Third Street Stroll …

by Rochelle Metcalfe

MY GOODNESS, here we are in November, and WORLD SERIES PLAY! There was a time when the game was played in early October! NY METS vs KANSAS CITY ROYALS – BACK TO BACK FOR THEM! – GIANTS BEAT THEM LAST YEAR!

The GIANTS didn’t make it this year, otherwise the corner of THIRD STREET and King would be roaring with game noise and traffic congestion. No longer retaining championship title, in 2015, but they did all right, now looking forward to next season

Before one can hardly catch their breath, the WARRIORS have kicked off their 2015-16 season; seems 2017 their NEW home will bring them BACK to the City, Mission Rock, 16th and Third, 40 blocks away from my corner of town!

Al-Norman-at-2-Jacks-by-Rochelle-Metcalfe, Third Street Stroll ..., Culture Currents
Al Norman at 2 Jacks – Photo: Rochelle Metcalfe

Well, there’s so much going on in the South East side of town – revitalization – attended a community meeting at True Hope Church, called by REV. ARELIOUS WALKER, developers and investors to learn about plans for the NEW CANDLESTICK PARK DISTRICT (CP), across from True Hope, and former site of Candlestick Park Stadium – now leveled; at night, eerie quietness.

The CP district, as described by representatives from the LENNAR development management team, the project will encompass 650,000 gross square feet of retail, senior residential tower, 472 residential units, performing arts venue, African marketplace; a film and art center, 220 room HOTEL (WHAAAT???) and 2,700 plus parking spaces.

A chance to invest IF one can secure financial backing. Project schedule construction next year – completion in phases by 2019. REV. WALKER said to those gathered at the meeting “DON’T WAIT, GET INVOLVED” reference business plan. There’s a sales center at the location. NEXT meeting scheduled later this month. The BAYVIEW DISTRICT IS THE LAST FRONTIER FOR BLACK FOLKS!!!

Among the gathering, of course FIRST LADY MRS. HAZEL WALKER, WILLIE MAE THOMAS, MOTHER EURMA GARNER – BOTH senior residents at GERALDINE JOHNSON SENIOR apartments, on Third and Armstrong; DR. JAMES McCRAY, REV. BELL, REV. CAROLYN RANSOM-SCOTT of Urban Missions.

In my opinion, 2-JACKS, there at end of Gilman, located in dreary painted mall, at the right place, believe outer fringe of construction. Owners got a chance to get a piece of the action, or are they interested???

STOPPED in one day last month, there was AL NORMAN, Bayview resident and commissioner, Southeast Board. STILL active, there for light lunch. We joined up at a table for stimulating conversation about what’s happening, reference Renaissance of the area and Third Street.

Acting-Principal-William-Kappenhagen-Willie-Brown-Jr.-Middle-School-by-Rochelle, Third Street Stroll ..., Culture Currents
Acting Principal William Kappenhagen, Willie Brown Jr. Middle School – Photo: Rochelle Metcalfe

LAST MONTH was buzzin’ at The Office of NETWORK for ELDERS, located at corner of Third and Armstrong. A constant line of seniors interested in applying for residency at DR. GEORGE DAVIS SENIOR CAMPUS, Third and Carroll, APPLICATIONS DEADLINE end of OCTOBER. AHHH, come early next year it’s going to be heavily populated in the area.

OH, I’m devastated by the turn of events at the WILLIE BROWN JR. MIDDLE SCHOOL on Silver Avenue – what was to be BAYVIEW’S PRIDE AND JOY OPENING. Impressed by the school curriculum, and new founding Principal DEMETRIUS HOBSON, then IN FRUSTRATION, he quit! Heartbreaking to learn on OPENING day of classes, the school was not ready for operation – NO phones hooked up – of all things! WHAT HAPPENED???There’s two sides to a story, so have WE HEARD THE REAL reason why Hobson quit????

Stopped in the school, days before column deadline, MUCH SURPRISED TO MEET ACTING Principal WILLIAM KAPPENHAGEN, who STARTED OCT. 19. Well qualified, former principal, Phillip and Sala Burton Academic High School on Mansell Street. The well thought of educator WILL FINISH OUT THE SCHOOL YEAR TERM.

LET’S PARTY – A FUN HAPPENING over at SAM JORDAN’s, CELEBRATED RUTH JORDAN’S ??? BIRTHDAY, started 4 p.m. When I arrived at 5, the place was jammed, music loud, folks happy.

Peanut-Man-with-peanuts-to-be-roasted-by-Rochelle-web1, Third Street Stroll ..., Culture Currents
Third Street legend “Peanut Man” with peanuts ready for roasting – Photo: Rochelle Metcalfe
Miss-Tiffany-at-Sam-Jordans-1015-by-Rochelle-Metcalfe1, Third Street Stroll ..., Culture Currents
Miss Tiffany at Sam Jordan’s – Photo: Rochelle Metcalfe

ALL SMILES, birthday girl was with her significant other MR. CLYDE. ON THE SCENE – MS. HINES, PEANUT MAN, BOBBY MATHIS, GLAMOUROUS MISS TIFFANY; BARBARA STEWART partying with her daughters. Lucky to get a seat in the back room lounge. Posed for photographer and TV COMMERCIAL actor MR. JESSE.

A SPECIAL NOD to legendary MASTER HAIRSTYLIST JOSE LACROSBY who will celebrate his ??? BIRTHDAY, Nov. 16, RETIRED in his late 80s. Many years MR. JOSE had a shop on Divisadero, lived in MIDTOWN Apartments across the street at Diviz and Geary. For the past year in VA HOSPITAL on Lake in the City – GO OUT AND SAY HELLO AND WISH HIM WELL!!!


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