Third Street Stroll …

by Rochelle Metcalfe

NO INDICTMENT – NO JUSTICE!!! There will be NO peace in Ferguson, MO! Just before column deadline, days before Thanksgiving, news broke that the grand jury verdict announced, after weeks of deliberation, NO charges would be pressed against Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, who shot and killed teenager MICHAEL BROWN!


ANGER welled within me to see the destruction of property owned by Blacks and other people of color, small business owners who work hard to provide a lifestyle for their family! Protesters need to learn how to demonstrate peacefully, but still get their point across!

Third-Street-Mendell-Plaza-dressed-up-for-holidays-1213-300x225, Third Street Stroll ..., Culture Currents
Third Street will be dressing up for the holidays. This picture – of Mendell Plaza at Third and Palou – was taken last December.

MOVING ON – As I stroll on 3-STREET, within the blocks bounded by Newcomb and Palou, took time to get a close up look at the Community Christmas Tree on the grounds of the Bayview Opera House Ruth Williams Memorial Theatre – the building closed all year for renovation, to reopen sometime early next year. A nod to several ARMSTRONG PLACE SENIOR RESIDENTS who crafted the Xmas ornament decorations hanging on the tree, created at a special craft session, under the guidance of ceramic instructor, DANIELLE HOUANG, Bayview Opera House.

In all honesty, the donated tree looks lonely standing on the outside grounds of the opera house. ULES TABRON Jr., who works for the Opera House, shared because of the renovation, could not decorate the wide cement space, but wanted to give the front some holiday spirit. Tabron plays Santa every year – look for him during festivities; Dec. 18, 5-9 p.m., in the HEART of the PEOPLE’S Plaza, on Third, between Oakdale and Palou, decorated with beautiful lighting above. A scenic Winter Wonderland that will feature snow, ice skating, vendors, art, music and SANTA loaded down with toys and gifts! Third and Palou is a busy hub; several MUNI buses stop as well as the T-LINE.

LOOKING across the street, THE DOLLAR STORE and More sparkled with pretty wreaths that glowed from large square glass windows on both sides of the building. Partners MARVIN ROBINSON and CLAUDE CARPENTER steadily ringing the cash register!

Let me CHAT about various social happenings that occurred recently. The November election behind us, District 10 Supervisor MALIA COHEN returned to office – hard to beat an incumbent – and congratulations to SHAMANN WALTON, elected to the San Francisco Board of Education!

SIDE BAR: My suggestion to Supervisor Cohen is to reach out and meet, if she has not already done so, with supervisorial candidates who ran against her – ED DONALDSON, affordable housing professional and advocate, and SHAWN RICHARD, executive director, Brothers Against Guns – in a conversation to resolve the crime issues in BAYVIEW, lack of jobs and improve the 3-Street corridor to give incentives to lure investors, BLACKS especially, to open up businesses and mentor the next successor to the District 10 seat to follow in her footsteps, this Cohen’s last four years in office.

The November election behind us, District 10 Supervisor MALIA COHEN returned to office – hard to beat an incumbent – and congratulations to SHAMANN WALTON, elected to the San Francisco Board of Education!

BRIDGETTE LeBLANC, event planner, LeBlanc and Associates, and a host committee wanted to acknowledge the good work and history that was made in San Francisco amongst the African American community in the November election, planned a CELEBRATION at LIMON’s Restaurant on Third Street, next to vacant Fresh and Easy Store – NOW waiting, hopefully, for a new grocery store – we’ll be pushing COHEN ON THE NEED!!!

The lively affair sure livened up the quiet area, with the exception of construction noises building the Dr. George Davis Campus that will be located behind the 5800 Third Street condos, on Carousel!

