires to justice.
    Kagame is far from perfect. But he operates in a far from perfect situation. Having visited Rwanda many times, the visibly positive effect he has on the country and the level of development in issues of poverty, economy, crime, public services, women's rights etc. is beyond impressive. It will be interesting to see how the country copes when he leaves and democracy becomes a real possibility in 2017. We cannot however particularly judge a man who has unease about democracy when he inherited a country where a large proportion of the a 90% majority attempted to exterminate a 10% minority, where known genocidaires are attempting to create political parties and where a huge proportion of the population are either newly released from jail for murder or deeply traumatised.

  3. They sued him for hundreds of millions of dollars. I can't remember the exact #. And the evidence presented would have more credence if it survived a jury trial, even a civil trial, and that could conceivably be a step toward a criminal trial.

  4. Kagame and Nicolas are good friends these days just because Sarkozy had joined the list of people that are committing genocide in the world including Obama that’s why I don’t see any legal action taken against Kagame because by committing genocide he is protecting Americans and Europeans interest. Obama should stop pulling our legs with all these nonsense. To remove Kaddafi who has the vision to change Africa,they killed innocent people now they are going to Libya to share their gain. To arrest Bin Laden who did not commit any crime to the Americans, they killed innocent people. Now my question is:Who will arrest Kagame for killing Congolese people? and what is Jean Pierre Bemba doing at ICC in Haye? Obama and Sarkozy should answer these questions.

  5. I think the comments on that article and the complete lack of any supporting evidence within pretty much say it all. President Clinton himself admitted that failing to prevent the Rwandan genocide was one of the greatest mistakes of his presidency and said, in line with Dallare's recommendations, that 5000 US peacekeepers could have prevented the genocide.
    Your absolute confidence on an incredibly complex issue is slightly worrying and your attempts to class the genocide as a civil war is deeply disturbing. Whether you like it or not approximately 800000 ethnic Tutsi were murdered in Rwanda. Reluctance to class it as a genocide, lead by a recently humbled America after Vietnam, meant that 500000 Tutsi were killed in Rwanda before the UN even felt obliged to admit 'acts of genocide' were occuring and make any sort of token gesture to stop them. Indeed their main action in the Rwandan genocide was in the supporting of the refugee camps protecting and run by the genocidaires who escaped the country during the French invasion. Kagame, whatever you think about him, on the other hand is responsible for the curtailment of the genocide and attending to the needs of the surviving Rwandan people abandoned by the international community, even after the genocide in favour of mostly interhamwe refugees.

  6. Touché, I do in fact have absolute confidence that a genocide occurred in Rwanda and that Western involvement fell well short of the minimum standard we set ourselves to stop such atrocities. I am also absolutely confident that some of the everyday progress I've observed in Rwanda has occurred – the benefits as well as the problems are visible.
    However whether Kagame will continue his progress in Rwanda and be able to give up power in 2017 remains to be seen. The balance of democracy and stability is a fascinating question in a country like Rwanda post-genocide and one which we could debate for years. Kagame did not have this luxury and so that is where my 'absolute confidence' ends. I do not ultimately know Kagame's motives, I believe they are predominantly positive.
    So my apologies for not clarifying. My objection is not necessarily that you question the Rwandan government or RPF (indeed Kagame himself ordered many soldiers to be court-martialed and shot for their involvement in revenge killings) but that you do it with such a one-sided perspective and in such an emotive way. The unfounded claim that Kagame has killed 3 million children for example seems itself fantastic in a country of 8-11 million people (depending on when the claim was made). To somehow claim that Kagame is personally responsible for a genocide is equally fantastic. The list goes on…
    So I'm glad that people visiting this page will at least be able to get something of the other side of the story. Anyone who visits Rwanda will know that it is a fantastic country with a hugely complex past and hugely promising present. It also easily has the potential to lose all its progress in a repeat of 1994 if progress stagnates.
    Perhaps you were right that people are unlikely to change their opinion on an issue like this. I hope I'm not so closed-minded, everything I read on Rwanda, including this, is challenging whatever your perspective. It would however be a deep injustice if people were just to read your perspective and form an opinion assuming that things in Rwanda are somehow black and white.

