I am an angry Black man


by Joseph Debro

I am an 84-year-old angry Black man. I am Mississippi born, Mississippi bred and Mississippi fled. I am the son of former slaves. My parents and I rode in the back of the bus. We rode in the front of the trains. We drank from water fountains designated for coloreds only. We picked cotton in fields owned by White people.

Joe Debro 'Bay Area Projects on Hold Over Racism Charges' 021210 by CBS5My parents attended separate but equal schools in Mississippi. I attended separate but equal schools in Mississippi and in Oakland, California. My wife was educated in Oakland public schools and at the University of California at Berkeley. She could not get a job teaching in Oakland Public schools in Oakland in 1954. I hold an undergraduate and a graduate degree from the University of California at Berkeley. I was profiled at a Washington, D.C., hotel in 2010, forced to sleep in a homeless shelter overnight.

I saw nothing in the Zimmerman case that surprised me. The system worked as it was intended. Zimmerman, a White man, was tried by a White justice system for killing a Black boy. The outcome was predictable. Many White people saw this as a non-racial event.

The O.J. Simpson jury found for the defense. The jury found reasonable doubt. The George Zimmerman jury found for the defense. The six White women on the jury found reasonable doubt. Zimmerman admitted that he killed Trayvon Martin. Simpson denied that he killed anyone. The press excoriated the Simpson jury. The Zimmerman jury was praised.

In both cases, the state presented weak cases. There are lessons to be learned from both cases. Laws are made to control the actions of people who can’t afford to break them. Both Simpson and Zimmerman bought as much justice as they needed. Their jurors were presented with reasonable doubt.

In the Zimmerman case, there are some facts that concerned citizens should understand. George Zimmerman is White. The juror of unknown ethnicity is White. The police who refused to arrest Zimmerman and who testified for him were White. The judge, and the prosecution were White. Every critical function carried on in that justice system was performed by a White person. Such is the case in almost every trial or plea bargaining case involving a Black man in this country.

George has been described as Hispanic. That does not mean that he is not White. The term Hispanic is a political designation that describes national origin, not race. Hispanic is a protected designation under our civil rights laws, but the term is not racial. I would guess that George Zimmerman, on his driver’s license under race, is designated White.

The most important fact to know is that the prosecution worked as hard for George Zimmerman as they did for the state of Florida. The prosecution did not challenge the lack of Afro Americans on the jury. The prosecution did not present its own theory of the case; it reacted to Zimmerman’s story of the case.

The prosecution’s case should have been presented on the theory that the wounds displayed by Zimmerman were self-inflicted. Zimmerman inflicted those wounds on himself. Zimmerman knew enough about the law to know he needed such wounds. Such a prosecution theory would have forced the defense to defend against this theory, and it might have caused Zimmerman to testify.

Instead, the prosecution introduced a tape made by the Zimmerman defense. The prosecution should have fought to keep that tape out of the trial. In a just world this prosecutor would be disbarred for malpractice.

The second worst flaw in the prosecution’s case was their failure to challenge Zimmerman’s voice recognition by his friends and relatives. The prosecution needed to recode several voices saying what Zimmerman was alleged to have yelled on the 911 tapes, replay them and ask each of the witnesses to identify the Zimmerman voice.

The third flaw by the prosecution was to bring in a skinny dummy. They should have brought in a live person of the same height and weight as Zimmerman and required that person to pull his gun with Trayvon on top of him. The prosecution should have punctured a heart with Trayvon on top to test blood spatter. If Zimmerman had a broken nose, who repaired it?

Finally, if Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman when he was shot in the heart, why was there no blood of Martin’s on Zimmerman’s clothes? Why was this question not asked at trial?

The justice system worked as it is designed to do. The system exonerated a White man who admitted killing a Black boy. The Justice Department will not bring an action in this case. Just because the man who heads it is Black does not mean he runs it. DOJ is a system that runs the same no matter who is at the top.

Racism is structured into most of the important systems in this country.

  1. Communications – 99% of the TV, radio and print media properties are owned by White people.
  2. Construction – 99% of the construction in this country is done by White people.
  3. Education – 99% of all educational resources are allocated by White people.
  4. Transportation – 99% of all transportation is controlled by White people.
  5. Justice – this system is 99.9% controlled by White people.
  6. Financial – this system is 99.9 % controlled by white people.

When Congresswomen Maxine Waters asked that 0.000001 percent of the $700 billion bailout money go to banks owned or controlled by descendants of former slaves, they tried to put her in jail.

If we think that we get fair treatment in any of these systems, we must re-examine our definition of fairness.