Two large colorful posters of Malia and Shamann, poised at the entrance of Limon’s, crowded with folks in conversation, sipping libations and delicious hors d’oeuvres (must return for Happy Hour). Supervisor Cohen and Shamann in the midst of well-wishers, who included DWAYNE JONES, DERF BUTLER (holding his cute grandson), Commissioner AL NORMAN, DORRIS VINCENT, swinging seniors MARY FLEMING, MARY ANN ADDISON and BEAULAH SUNDAY, LONNIE AND SHIRLEY HUNTER, savvy PAUL ROSE, Mayor Lee’s eyes, ears, sometimes spokesman, who formerly worked for then SF DA Kamala Harris before she moved on to Sacramento …

MY, MY, there was SAM MURRAY – off my radar screen for some time. Good to see you, my brother! MUSA “MIKE” DIRBAS of Kennedy Market, senior advocates OLLIE MIXON, CATHY DAVIS, director, Bayview Adult Day Health Care Center – celebrating 31 years serving seniors since Dec. 4, 1984.

STILL clicking my heels on SOUTH EAST side of town … Billed “A Night with the Divas and Dons,” Sunday evening benefit concert for the Black Coalition on AIDS and its RAFIKI Wellness Program, located at the end of Cesar Chavez Street, off Third, near Pier 80.

WOOONDERFUL evening of music and song emceed by lovely recording vocalist DENISE PERRIER, singers Tiffany Austin, Derek Lassiter, Valerie Trout, NOAH GRIFFIN, fabulous CLAIRDEE (she will perform her 12th Annual Christmas Eve show at The ADDITION, formerly Yoshi’s SF); TERRIE ODABI ended the evening, laying down some righteous BLUES, with a funky edge.

Music accompaniment by DR. DEE SPENCER, on keyboard, and company. Dr. Spencer is professor of music in the School of Music and Dance at San Francisco State University, where she FOUNDED the Jazz Studies and undergraduate degree program in 1990.

Delighted to reunite with folks seldom seen – the SCARF LADY, GWEN MAZER, CATHY ADAMS – LOOOOVED the red dress she wore; JOYCE JENKINS, SANDY CUPIT (shared her brother BOBBY CUPIT passed during October – he was well-known during the heydays of the Fillmore); Mairee Gatewood, the charming couple of WARREN and DONNA STEWART; CHRISTINE HARRIS, former curator, Jazz Heritage Center, within the Addition complex, closed. HEARD Marcus Books may take over that spot; DEREK TOLIVER, executive director of PACT; there was AGANOFER SHIFFERAW (Rasselas fame) and lovely wife NETSANET ALEMAYEHU of Sheba Lounge on Fillmore.

Rafiki is a wonderful place for events and plenty of HEALTHY activity. PERRY LANG, executive director, BCA/RAFIKI Wellness. For 27 years BCA has been helping to address the urgent health needs of San Francisco’s Black community, beginning with HIV/AIDS. In recent years, through its Rafiki Wellness Project, BCA has been providing information, education and support to individuals and families coping with a myriad of health disparities impacting San Francisco’s undeserved communities, from HIV/AIDS to diabetes to high blood pressure. For more information about Rafiki, call 415-615-9945.

Rafiki is a wonderful place for events and plenty of HEALTHY activity.

BACK ON THIRD – RENAISSANCE BAYVIEW early morning breakfast at AUNTIE APRIL’S Restaurant. CONGRATULATIONS to ALPHONSO RHODES, AJS Painting and Decorating, and CLIFTON BURCH, Empire Engineering and Construction, on their graduation from the Renaissance Contractors Program. Renaissance is a nonprofit organization that provides small business training.

SAD to hear GUSSIE’S Chicken and Waffles Restaurant, Eddy near Fillmore, CLOSED its doors, BEFORE Thanksgiving! Sunday, Nov. 23. The pleasing hostess, MISS PIA, NOW lending her expertise at April’s. Hey, Black businesses are losing a significant presence in the Fillmore!

Members of the BAYVIEW Police Station served Thanksgiving luncheon, prepared by seniors and staff, at Dr. George Davis Senior Center. On a sad note, beloved senior member MRS. CHESTENE MASON passed the day before.

R.I.P. My dear friend – H. WARREN of FAMED San Francisco HALFNOTE JAZZ CLUB (1965-1971) when on Divisadero Street, PASSED Friday, Nov. 21, in LA.


E-mail Rochelle at Congratulate Rochelle as she embarks on her second year as a Bay View columnist; her Third Street Stroll column first appeared in November 2013.