From Angola, Louisiana, Aljerwon’s story


by Laquita Winn

A 23-year-old African American male is accused and convicted of murder in the second degree. Sadly, there is a higher chance of that happening with our young Black men than any other ethnic group in the U.S. Even when evidence favors a Black defendant, the verdict of guilty is handed down to Black males between the ages of 18 through 35 at four times the rate for whites.

Aljerwon Moran

Take Aljerwon Moran, for instance. The evidence favors his acquittal. On Feb. 9, 2011, two men, Marvin Fritz and Roderick McCullon, barged into the apartment home of Moran’s girlfriend with the intent of robbery. The victims, Moran, his girlfriend and his friend, Lawrence Potter, were playing video games.

However, the would-be robbers plan did not go as they would have liked. They entered the home wearing ski masks, dark clothing and armed while yelling, “This is a robbery, b—h.” Fighting for the lives of his family, his friend and himself, Moran was able to free a hand from the brawl, grab the firearm from under the couch, and discharge shots at the robbers. The robbers fled the scene.

Little did Moran know that he had hit both robbers. One of the assailants, Roderick McCullon, made it to the apartment’s front area, where he collapsed and died in the yard. The co-conspirator, Marvin Fritz, was on parole in Detroit, Mich. He did not have permission to be in Louisiana.

His criminal past shows an extensive record of run-ins with the law including burglaries, robberies and thefts. In contrast, Aljerwon Moran nor his friend Lawrence Potter had even been in trouble with the law. Seems like a pretty clean and cut case, huh? Well, let’s see how Louisiana’s criminal justice system interpreted those facts.

At Moran’s trial, the prosecutor offered Marvin Fritz’ testimony to the jury, which stated that he and his cousin were walking to the store in 10-degree weather to get beer. While walking, his cousin informed him he had a problem with a man who lived nearby, and Fritz stated that he told his cousin, “Let’s go talk to him.”

When they arrived at Moran’s apartment, he questioned Moran about the situation with his cousin. Fritz stated that then he swung at him and a fight ensued. He claims that while fighting with Moran on the lawn, he saw his cousin pinned down by Moran’s friend. When Fritz heard two shots, he said that he ran to help his cousin but was stopped when he was shot in the side. Again, this was the prosecution’s case to the jury: the words of a career criminal.

Even when evidence favors a Black defendant, the verdict of guilty is handed down to Black males between the ages of 18 through 35 at four times the rate for whites.

What the prosecution did not offer to the jury was the fact that the police interviewed two female friends of the robbers who did not know Aljerwon Moran, Lawrence Potter nor anything about the shooting or the subsequent death. Both women stated to the police that while hanging with the robbers earlier on that date, they heard them planning a robbery of a home in the area.

Also, the prosecution failed to mention that there was allegedly a neighbor across the street who saw Marvin Fritz flee the scene with a gun in his hand. After the incident, Aljerwon Moran voluntarily went to the West Monroe Police Department to file a complaint and give a statement.

Instead, a few days later he was arrested, charged and eventually found guilty of second degree murder. Police evidence shows that Marvin Fritz was principal to attempted armed robbery, thus making him criminally responsible for any killing that resulted from its attempt.

Aljerwon Moran now resides in the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. He is trying to make the best of a bad situation by obtaining as many self-help program certificates that he can while also working successfully to obtain his GED.

Police evidence shows that Marvin Fritz was principal to attempted armed robbery, thus making him criminally responsible for any killing that resulted from its attempt.

Ironically, Marvin Fritz was set free. He went on to commit yet another robbery, and this time it tragically ended with the death of the victim. Who is responsible for that man’s death – Marvin Fritz or the Louisiana criminal justice system? You decide!

Aljerwon Moran now resides in the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. Ironically, Marvin Fritz was set free.

If you would like to help or donate to Aljerwon Moran, please contact him: Aljerwon Moran, 594012, Louisiana State Penitentiary, Angola, LA 70712. Take a stand against injustice! May God continue to bless and keep you.

Laquita Winn can be reached at


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  2. There is two sides to this story it was my oldest son who was killed black on black crime any crime is sad two people really lost there lives in this horrible ordeal so before y’all continue to pass judgement on my son he wasn’t a criminal and didn’t have a record at all. So don’t judge until you have all the details

    • The bottom line is that my nephew was home , in his house, and he has the right to protect his home, and the black on black crime started when the plan was put together. We are sorrow for your lost, but we have one too, that we can’t understand. I steal your car and you go to prison for taking it back, thats not right

      • Tony i wasn’t there where you there? I don’t know what happened my son can’t tell me what happened because he is no longer here yes there was 2 lives lost im just a parent who is trying to protect his son. Have a good day and may God bless us and help us to understand this

        • Mr. Fritz, no I wasn’t there, but you know , we as Christian live by what we call faith. Meaning we don’t have to see it to believe it. If I could bring your son back I would, but God has a plan for all of this, and all of our faith is being put to the test. See Satan wants us to hate and live in in forgiveness.

          • That’s correct tomorrow is my son’s Birthday and his sons birthday was yesterday it’s just a bad ordeal all the way around i wished i could go back to that day. But we can’t control God’s plan.