  7. Kagame is a criminal and he contninues to kill the political oppenents even Obama request an immunity to him.

    A member opposition party Eric Nshimyumuremyi, who was shoot on September 15, 2011 towards 5:00 PM local time in Kigali town in the area of Gikondo by the members of Rwandan Patriotic Front RPF soldier and is currently hospitalized in Kigali university hospital with a bar (cartridge) in the body near its heart. This incident was produced on the eyes of some women who sell coals at small market, who could explain the unfolding of this act but by after, was intimidated by the Criminal Investigation department (CID) agents and the soldiers, who incited them not to talk the truth on this attempt slaughter.

    In the hospital, the survivor who is seriously wounded in the chest is guarded by the agents of CID in civil wear with the aim to prevent the wounded to talk to the visitors and to the family members about what is happen since he took again the conscience and currently is able to speak. This survivor has been shooting when he came from Kigali High Court to attend the trial of Mrs Victoire Ingabire, the chairperson of the Unified Democratic forces. This is a kind of intimidation against the members of opposition in particular and to who attends the political opponent trial in general.

    According to the police spokesperson Theos Badege, the casualty is marked by high alcohol drinking and attacking the policemen with a gun. A lie of Kigali government. The person who belongs to a Protestant church wood not of beer and is never known to any aggression to whomever. It is simply a usual kind of intimidation of Rwandese Patriotic front (RPF) government against the members of opposition

  8. They must leave Kagame alone.. Congolese rwanda is not your Country you failed your brother and ssisters buy accepting bribe from outsuders. if you stood togeher and say no to bribe congo wouldd be as it is today. our Embasies and Misnister are still victmiizing Congolese arround the world, is that Kagame? Yes I am not happy at all for everything that had happened and what is happening in both Congo and Rwanda.. I am not talking about Rwanda but Comgolese also have hands on what is happening in Congo. we Congolese are coward .. we betryed our country selfishness has cost us life.. Rwandan diaspora knows what they are doing o Co congolese dont just Copy what other are doing.. because after the march they will still gonnabe meeting the wayforwad but for you congolese that is all. I hate it when you blame Kagame for what is happening in Congo..he wouldnt gate the chance to do anything if we were united.

  9. La main d'un empereur n'a pas plus de cinq doigts ! On a Tout compris. Ce n'est pas par ce qu'on est president que sa longevite est infinie !!! Si les morts ecoutaient, …, then they will be told, one day.

  10. The only good thing that could be done is to have these world powers plus UN pay huge compansation to Rwanda people who servived Genocide.

    The next thing is to book Kagame as the next Un chief when he leaves office as Rwandan President, and then the last good thing to be done is; that France , Spain, Beligium, Germany, Britain apologize and pay compansation for African colonisation that left Africa devided and poor.
    Otherwise if the above thinfs are not done, ther are going to rise more wise people leaders like Kagame and ofcourse, will always defend Africa from foreign influence that only hinders Africa.

  11. Honestly speaking, there has never been a good leader in Africa as Kagame is. Mandela was good but the country was ok. Rwand was destroyed to the ground, Kagame washed the blood, treated the patients, fed them and protected them. After 16 years, Rwanda stand at 11percent in terms of develpment at world Bank. Who lse do you know in Africa did that? which country in the world except Germany after world war devided it into two halve was able to rebuild itself soonest?
    Kagame should be left alone and respected much.
    I wish I am done with my studies so fast and become the next Rwanda's president. Then I would show the world that people like Kagame should be crowned Heroes forever.