As an angry old Black man I have seen the diminution of racism in my lifetime. We are not there yet. It is unlikely that we will get there in the lifetime of my grandchildren.

Joseph Debro is president of Bay Area Black Builders and of Transbay Builders, a general engineering contractor, former director of the California state Office of Small Business, co-founder of the National Association of Minority Contractors and a bio-chemical engineer. He can be reached at transbay@netzero.com.



  1. Until some predominantly black nation somewhere on planet earth (or otherwise) acquires a strong military presence or develops one of the top 5-economies in the world, black people will be treated with disdain and scorn. All that compensatory posturing by black athletes, entertainers, and celebrities, etc., by ostentatious purchases has nothing to do with power and respect. Respect is *** earned *** by kicking ass. Black people have gotten their ass kicked, and continue to get their ass kicked, and all they do is piss and moan without any coherent plan–long term or short term–for fighting fire with fire. Develop a plan for *** racial superiority ***.–superior performance academically and athletically. Lets try that and see what happens. I am black by the way and I am nobody's victim. If black fathers developed a reputation for killing those who kill their sons, the Zimmerman issue would be moot.

    • Go Ca,

      I agree to a point. The racial superiority thing,……. eh, I'm not sure. I believe in racial pride, and self determination. Forgive me if I misinterpret you, but I'm thinking that's what you're saying. It would behoove us as Black People to be who we are. By that I mean investing as much as possible our talents in building up, the community first. We have in our midst. Talented people who happen to be Investment Bankers, Physicians, Architects, Engineers, Politicians, etc,…… We have to spend more time building up, and producing. Rather than focusing on tearing down, or getting caught up, wasting time, with over abundant push back, against every slight, every agitation. We must fix other needs first.

      That way we'd take care of those same repressive actions, by building a hedge of protection before it ever get's to the community. Don't get me wrong, "GO CA". I completely understand what your saying about, gaining sufficient self protection. However, I'm eminently focused on taking care of grassroots concerns, as it relates to the Black Community, again,…… first. I'm saying we have to step back and do what we can, to allow our rambunctious teenagers,… specially the guys. Hopefully to wait on, responsible, respected individuals, of the Community, to be involved before they take things into their own hands.

      We have to inform our children before, issues ever arises. "Go Ca", we must come to the realization that all this is happening on our watch. We have the tools. We need to do what we need to do. Antagonistic talk, provoking confrontation, get's in the way of taking care of our responsibilities to the Community. We need time to build. Not fighting and arguing all the time. Too much work needs to be done in other area's. Than to be fussing and fighting over stuff we can easily fix.

      I'm a firm believer in Diplomacy first. I'm not against self determination and self defense. I do feel it's our duty to do as Bruce Lee advocates,….. "fight without fighting",…… Diplomacy is a form of fighting. Fighting against useless waste. Fighting against suggested implications. You know aren't true. Only meant to stir up chaos and havoc, to take you out of your game.

      We are at a point in our Black society. Where we've become better at getting what we want without relying on anyone's opinion's. All I'm saying is let's do a better job at conceptualizing. What's behind the tactics used against us, and being more aware of those, who we are more likely to form mutually beneficial alliances. In the end Mr. Go Ca,…. We have more than what it takes to do all we need, or dream. I appreciate your time.

  2. How about a reputation for studying hard? Here's a 2011 article about how they need to send out cops in Korea to stop kids from studying: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,…. That's why Korea, a nation that has been brutalized by the Chinese and Japanese for centuries, and is divided by civil war, manages to be an economic powerhouse. That's kicking ass.

  3. How about a reputation for studying hard? Here's a 2011 article about how they need to send out cops in Korea to stop kids from studying: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,…. That's why Korea, a nation that has been brutalized by the Chinese and Japanese for centuries, and is divided by civil war, manages to be an economic powerhouse. That's kicking ass.

    • More Black Demograhics to prove the point,……. that could be considered, also Kicking Ass:


      Stats, that are absent from public view most times. All positive to the achieving of goals towards Black self sustainability. This despite the fact that popular opinion has it, that in Black Society, as a whole, isn't capable of building and producing. Joining the Global Community as being productive members at large. Goes without saying, there is a fair amount of Academia, being involved in these pursuits, as well. What I like to think. "When you look for positive efforts,……you'll find them."

