Palestinian survivor of 66-day hunger strike pledges solidarity with striking American prisoners

Sheikh Khader Adnan is a former Palestinian political prisoner and hunger striker whose protest about being detained without charge attracted worldwide attention. He refused food for 66 days and was freed earlier this year. In solidarity with American striking prisoners, he sends this message:

by Sheikh Khader Adnan

Khader Adnan hunger strike in Israeli prison by LatuffThe policy of isolation is a cheap weapon in the hands of those who hold power. The policy of isolation is used against American citizens who are victims of the political, economic and social order and system that thrives on greed, discrimination and the deprived, including the African-Americans and Palestinian resistors such as Sameeh Hamoudeh and Sami Al-Aryan.

The policy of isolation exposes the ugly face of these false democracies that are guilty of occupation, tyranny and social repression.

Palestinian children rally for Khader Adnan on 64th day of hunger strike 021912Hunger strikes are a courageous step and a real tool for all those who are deprived of their rights to lift the existing oppression, and I hope that these prisoners will gain their rights and their demands. Today, the hunger strikes of the Palestinian prisoners inspire those who are detained to engage in hunger strikes to guarantee that they are treated humanely and with respect and dignity.

I am a former administrative detainee in the Israeli Occupations’ prisons who has been subjected to the unjust isolation policy. I fought in a hunger strike for 66 consecutive days against the policy of administrative detention, my detention without charge or trial.

I announce my full solidarity with my oppressed brothers in the American prisons and I ask that the American people and government end the policy of isolation of the detainees and prisoners and comply with human rights law that forbids continuous isolation because of its destructive effects on the mental and physical health of detainees.

Khader Adnan reunited with his children 0212

The Bay View thanks Freedom Archives for forwarding this statement from Addameer.