  12. Guys and gals, You can bark as much as you want and engage in history distortion, but your noises will never change the facts. President Kagame is not a criminal, he's is the promoter of the people's well being (ie: expending access to clean water, electricity, quality education, paved roads, public health care to all, etc) and also, needless to say, a very strong believer in the nation's security which is a pre-requisite of any development. Carnegie Mellon University is a research based institution, do you really think your simplistic and disingenuous claims against Kagame will hold water in the face of the university officials. You can mislead the United Nations officials, after all, they only work there for personal financial interests, but you cannot mislead a research based higher institution like CMU because they know President Kagame and Rwanda better than you do. A vast majority of developing nations' leaders only strive to empty the coffers of their nations for personal gains, but Kagame is different, he always advocate for the betterment of the people he leads. Case in point, instead of travelling to the States for leisure, he actually comes to America to seek educational opportunity for his people. That's the difference. Peace Out! ALUTA CONTINUA!!

  13. Hey! I can see many ignore what really happened in Rwanda… Come and ask us, who survived the 1994 genocide planned and executed by Habyarimana's government, it is better to judge what you really know and not what you heard or imagined…… Kagame is not a perfect man but He is a good Leader that we needed after the genocide, and those who conducted the rwandan genocide kept killing people in Congo, and its funny that Kagame is supposed to be responsible, yet all people who were on Congo borders know how those milicians entered in Congo with all they possessed! Why Did Congo accept this and now is trying to find a responsible for the killings in Congo? Kagame may not be perfect but he is not supposed to be responsible for other people's mistakes.

  14. Sorry Ann, but have you ever been to Congo?? I lived there for years and I can assure you that many killings there were not done by Kagame's people but by those who conducted genocide in Rwanda in 1994 then went to live peacefully in Congo. Is that Kagame's mistake? I don't think so…. Congolese should care more about their country.

  15. Sista, what would you say about other rwandans who perished under Kagame's sarcastic smile. Aren't they rwandans? Stop being partisan. The truth will always prevail whether we want it or not.

  16. you are talking nonsens Jean Pierre. Even a judge in a high court cannot write such unsupported statement. You are totally wrong and extremely extremist without intelligence.

  17. Thanks for your point of view. Even a blind person can express his views no matter how short his sight is . But the truth is, being involved in reconstruction of the country has nothing to do with criminal charges.

  18. There you are right, i prefer to wait and see about those rwandans it can be Him or not, what i want to express here is that it's better to think twice before judging him about killings in Congo. About killings in Rwanda under his regime….. He of course will have to explain..

  19. Please, why raise such sarcastic and nonsensical remarks? Leave our President. He is not responsible 4 Congo's problems. Will Kabila Joseph be asked the mess in Rwanda? Let us look for opportunities to further our development strides, otherwise, Those are the doom Sayers who want to derail dev't of this great nation.

  20. One thing i know for sure is that " if GOD is for us who will be against us" we are lucky to have GOD on our side, so no matter what Obama decides, the last decision will come from GOD, and they must remember that HE ( GOD) never repents from His words, they wiil pay for their crimes.

  21. The Americain president son of a bitch, why requesting immunity for a criminal who killed more then 8.000.000 of Congolese ? Why is that they did not request an immunity for Osama Bin laden who killed less then 5.000 peoples ? The answer is they're the one behind the Rwanda genocide and Congolese genocide. They're the one hidding behind President Kagame. One day we will kick all Americain out of the Congo, Inshaallah. The yankees son of a bitch, the Chinese are comming for you. you going down big time. what go up, must come down, remember that.

  22. To those of you who say that Kagame is so innocent:

    Why then do you think that Obama has requested immunity rather than let the trial proceed on its merits? A victory for Kagame, in a jury trial, would also be a big public relations victory for him, and for the State Department.

  23. See, Ann Garrison is nothing more than an empty propagandist. She’s as fanatical as the likes of Glen Beck, Bill O’reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh with no objectivity at all. Their only common denominator is a blind hatred towards people who don’t share their views. They only use selected material with no context in order to push their agenda forward. This reuters article is actually not capturing what happened. Yes, Kagame objected to the UN intervention in the late May/Early June because he was angry at them leaving Rwanda in April at the time when we needed the international community the most. So, when France began to realize RPA soldiers were militarily superior at the frontlines, France bagan to mobilise the other UN members behind herself for a military intervention which was a ploy to save the genodaires from humiliating defeat and thus robbing the RFA of a total military victory. That’s the context behind Kagame’s decision. Ann, know this, Rwandans are a very sophisticated people, with unshakable determination. In the past, we used to fight people like you with armies, now we’ll be fighting you pens, books, diplomacy, intellectual activism, etc. Peace out, ALUTA CONTINAU!!!