      • Americans in general are the dumbest people on the planet considering their wealth, it is done for a purpose, dumb people cannot be critical thinkers and are therefore easier to control. Whites love to talk about the lack of supposed intelligence in blacks without ever acknowledging all the things they have done historically and presently to impede their progress. Go look up Black Wall Street(Tulsa Ok) or Rosewood or look at the way the govt is divesting in public schools, look at the redlining and the gentrification. The system has always been set in their favor and against us, but still we manage to prevail against tremendous evil like the flooding of our neighborhoods with drugs and guns, racial profiling, economic oppression, housing discrimination, predatory lending, extra judicial murders by killer cops, vigilantes like killerman zimmerman, the list goes on. They lie about everything, historical distortions to make up something for them to believe in and control others to benefit themselves. We should stop feeling the need to justify or explain anything to them, let karma deal with them, Let us deal with ourselves by first freeing our mind from their racist illusions and remember who we really are and act accordingly for our very survival. "Envy Not Thy Oppressor And Take None Of Their Ways"…

  4. Trolling whites you need to stop relying on the Lies My Teacher Told Me and actually learn the true history of this country. You have that white people=good, black people=bad syndrome. Please develop some critical thinking skills and do better research. First of all nobody is a greater purveyor of crime than the white race, whites have murdered whole groups of People into extinction so they could steal their land and resources. Have you ever read the logs of Christopher Columbus? He and his murderous crew describe how they beat, raped and murdered the Native People they came into contact with. They dropped the bomb in Hiroshima and burned children alive when the war had already been won without doing that. In Australia they instituted a program to breed the Aboriginals with whites to destroy, they took their children and kept them as sex slaves and servants. As far as Africans are concerned there is not enough space to list the crimes of the white race against us from here to Africa. Whites never want to talk about all the evil that they do, they just always want to blame the victims of their wickedness for the results of that evil. Why is there so much crime in the urban areas? Could it be all the drugs and guns that whites dump into those areas? Go look up the San Jose Mercury News series "The Dark Alliance" which shows how the contras were funded by the CIA with money from CRACK they put in the ghettoes of AMERIKKKA! Why are there so many liquor stores in Black communities and few fresh grocery stores? Who owns the planes that brings the drugs and guns which always end up in the inner city? Housing discrimination is historic and has created areas of poverty where there are no jobs, decent places to buy food or good schools, none of that is by accident. Whites created the environments of depravation of which many People of Color suffer, many manage to overcome in spite of. If whites experienced the racial, social and economic oppression that Black do, you would have the same results, so don't come on our cites with your white privilege and ignorance, so research the true behavior of your own people and try to change their ways, we will deal with our own. Go talk to your people about their serial killing, domestic terrorism, kidnapping of women and children to make them into sex slaves, pedophilia, drug use(studies show you use and sell more drugs in the suburbs than we do in the inner city), racial profiling and just the general mayhem you keep up in general, if you did that, you wouldn't have time to troll on our websites with your white jesus complex!!!

    • Much respect to you Robbo24 but some of us are not proud to call ourselves AMERIKKKAN, I for one am an AFRICAN born in the AMERIKKKAS!!! This is Native Peoples Land that was STOLEN!!! I will not join the thieves and murders by claiming ownership of a stolen land!!!

      • Yes sir! I'm with ya,…… Just that my folks instilled in me that our family has attributed some good things to this country. Apart from all the wrong that went wrong, and is going wrong. Specifically serving in the Armed Forces to help this country gain the freedoms we enjoy today. That's all. We deserve recognition for doing our part. Not throwing anything away that we've done for America(the right way) as Americans.

  5. It is interesting that people who can think and who can read, ignored the fact that I Joseph Debro claimed to be a decendent of former slaves. I did not claim to be the son of a former slave. I am an American. I would like to help this country be all that it can be. I do not hate racist. I hate recism. I have lived to see much improvement in race relations in this country. There is much room for improvement. We can do better. I hope we will. The OJ trial and the Zimmerman trial are, but two examples of the unfairness that can be bought in our justice systyem.

    • Mr. Joe, you sound a lot like my Grandmother who always taught us to get along and do our part. She never had a harsh word towards anybody, and she lived a hard life, during segregation and she protected her children with all she had. I suspect that's why you posted this article, and I thank you sir. I was raised, right at the beginning of integration, and I know what went on to get us to this point. Listening to my Grandmother tell me about how things worked out for us, has helped me at my stage in life to finally understand what she was telling me. I didn't at first, but when I had kids it started to make sense. Let me say to you sir. I appreciate all that you are saying and it reinforces all that I was told growing up. I thank you and your words are a big help for us. It's like a grenade,…… you throw it out there, it take a while before it works. Thanks,……. again Mr. Joe for all your thoughtful words. Take care.

