Pride of consciousness

Two poems from Georgia

by Kenneth N. Powell

Although we remain conscious of past events described,

Justice postponed even a second is still justice denied.

Like the rivers of the Nile, Black blood is constantly flowing

And it pains me greatly to realize how many of us are still not knowing.

What I sit back to realize what’s really real

Is how brothers could so blatantly disrespect our Black liberation

Elders like Dhoruba Bin Wahad and Black Panther founding father Bobby Seale?

How can you not pay homage to who came before?

But I at least seek some solace in knowing that the O.G. Hugo Pinell

Shall suffer injustice no more.

Dequi-Kioni-Sadiki-Sekou-Odinga-welcomed-home-at-Harlem-event-day-after-release-112614-300x168, Pride of consciousness, Abolition Now!
Overwhelming joy radiates from Sekou Odinga and his wife, Dequi Kioni-Sadiki, as he is welcomed home in Harlem the day after his release on Nov. 25, 2014, from 33 years in prison for his role in a Brinks armored car robbery, trying to kill six police officers in a shootout in Queens and springing Assata Shakur from prison. A leading member of the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army, his release has sparked hope across the prison world.

It is also beautiful to witness my hero Sekou Odinga finally free

After 33 years in the belly of such an insatiable beast.

To see him finally liberated physically brings hope to me.

In my thoughts and actions, I no longer live inside this ignorance bubble,

And since my conscience became liberated, I have embraced our struggle.

For it I promise to remain strong and forever stand

Because it was through this struggle that I became a man.

After reading of the assault of an elder of the game,

How can I not feel such a sadness and shame?

What the hell’s going on in the dark minds of our brothers

That makes them participate in the genocide of one of the same color?

When I look in the mirror, I shall seek to reflect

The righteous actions of one who is deserving of respect.

To the many brothers and sisters fighting to be heard,

Know that true liberation shall not be complete until justice is served.

Justice is blind, so I will seek to extend

If not a pair of bifocals, at least a set of contact lenses.

Because without doubt, she needs her vision corrected,

And we, a nation of millions, only want freedom and our God given rights protected.

To all those who only know the lies you’ve been told,

Please understand that this war of Black oppression shall never grow old.

Although the bones of freedom may become brittle and not so strong,

We must embrace and implement this wisdom to push it along.

I through conscious thoughts and actions do pay tribute

To my respected elders, Dr. Willie Ratcliff, Queen Mother Mary and others at Bay View.

Much love and respect to my Growth and Development Nation

Because it was through the vision that I gained a foundation,

So through the vision of such a sage chairman, I shall endeavor

To represent a most righteous organization. Peace, love and respect

To Chairman Mr. Larry B. Hoover of Growth and Development Nation.

Forever in the vision …

Upon reflection

Blind lead the blind; they not trying to see the vision, man

Mass incarceration only part of a precision plan

Read in my Bay View another brother assassinated

Not trying to condemn my sister – but it’s obvious why Kamala procrastinated

I had a dream but then a brother woke up

Four Afrikans in a SS – mean mugging me and loc’d up

Infra red beam brought blood to my eyes

Man, we all Black folks, with Black souls, who deserve better lives.

Black Lives Matter is quickly becoming just another cliché

And we still trusting these greedy politicians with that she say or he say

doing it the G-way – No! I say we change that

adopt a better train of thought – that would put us all on the same track.

Freedom is a road seldom traveled by a Black dude

We defines “realness” by dying for an avenue – or represented by a tattoo

Yeah we scream “warrior” but what cause we dying for?

If we ain’t dying to come together – then what the hell we crying for?

Makes me wanna holla – because I read another one

Black mother shedding tears – screaming “justice” for her murdered son.

Ain’t nothing happening – still trying to connect the phone call

Nine times out of nine – no justice – another wrong call.

See Black blood dripping for the cheese like a nacho

Thought we’d come together since the dream – but it’s not so

Black concentration camps – population 2 mil

If I don’t give a damn about my brother – tell me a N***a who will?

Life on a treadmill – and I’m losing breath fast

This is on some other ish can’t seem to get past.

Peace to Mrs. Mary and Dr. Willie Ratcliff

for giving us the platform to speak about Black ish

Speaking of a Black ish – Happy 40th to Bay View

Love and respect for all the times that you stay’d true

I will not forget you – you represent my life saver

This kinda flavor – couldn’t be tasted by a white paper

Bay View publishers – Love you like soul food

OG Mr. Willie pretty cool representer for the old skool

So shout out to my Afrikans – all the soldiers on the West Coast

40 years in the game – Bayview – I propose a toast.

Happy 40th to the San Francisco Bay View

Dr. Ratliff,

Peace and love as well as respect to you, my honorable elder. This brief note is in relation to my undying support of you and everyone at the San Francisco Bay View: Happy 40th!

I have been held captive 23 years here at one of Georgia’s many plantations throughout the state and during my bid, I’ve met many conscious Black men from throughout the United Snakes of Amerikkka, and I’ve had the pleasure of reading and studying various literature of many different organizations and movements, but no newspaper publications could ever compare to what you all do at Bay View.

None excel at gathering and stating the facts that are vital to the people the way you all do. You truly give voice to those behind “the walls of silence” and for that you have my love, my loyalty and my utmost respect.

I’ve had the pleasure of reading and studying various literature of many different organizations and movements, but no newspaper publications could ever compare to what you all do at Bay View.

In my state of Georgia there are not many platforms of your nature, so I feel very blessed to have access to the kind of food for mental growth you provide. Thanks, Bay View, and you, Dr. Ratcliff, especially for exhibiting the love where it’s needed the most.

I look forward to my issue every month because it represents light in one of the darkest corners in the world. We all struggle the same. I’m praying you will be considering my poem for publication upon your 40th milestone because it expresses how I was feeling at the time after reading my January issue for the second or third time so far. God bless.

I look forward to my issue every month because it represents light in one of the darkest corners in the world.

Much love and respect to the truest Black publication still breathing after 40 years, SF Bay View! Happy 40th, Bay View! From the Georgia soldiers behind enemy lines, we love you.

Send our brother some love and light: Kenneth N. Powell, 767972, Hays State Prison D2-212, P.O. Box 668, Trion, GA 30755. Kenneth is “more consciously known as Am God Allah.”