  24. Fabricated , trumped up charges against President Kagame being paraded by Peter Erlinder and other genocidaires will not deter President Kagame from persuing Rwanda's national interests in the US where he goes regularl to woe investors. The perpetrators of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi and their world wide allies (haters of Tutsi) have ganged up against President Kagame, a man renowned for his hillarious actions to stop the Tutsi genocide in 1994. Erlinder should first come to Rwanda for trial over charges of denying the 1994 genocide against Tutsi instead of opening up bogus cases in the USA against President Kagame.

  25. Well, Ann, not that I think Kagame is innocent (I don't), but if you read the brief, they're requesting immunity based on the general rule of thumb (whether wrong or not) that heads of state are immune from prosecution until they are out of office. Nothing in the brief mentions specific crimes of his.

  26. I think you'll find, David, that the discourse on these issues is far from nuanced. People are perfectly willing to languish in the cognitive dissonance of, on the one hand, believing that three million children alone have been killed (which, as you point out, is demographically impossible — although many hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women, and children have been killed) AND that, on the other, 800,000 Tutsi did NOT die in the spring and summer of 1994 at the hands of a government that more than once explicitly expressed its desire to do just that.

    * The Mapping Report (here: http://www.ohchr.org/Documents/Countries/ZR/DRC_M… NOT say that three million children have died. It says a total of 3.8 million people are believed to have died between the beginning of the Second Congo War and 2003. Nowhere does it give a figure for deaths of children, and any person saying so has either not read the report or is willfully lying.

  27. when it comes to what happen to Congo (Zaire) Congolese need to blame their self. They have no morale and are easily corrupted. they sold their own country and even have a foreigner as President. I am glad that I changed my nationality.

  28. SISSY, you're wrong. K.P himself said: DURING Congo Conflicts, we killed what to be killed and we brought home what to be brought home. Amazingly all congressman and women applauded him. Do want his Youtube? Wait a mn. Remember when you support someone like him, you're taking your share against humanity.

    God is watching. Thank ANN

  29. Plz this is realistically nonsense. Congolese forfeited their country and are starting to look for a scape goat. Plz give us a break. Rwandans and HE Paul Kagame will go a head no matter what.

  30. congolese had nothing to do with rwandan genocide but rwanda played a part in mass killing of congolese people to please their master.. Kagame is just a humble servant of the beast and i dnt blame him coz that's the job he signed up for.. like dog in the animal kingdom help man to catch other animal then they'll give him the bones..so my rwandan brothers how long will you still deny that our leaders dont serve our interest but of evil worshipers congolese now hates rwandan ask yourself why..am from kinshasa for long time we know that Kagame is a small fish and am aiming for the big one the beast..power come from the almighty Jah nzambi ya pungu nzambe na nguya not from military technology watch out for thunders storms tornado plagues and now fire should descend from the sun and burn all the military satelites that spread fears and opression to my people all over the world.. be blessed my people.

  31. Kagame death squad has reached many corners of the world society, hurting many nationalities, many Christian confessions, many moral leaders as a proof he is a true satanist. The list of his victims here down provided, is a drop in the vast ocean. Supporting Kagame in his crimes is to be an adept of Lucifer.
    His reputation is being a real criminal against humanity, not a fake one. Victims are manly Rwandese, burundian, Congolese, Ugandans,French, Spanish, Canadians, Tchecoslovacs, ….
    Just have a quick look of that man. A Satanic Hero of all times.
    1. Rwanda political leadership.
    Juvenal Habyarimana, Deogratias Nsabimana, Elie Sagatwa, Thaddee Bagaragaza, Emmanuel Akingeneye.
    2.Burundi Political figures:
    Cyprien Ntaryamira,Simbizi, Bernard Ciza, Cyriaque
    3. French Pilots:
    Jacky Heraud, Jean-Pierre Minaberry, and Jean-Michel Perrine.

