Tired of being gang raped, Congo mother takes up weapon

by AfricanGreatLakes4Peace

The Congolese woman in eastern Congo – the rape capital of the world – has gotten tired of being gang-raped, of being mutilated, of having 3-to-5-foot wooden sticks shoved through her genitals after being gang-raped, then being killed or buried alive. So she has taken up a weapon now in order to defend her baby, her own body, her humanity, her village, her community and her country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Congo-mom-w-baby-weapon-300x199, Tired of being gang raped, Congo mother takes up weapon, World News & Views
Besides her baby, she’s now carrying a weapon to defend herself.

The world, to her, doesn’t care to stop it. Neither do the 20,000 U.N. troops who get paid for being “neutral,” which has been letting the guys with the weapons commit these atrocities on the Congolese since 1996.

The Congolese woman has been victimized for too long since Rwanda and Uganda invaded her country in 1996, as BBC’s investigative documentary has just detailed it. This Congolese woman and her country did NOTHING to Rwanda and Uganda; yet these two countries have caused the death of over 8 million Congolese since 1996 with impunity. These atrocities that have been described as worse than the Holocaust have rarely caught the sustained attention of the world’s major media or governments, except for the Obama administration.

Congolese-cheer-army-for-defeating-M23-1113-by-AP-300x186, Tired of being gang raped, Congo mother takes up weapon, World News & Views
The people cheer the Congolese army after the defeat of M23 in November 2013. – Photo: AP

In President Obama’s second term, the Congo file has been authoritatively assigned to Secretary of State John Kerry and to former Sen. Russ Feingold, the president’s special envoy to the African Great Lakes and the DRC.

Secretary of State Kerry, in the first Security Council meeting he presided over on July 25, 2013, sternly stated the U.S. decision to bring an end to the Congo atrocities. To this end, the U.S. and the U.N. put together a special U.N. Rapid Intervention Brigade that worked with the Congolese Army, minus the Rwandan Tutsi soldiers and combatants who had been inserted into the DRC army by Joseph Kabila, as he is himself a former officer in Kagame’s Rwandan army who was made DRC president in 2001.

Congo-camp-Khameres-UNC-flags-fly-over-Kibumba-300x225, Tired of being gang raped, Congo mother takes up weapon, World News & Views
Surprise: Khamere’s UNC flags fly in Kibumba that had been occupied by Rwandan M23. Khamere has all along been working with M23, ergo with Kagame, Museveni, and Kabila, while fooling Congolese that he is an opponent of these three!

This new coalition of forces put together by the U.S. and the U.N. then attacked the Rwanda and Uganda-backed rebels of M23, who had since 1996 – under various names, as former spy chief of Rwanda, Col. Patrick Karegeya, told RFI before he was assassinated by Kagame in December 2013 – occupied major parts of eastern Congo where they had been killing, raping, maiming and perpetrating all kinds of atrocities. In the heat of the fight, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Britain Foreign Secretary William Hague had to personally call Paul Kagame in order to, in essence, order him not to reinforce M23 again with Rwandan troops and weapons. So this time the battle ended in the defeat of M23 in November 2013, after about two weeks of heavy fighting.

After the defeat of M23, as they entered the liberated town center of Kibumba, which had been occupied by Rwandan forces for over 14 years, the Congolese army and the media discovered two flags of Vital Khamere’s political party, the UNC, flying over two separate houses. Many Congolese accuse Vital Khamere of being Rwandan. They have plenty of proof, including the fact that his Rwandan cousin is Gen. Gracien Kabiligi, who is in Paul Kagame’s army, his sister’s ancestral wedding to a Congolese was performed in Rwanda, not in DRC, and during Mobutu’s Authenticity Cultural Revolution, when all Zairians had to forego their foreign names, Khamere kept his foreign name of “Vital,” which also appears on his university diploma – because foreigners were allowed to keep their foreign names.

Congo-child-hatchet-murdered-by-Ugandan-Rwandan-militias-in-Beni-No.-Kivu-101614-225x300, Tired of being gang raped, Congo mother takes up weapon, World News & Views
Ugandan and Rwandan militias did this in Beni, North Kivu, in eastern Congo on Oct. 16, 2014, as they’ve been doing since 1996 – creating chaos to cover the massive theft of Congolese natural resources.