    • Who are they to judge anyone???? That crabby system in Louisiana is still under the Jim Crow Law. Look at David Duke which is the Wizard of KKK in Louisiana near that prison. I am so sick of the unfairness in the justice system it is not funny. This is a young man's life that they are toying with. He is a law abiding citizen caught up in the system. I stand in agreement with you in JESUS' name!!!!

  3. My understanding ,this young man as my nephew has lost the of being around his child that we are here try to give her the best year of her life, behind young men that needed to get a job and not try to take from person who has always stayed to himself and I pray the Lord be with him everyday so he can get home to be with his family.

  4. Yes , I’m sure that’s hard to deal with each year. Mr. Fritz the price for all this was done and finished on the cross. If we still punish a man for what Christ died to buy his pardon. But we fight to make others feel our pain. Christ is the one hurting, cause it was his blood that should end all this. Not a prison cell or a grave. Look at all the young men killing each other in our home town( Monroe) I believe our families standing together can break that curse that is hurting families . Gods plans are to bless us , as for me I’m not missing anymore blessings when its my choices that affect them. My nephew is a man of God and maybe this time was a blessing, but I know that God would search the hearts( if only we all would do the same) may the bonds of peace comfort your heart in this season, and that same peace I pray will break the chains that are holding my nephew .

  5. Aljerwon was a cool nice person didnt bother anyone an school.his name didnt ring bells in school because he wasnt a problem to anyone.the whole situation is sad because if someone comes in your home u have the right to defend and protect your family.dealing with this case they looked at him as a black young man and when u dont have the funds to get a wonderful lawyer u have to deal with situations like this.i think we all need to pull together and help get him a great attorney because he did nothing wrong but protect his kids and woman.


  6. How about the facts? Like McCullon was shot in the BACK!
    Aljerwon Moran’s and friend did not report the incident, they left the incident scene as well!
    Moran stated to the police he "Grabbed his 9mm gun from his couch"
    Moran's father informed the police that his son had informed him the incident happened outside the apartment NOT Inside. Moran insisted to the police and court this all happened inside, facts do not back this up!
    A bullet was recovered next to McCullon dead body some 52 feet from the apartment
    9 shell casings were found outside the apartment, one of them 28 feet from the apartment door!
    NO evidence of a fight was found inside the apartment, no blood, no shell casings, no bullet holes, no mess or broken property.
    Forensics showed: the shell casings landed approx. 10 feet behind and to the right of where the shots had been found and that McCullon was most likely running away when shot and would have likely fallen very quickly once shot (spinal cord was severed).

    • Jim i don’t know you but we’ll said Roderick is my son and i struggle with this every day to read your statement brings tears to my eyes. Thanks for the support

  7. Aljerwon Moran was protecteding his home admitted to pulling the trigger alleged the homicide was done in self defense!!!Two men, marvin Fritz and mc cullon,, armed intruders barged in moran home to rod moran with the specific intent to kill or inflict great bodily harm to Moran and his family. They entered the home wearing ski masks, dark clothing and armed..they intended on using a monkey wrench that was located next to where mc cullon was laying; box cutter and a bb gun that was TURNED over to police and.

  8. more facts is what the prosecutions didn’t offer to the jury was the FACTS that the phone interviewed two female friends friends of the intruders both women stated to the police that while hanging with with the intruders earlier on that date, they over heard them planning a robbery of a home in the area. That Key piece of evidence was NOT allowed in moran trial. fighting for the lives of his family Moran was able to free a hand from the brawl, grab his firearm from under the couch, and discharge shots at the intruders. The intruders fled the scene.little did moran KNOW that he had hit both intruders after the incident, Aljerwon Moran voluntarily went to the west monroe police department to file a complaint.

  9. also more” FACTS” Deaaron Jones and Qurnesha Martinez. did Not report the incident, they left the incident as well!!!Jones stated, that on this date he arrived at filhoil street which is his disable brother’s house Vance,residences .He said that Marvin Fritz ,mc cullon and two girl he only knew as Diamond and Quetta were there He said that a shoty time later his girlfriend, Qurnesha, took the girls to St.francis because one of them was sick. He said that Marvin went with them to the hospital. Jones said that when Qurensha and Marvin came back,He went to taco bell to get some food .He said a few minutes later Marvin and mc cullon left out the back door. He stated that about fifteen( 15)minutes later he heard the rear dor alarm go off and heard Marvin yelling his name .He walked to the living room and he saw Marvin standing there with blood comeing from his month. He said that Marvin said to take hi to the hospital. Jones stated that hee then drove Marvin to St.francis in Monroe ad DROPPED him off at the EMERGENCY room.He said he went back to West Monroe and then told Qurnesha to go to the apartment and look for mc cullon. POLICE ask Jones y he didnt call Jones could NOT give a reason to why he did NOT CALL (911)when marcin came into the hiuse after he had been shot.

  10. The fact that is wish they just let my brother Rest In Peace I’m one of his older sister I would if I was there I’ll would have protected my brother but the fact he still have breath in his body and my brother don’t you don’t know how hard it is to visit his grave I lost my best friend that night I’m still trying to find peace and forgiveness because his life was taken but the fact of the matter is when black men fight they always run to a gun fight with your fist but at least somebody still living so let my brother rest and yes unfortunately both families lost a son a father a brother a uncle etc but but I ask y’all please be respectful when it comes to my brother.i can’t speak on Marvin behalf or what his intentions was but me knowing who my bother was I know what he wouldn’t and would do

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