    a. Archibishop and Bishops
    1-Mgr. Vincent Nsengiyumva, Archeveque de Kigali
    2-Mgr. Thaddee Nsengiyumva, Eveque de Kabgayi
    3-Mgr.Joseph Ruzindana, Eveque de Byumba
    4-Mgr. Phocas Nikwigize, Eveque de Ruhengeri ( assassinated on 30-11-1996)
    5- Mgr Mwizihirwa, Archeveque de Bukavu, avant 1996
    6- Mgr Kataliko, Archaveque de Bukavu apres 1997
    b. Vicaires:
    1-Mgr. Innocent Gasabwoya, Ancien Vicaire general de Kabgayi (Tutsi)
    2-Mgr. Felix Kabayiza, Ancien Vicaire de l'Archidiocese de Kigali
    3-Mgr. Louis Gasore ,Ancien Vicaire general de Nyundo (Tutsi)
    1-Abbe Joseph Harelimana
    2-Abbe Ananie Rugasira
    3-Abbe Canisius Ndekezi
    4-Abbe Alexandre Ngeze

    1-Abbe Firmin Butera
    2-Abbe Justin Furaha
    3-Abbe Isaie Habakurama
    4-Abbe Fidele Hakizimana
    5-Abbe Etienne Kabera
    6-Abbe Alexis Kayumba
    7-Abbe Francois Munyangabe
    8-Abbe Christophe Munyampanzi
    9-Abbe Felicien Muvara
    10-Abbe Charles Ncogoza
    11-Abbe Mathieu Ngirumpatse
    12-Abbe Francois Ngomirakiza
    13-Abbe Callixte Nkeshumpatse
    14-Abbe Augustin Nkurikiyumukiza
    15-Abbe Second Ntibaziga
    16-Abbe Innocent Nyangezi
    17-Abbe Tharcisse Rubingiza
    18-Abbe Jean Bosco Yirirwahandi
    19-Abbe Pascal Yirirwahandi
    20-Abbe Boniface Musoni
    21-Abbe Jean Ntiyamira
    22-Abbe Vital Rutayire
    23-Abbe Jean Semuliro

    1-Abbe Thaddee Cyiza
    2-Abbe Alexis Havugimana
    3-Abbe Joseph Hitimana
    4-Abbe Augustin Mashyenderi
    5-Abbe Gaspard Mudashimwa(sogokuru )
    6-Abbe Ladislas Muhayemungu
    7-Abbe P.Celestin Muhayimana
    8-Abbe Fidele Mulinda
    9-Abbe Faustin Mulindwa
    10-Abbe Denys Mundayarwo
    11-Abbe Mathias Nabuzehose
    12-Abbe Christian Nkiriyehe
    13-Abbe Athanase Nkundabanyanga

    1-Abbe Joseph Boneza
    2-Abbe Ignace Mubashankwaya

    1-Abbe Straton Gakwaya
    2-Abbe Boniface Kanyoni
    3-Abbe Canisius Mulinzi
    4-Abbe Aloys Musoni
    5-Abbe Pierre Ngoga
    6-Abbe J.M.Vianney Niyirema
    7-Abbe Joseph Niyomugabo
    8-Abbe Irene Nyamwasa
    9-Abbe Alfred Nzabakurana
    10-Abbe J.M.Vianney Rwanyabuto
    11-Abbe J.M.Vianney Sebera
    12-Abbe Callixte Uwitonze