This meant that Vital Khamere, who in Kinshasa has been pretending in public to be in opposition to Joseph Kabila, to the violence in eastern Congo, and to Rwanda and Uganda’s occupation of eastern Congo, is actually a double agent, deceiving many Congolese. In secret with Joseph Kabila, whom he helped “elect” during the 2006 elections and about whom he published a book titled “Why I chose Joseph Kabila,” he has been cooperating all along with the Rwandan Tutsi forces of M23 – ergo with Kagame and Museveni – in the areas of the Congo where these forces had been occupying, killing, raping and maiming Congolese natives as well as stealing Congo’s resources.

After M23’s defeat, the whole eastern Congo was in jubilation because, thanks to the Obama administration’s leadership and for the first time since 1996, the killing, raping, mutilations and other atrocities and mistreatment had stopped. Unfortunately, this jubilation was not to last for long.

When M23 was defeated, its fighters ran back to where they came from: Rwanda and Uganda. So it was just a matter of time before these fighters were sent back into eastern Congo, as long as Paul Kagame, Yoweri Museveni and Joseph Kabila, who controlled and protected them, were still in power.

Congo-child-machete-murdered-by-Ugandan-Rwandan-militias-in-Beni-No.-Kivu-101614-300x223, Tired of being gang raped, Congo mother takes up weapon, World News & Views
Is there a mother who will not take up a weapon to punish the savages who do this to her child?

But before reconstituting M23 and sending them back into eastern Congo, Kagame, Museveni and Kabila made sure that the Congolese officers who had led the fight to defeat M23 were assassinated. So, the young Congolese Col. Mamadou Ndala, the hero of Goma, who led the fight against M23, was assassinated on Jan. 2, 2014, barely two months after the defeat of M23 in November 2013. Then Gen. Lucien Bahuma, chief of the army of North Kivu and Col. Mamadou’s commander, was killed by poisoning on Aug. 30, 2014, eight months after Mamadou’s assassination.

Gen. Francois Olenga, chief of staff of the DRC land forces, and Col. Olivier Hamuli, the spokesperson during the fight against M23, both are now being treated for poisoning. Last of all, the DRC army units that defeated M23 have been ordered by Joseph Kabila out of eastern Congo and sent to other parts of DRC where they are not needed, in a restructuring of the DRC army in which many Rwandan Tutsis from these Rwandan militias were made officers in DRC’s army, and they were assigned to eastern Congo in order to insure the continued control of eastern Congo by Rwanda and Uganda.

Congo-children-murdered-by-Ugandan-Rwandan-militias-in-Beni-No.-Kivu-101614-225x300, Tired of being gang raped, Congo mother takes up weapon, World News & Views
“We’re back,” the Ugandan and Rwandan killers told the Congolese as they slaughtered them on the night of Oct. 16, 2014. “Where’s Obama now to protect you?”

Now, M23 has reconstituted itself out of Rwanda and the M23 elements that had run to Uganda. They are using the cover name ADF-NALU. These two groups are now back in eastern Congo committing the same atrocities as before.

The latest killings and gang-rapes have taken place in Beni, beginning on Oct. 16, 2014, then two days later even while Mr. Kobler, the U.N. representative, was in Beni, and the third time on Oct. 30, even as Joseph Kabila, the president, was spending the night in Beni.

During the attack on Oct. 16, as they were hacking children, men and women to death using machetes, hatchets and hoes, one of the killers told a Congolese woman: “Your soldiers chased us out with Obama’s help, but we’re back. Where is Obama now to protect you?”

America is determined that Joseph Kabila will not perpetuate himself in power after his second and final term ends in 2016. But Kabila, who insures Kagame and Museveni’s interests in eastern Congo, plans to use all means and tricks to survive Obama until January 2017, when Obama leaves office. Therefore, if Kagame and Museveni get Kabila to stay in power or someone they control to replace Joseph Kabila in power in Congo, the atrocities in DRC may last another 20 years.

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