  6. wow…reading all these comments makes me sad to be from the Bay…but it seems to be a sign of the times. White ppl are TIRED of hearing abt their racism…tired of hearing abt slavery…inundated with white guilt, and are now taking it out of the very ppl they have oppressed. i GUARAN-EFFING-TEE YOU that if YOUR family was raped, beaten and ravaged for several hundred years, you would be MORE screwed up than the Black ppl you excoriate. How funny so many of you call this man a liar when there are PLENTY of stories he could have demonstrated rather than lie. Have you ever thought about how it feels to NOT know what country your ancestors are really from? To know your last name is really the name of the man who BOUGHT and RAPED your great great great grandmother? What language did my people speak? I will never know.
    You say go back to Africa…if YOUR ANCESTORS had not raped the continent as you have raped our ancestors, we would have a continent to go back to. A CONTINENT…europeans didnt just 'mine' one country, they stole the best and brightest of a whole freakin continent. That takes a level of evilness the world is still trying to digest. Black ppl were doing just fine without white intervention..we had universities, society city states, arts, trades…if you remember, your ancestors stole us BCZ of our physical AND MENTAL prowess. (FYI many slaves were stolen specifically for skills in growing crops like rice for the VA/NC/SC areas, yams for Gullah/Geechee area, and sugar for the Caribbean/Haiti–but we all know how the situation in Haiti turned out…those slaves were also well versed in warfare, routinely beat their French oppressors in battle and kicked them out of the country…and were promptly fined millions of dollars for doing so, debt that crippled the country until it was 'forgiven' after the earthquake—um too late!) Other ethnicities are not being told to get over their holocausts, yet EVERYONE wants Black people to just forget about slavery. WE CANT! You talk demeaningly about our single mother birth rate…when it was forced upon us by the same slavery you tell us to get over…when you forcibly raped us in front of our husbands to show them they could not protect their women…when you created the welfare state (yes, white politicians) and would not give financial aid if there was a man in the house, so our men had to hide when the welfare lady came…purposely hiring Black women and denigrating Black men so they could NOT get jobs to support the family…how does your common sense not tell you this is all related to the ravages of hundreds of years of purposeful oppression? Can you really not admit this society is still discriminatory? You can admit to your ancestors failings w/out guilt! You want to know when this country will get over racism? slavery? affirmative action? Try the 12 steps. You can't fix a problem until you admit it exists.

  7. I hope this email brings a deeper meaning to your cause in which I fully support. I am currently working on a book called, Crimes of Faith. In short, their crimes are on a mass scale and globally and responsible for millions of murders and the list goes on.

    The situation at this moment brings perfect opportunity to challenge, judge and bring awareness. The crimes of criminal cannot compare to the righteous!

    I am sure you will cry and become quite angry as you view this short book I have put together. Most of it is pictures. I kept it brief and to the point. Also, towards the middle of Project Blue, their is a section about the criminals and prisoners. Criminals…are the victims. The mentally ill are the results of a system that is evil.

    I am currently working with 3rd world countries and others in regards to global restoration. We have spoke about asking prisoners to bring awareness to the world about Project B.L.U.E. And Project L.I.M.E through prison protests which is why I write to you. Please know that Project L.I.M.E. needs editing and is just a rough draft/generalization of our goals. It includes releasing prisoners (not all) but most, providing recovery and freedom. We do not believe in prisons!

    If interested, please visit http://www.God-of-the-gods.com. You will see a tab for project blue and project lime. You'll want to view blue first. It is best to view in two up mode because of the pictures.

    I hope that we can work together on a much larger scale! You will understand as you read through the projects our intentions. I tried to keep it simple. With all my heart, I wish us all the best.


    Kim (Anah Jochebed: authors name)

    P.S., I am here in Colorado. If their is anything I can do, please feel free to email me. I hope we can talk further. Really NEED your support too!

    God Bless

  8. An 84 year old man claiming his parents were slaves? In 2013? If he’s 84, he was born in 1929. The last slaves in this country were freed by 1865. If he’s telling the truth, his mother gave birth to him when she was in her 60’s…

  9. Are you serious? There seems to be an awful lot of confused people, who believe in 1865, millions of slaves were emancipated and set free. They all walked off the plantation, and with the money they were paid from their masters for picking cotton. They bought some horses, loaded up on groceries, and found a place to rent. Being that they were so highly educated, they filled out job applications and were all hired.

    Really? Where do you think millions of slaves, most uneducated, couldn't read or write, had no money, going? Many stayed on the plantations, and continued picking crops. Decendants of slaves till this day can be found picking crops. They are required by law to be paid, and they are, in exchange for picking crops, they get a place to stay and food to eat. Others did make it off the plantations in search for a better life. Some went in search for their families, who had been sold on the auction blocks in different towns.

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