    1-Abbe Fidele Gahonzire
    2-Abbe Tharcisse Gakuba
    3-Alfred Kayibanda
    4-Abbe Alphonse Mbuguje
    5-Abbe F.Xavier Muligo
    6-Abbe Callixte Musonera
    7-Abbe Sylvestre Ndabiretse
    8-Abbe Jeremie Nduwabike
    9-Abbe P.Celestin Niwenshuti
    10-Abbe Pie Ntahobari
    11-Abbe Bernard Ntamugabumwe
    12-Abbe J.M.Vianney Rusingizandekwe (ex-Pere spirituel de Gregoire Kayibanda)
    13-Abbe Jean Baptiste Ruzigana
    14-Abbe Francois Twagirimana
    15-Abbe Uwimana Emmanuel
    16-Mgr.J.M.Vianney Rwabirinda
    17-Abbe Miche Gigi

    1-Abbe Boniface Kagabo (tutsi)
    2-Abbe Jerome Sembagare

    2-PERE GUY PINARD (Canadien)
    3-PERE CLAUDE SIMARD (Canadien)
    4-PERE JOAQUIM VALLMAJO (nationalite espagnole)

    1-PERE VJEKO CURIC (Tcheque)

  36. I wonder why being a tutsi involved in revenge killings, Kagame choose tutsi among his victims as it is clearly seen in that endless list of Catholic Clergy killed by Kagame and his men. Why he has killed many tutsi among hutu and is quick to kill Kayumba and Rudasingwa?
    I need an urgent answer from guys who defend Kagame in his endless killings

  37. Dear Sista, why telling lies in pretending that Habyarimana planned the genocide of tutsi. How someone can plan his death to implement a genocide.
    You are such kind of people who pretend that Augustin Cyiza has fled to DRC to join FDRL at the time you know that he has joined other Kagame victims in the mass graves.
    Habyarimana is among other victims (hutu and tutsi) planned by your mighty god Kagame.The simple reason is that Kagame wanted his place as President and now he is enjoying it in roaming around the world and passing nights in 5 stars hotels. French say : A qui profite le crime? Surely you are among those who profit the blood of Kagame victims.
    May God forgive our trespasses and open a door for the truth and reconciliation.

  38. Kagame is a silent killer, a murderer, a genocidaire and soon or later he will answer of all what he did. Kagame conciously knows he has blood of millions of Rwandese and Congolese in his arms and making few roads in rwanda makes him think he will nolonger be questionned for the massacre committed. Just listen to him the way he answers when asked about the 1994 genocide. He becomes always unstable,he becomes nervous, he doesn’t respond but deviate the question,he doesn’t allow the journalist to continue/complete the question. In reality when you talk about the genocide committed in Rwanda, Kagame sees 1,000.000.000 dead bodies in front of him and that makes him almost mad. He will always run mad because he has uncleaned hands. He’s cause a lot of attrocities in Rwanda and Congo and believe, soon or later he will answer of his criminal acts. He is such an ugly killer without mercy for human beings. Remember in 2004 how arrogant he was speaking when asked by a French journalist about the shouting down of the plan that was transporting Habyarimana and the Burindian president? oh- i don’t care and i don’t want to know who killed Habyarimana, after all Habyarimana is not what matters to Rwandan people,.. bullshit! Kagame is a criminal and he should be tried.

  39. You are so stupid to trust reseachers because they too can write what is in their interests.indeed they can distort reality if they want to.if you need to know kagame and what he did do your own reseach please.

  40. when time comes,if you will be still alive,you will know who really planned genocide.if habyalimana planned it,kagame also provoked it.he knew well that millions of people will die.so he is no hero.

  41. President Obama has no shame.if he is requesting immunity for kagame,then Hitler needs to be pardonned for the death of six millions of jews he killed.again,if Obama talks of immunity for Kagame it sounds to me that the USA ordered him to commit crime against hummanity.President Obama is not in charge of USA.he is woking for someone else,he is used.I cant blame him for his request bcause he is acting like a black man.he forget that tjhe decision he takes today will come to hunt his children in the future.if i was him,iwill resign if asked to immunise Someone who killed millions of people.the day USA will fall,china will prosecute them for what they are doing to Africans and arabs.

