Da Cotton Pickas

by Nat Turner Jr.

Da Cotton Pickas have emerged from the constant witnessing of the blatant disrespect that is daily being poured into our communities and our households nationwide. The time has come again for rebellious, radical, revolutionary, spiritual and gangsta music to be brought to the forefront with no apologies and no fear of repercussions.

With the first single being a direct letter aimed at racist Amerikkka entitled “WAT U XPEXT,” featuring The People’s Minister of Information JR, Do D.A.T. and Fleetwood, no doubt is left in anyone’s mind after hearing it that this movement is moving by very talented individuals who are not to be played with.

Nat Turner Jr.: So what is exactly is a Cotton Picka?

Da Cotton Pickas: Amerikkka defines it as another name for nigger, a Black person forced to work in your cotton fields of Amerikkka, any person ordered to perform any task that involves labor. Our definition is Nat Turner’s nieces and nephews nationwide in every county and state. We come to free our people, like how Malcolm X said, by any means necessary.

Nat Turner Jr.: So what made you decide on the name Cotton Pickas to represent this musical movement?

Da-Cotton-Pickas-Wat-U-Expext-cover-300x280, Da Cotton Pickas, Culture Currents Da Cotton Pickas: It was important to have a title that described where we had come from. It had to have a history in its definition, an identity of strength and passion to encourage our people that we were and are fighters, that we are hard workers, that we are opposed and always have been to this racist system and that we will never be satisfied until we have our own in a country that never gave us what they promised.

Nat Turner Jr.: Who actually are the Da Cotton Pickas?

Da Cotton Pickas: Da Cotton Pickas are a collective of souljas worldwide who won’t stand for the blatant disrespect of people of color.

Nat Turner Jr.: Why did you name the album crakkaazcrakka?

Da Cotton Pickas: So the enemy, the same one who used to whoop our ancestors on their backs with a whip – and it made that cracking sound – so they would know exactly that we consider them the enemy and that we know who they are and so they know we coming for them in every way possible.

Nat Turner Jr.: How would you describe Da Cotton Pickas’ sound?

Da Cotton Pickas: Radical, revolutionary, spiritual, soulful melodies – a mixture of Geto boys, Goodie Mob, Public Enemy, NWA and Tupac.

Nat Turner Jr.: What is your purpose for making your music?

Da Cotton Pickas: We aim to light a fire in the youth of Amerikkka that we burn down the racist barriers by helping them understand who they are, encouraging them to educate themselves and to equip themselves with tools to become successful.

Nat Turner Jr.: Where do you see the Da Cotton Pickas’ music going?

Da Cotton Pickas: In every speaker, iPod and iPhone worldwide, either under some form of investigation or used as a tool for upliftment and motivation.

Nat Turner Jr.: Do you hate white people?

Da Cotton Pickas: Not at all. I just don’t appreciate or respect racists – white, green, blue, brown, yellow, black, pink, tan, whatever color they may be. I have sincere friends and comrades of all races and genders – true story.

Nat Turner Jr.: What do you say to people who claim you are preaching hate through music?

Da Cotton Pickas: Just remember that there’s a difference between self-awareness and racism. Inspiring our lost youth to love themselves and their race while paying attention to what’s going on around them is not preaching hate.

Nat Turner Jr.: Where can we buy the single “WAT U XPEXT” if we want to support you?

Da Cotton Pickas: Please log onto iTunes.com, type in Da Cotton Pickas or just copy and paste this link, http://itunes.apple.com/album/id923036738. I am asking for your support. Please download and purchase it for 99 cents, a small contribution to the revolution of our people, our community.

Also, view the video on YouTube, at http://youtu.be/lkx-g1lo0_u?list=uufhicrcp2hsm3korp5uojmw, and leave your honest comment. Thank you again for your support.

Nat Turner Jr.: Any last words?

Da Cotton Pickas: Yeah, I just wanna know, after all the disrespect and neglect of people of color in Amerikkka, honestly please tell me WAT U XPEXT. Ha!

Nat Turner Jr. can be reached via fleetwood_189@hotmail.com.