  42. message to president Obama: the Rwandans(hutus and tustis) are ready to safeguard the interests of USA.you have the power to remove kagame from Rwanda,and send him where Charles Tylor is.he always threatens to spill the beans if you arrest him,but you know you can shut his mouthUP the very same ways you did to hutus who are incarcerated bcause of genocide.MR president,the hutus population in 1994,was close to 6 millions.on avarage,every hutus who is still living lost one or two family members killed by kagame.i know that you have the figure of hutus who were killed bcause there is nothing that happens on this planet that you dont know.why dont you prosecute tutsi killers as you diD TO HUTUS KILLERS

  43. Mr president. kagame started committing crimes against hummanity long before he became president. what about Omar Bashir of sudan,.isn'he still president?why did you authorise a warrant of arrest against him? why dont you simply say that he needs to be protected for fear of exposing the role you played in killing the Rwandans and congolese population. MR president.most of terrists,are arabs.that is why you killed Bin Laden,and many of his followers.to this date,the worl does not know any hutu terrorist.why are we being decimated to the detriment of a handful minority of tustis.if tyou care about tustis why did you pull out UN troops from Rwanda during the aftermath of the genocide.

  44. MR president can you please choose an other person to replace kagame? Rwandans are poor and powerless,.unlike arabs,but hwen the volcano will errupt you wont be able to save kagame.we even do not need the congolese minerals to develop Rwanda.finland has no diamond or Gold!.however we are ready to obey,instead of being exterminated.we no longer care about France.they arwe not our friends anymore.we will do whatever poossible to protect your interests.if France needs us ,it will pass by you as it is in Libia.

  45. David,you sound like a non Rwandan,can you do a research and find out how many hutus kagame had killed before the genocide,how many he killed soon after he shot down habyalimana 'plane,before the first tutsi victim of genocide was killed.David,either your are politically blind or ignorant,because most of projects that kagame boast to have accomplished had been planned by Hasbyalimana' govenmnent.if you think Kagame killed hutus in retaliation,then why he jumped the border and decimated millions of congoleses.he is perfect bcause he never killed your mother or your chilrden.you d'better shut up your stinking mouth instead of talking nonsenses.if all hutus were murderers,no single tutsi would have survived.remember that of those 800000bones kept in Rwandan genocide museum,half of them are hutus.if hitler had worn the war,Sir Churchil,Dogore,and other allies would have been condemned for the death of all europeans(20000000) who were killed during 2nd Wwar,and the jews who were killed would have been forgotten,hutus victims of Kagame.

  46. the answer to your question lies in the division between two tutsis tribes:the Bega to whom Kagame belongs,and the Banyiginya.their hate started in the 1940'DO you remember the Rucunshu War?so any munyiginya tutsi who will blow his nose against kagame needs to be killed,like hutus.even a logic mwega who is not happy with kagame'reckless behaviour,will be killed.in his quest for power he new well that tutsis will be killed but he didnt care.the other thing is how do expect an uneducated president to rule,millions of intellectuals,without killing and intimidating them.he knows he does not deserve to be where he is.

  47. MR Ngabo.you are not different from habyalimana supporters who always teased anybody who criticised his dictatorship.Peter Erlinder is one of thounds of forein lawmakers and journalists who were once kagames confidents.they know him better than you.you know that fanatics are like a tick that clings on a dead cow!!!!!.i advise you to be neutral so that when Kagame is ousted you or your children will live in Rwanda peacefully.if Kayumba comes back he will kick your ugly ass!!

  48. OBAMA is fully aware of Kagames crimes.he have the best informers on this planet.he knows wat he is doing.the problem is that Americans did not know that Kagame will commit a second genocide,because he outsmarted them.they were told that the Rwandan war will make 80000 victims only.When millions were killed by the guns they gave him they got shocked.wen they complained he reminded them that they tought him how to kill.that immunity is designed to cover themselves.Can they cover Al Bashir too,and release J.P Bhemba?

  49. Kagame will always be our greatest leader no matter what you haters says, where were you when our people were being killed, Congolese, yu failed to protect your own country and you want to blame Kagame for your own ignorence? if your not carefull enough FDLR will take your country and even kill all of you, watch out

  50. well, congolese people should look at this first of all by looking at their history. going back in sixties, patrice lumumba was killed, coming to mobutu’s regime nothing was probably done and after that the son indirectly overthrown his father in a silent coup.a country whose infrastructure are in a demolished shape should not look at RWANDA’s president as the masterminder of all this. before actually accusing the president of a country that has one of the fastest growimg economies in africa, let’s loot at what happened in regions that were occupied by RPF and those ones by french soldiers.the former prefecture of byumba has the least number of people who perished in genocide whereas gikongoro, butare have the biggest. in short president kagame and RPF IN GENERAL have done what mattered most when french soldiers were shielding killers. they(RPF) ressurected the country. i am just proud of all the progress in RWANDA because hadn’t RPF intervened i would have also lost my life and family. go ahead KAGAME PAUL…

  51. Poor analysis Brother!
    Kagame really desrves being the President of the whole Africa.
    He's visionary, uncorrupt, serious, and a true leader.

  52. Your great bandit, the most killer of the World history, KAGAME, has already started loosing mind, because of the sins he has committed since 1980's in UGANDA, SUDAN, MOZAMBIQUE, BURUNDI and RWANDA. Listen to him when he gives his disgusting speeches to those servile ministers, senators, etc..in Rwanda, Kagame is in delirium and his days approach the end.
    If you like him, pray for him so that he might ask for forgiveness for his sins.

  53. The mentioned were master minder of Genocide of whom killed many of the Rwandan society . Alas!!!! then what do these People want again. Never again and NEVER shall it happen again. Paul KAGAME is considered as Moses quiting the isralites from the hands of Egyptians and slavery to the promised land ” Rwanda” Kigali “” call it CANAN”” Our tears are over but we can’t forget.

    VIVA KAGAME ” Fear not for the ALMIGHTY HAND IS WITH YOU AND HAS RISEN YOUR HANDS UP TO RULE AND REIGN OVER THE AMELEKS”” whom should you fear if God is on your side!!! alas!!! fear not i say again

  54. Hey these are all true lies…how did Kagame killed Gregoire Kayibanda…when it's very known that he was killed by Habyarimana Juvenal…so this shows ur just exaggerating..Even the world knows that Kagame fought for the rights of his own people and ur just defending criminals who are continuing hiding over seas…

  55. Johnny you are very stupid…instead of gaining knowledge in school, you are gaining stupidity. You have just proven to me that you guys are just killers…it's your nature. What other people and nation think it's wrong, for you guys it's fine. Kagame should be crowned hero for his killing…before and after the world war two, there will be no other killer like him…so stop dreaming…him and satan are brothers…doing wrong is your nature.

  56. yes i agree RPF rebels killed during the war, it was a war. just as US,French and British (NATO) army kills thousands during a war. but you can not just jump there and say that Rwandan president committed genocide. but why, i always wonder why these people always want to contradict the facts. the west most especialy France should also be asked why such a genocide can happen while there army was there. and then they leave the country with the fellow whites leaving the blacks even those who were not Rwandans to die. why they trained the interahamwe. why they are still keeping genocide criminals, why they hid the black box of habyarimana’s plane which crashed at the airport which was garded by the French army. ok lets pretend to agree that they didn’t shoot the plane, but they ware awere that the president was to land yet by that time it was insecure(supposed to gard the president).then there comes one man who ends genocide and those fools are accuse him to commit genocte.(those rioting are mostly genociders and other blind followers who just follow those western fools who say what they want)

  57. Chaque chose à une fin,Kagame n'est pas inamovible comme il le croit! Les américains finiront par l'abandonner. Il n'est pas plus puissant que Mobutu l'était,ni plus aimé par les américains que ne l'était Mobutu,mais ils ont fini par le lâcher. Kagame a commis plus de bévues et atrocités que plusieurs présidents africains mis ensemble. Qu'ils n'oublient pas que les crimes rattrapent toujours ses auteurs! Il va payer bientôt,lui et ses acolytes.

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