March Against Police Murder, San Francisco to Sacramento, starts Oct. 6

BULLETIN from Archbishop Franzo King to faith-based community leaders along the march route: After maintaining a vigil outside the San Francisco Hall of Justice for 52 weeks demanding that the murderers of our children be arrested, charged, tried and convicted, we are marching to Sacramento and will be passing through your city (see schedule below). We are looking for churches where we may gather. Dear faith leaders, if this cause is on your heart and you are interested in your church being open to greet the marchers and offer a place where we may gather, inform and invite others to join in the march to stop the execution of our children, we will be grateful. Please contact Archbishop Franzo King, at 415-871-9676. For more information, call 415-431-9925.


Frisco-5-hunger-strikers-doctors-med-students-pushing-wheelchairs-march-fr-Mission-Stn-to-City-Hall-050316-by-Mona-Caron-web-300x200, March Against Police Murder, San Francisco to Sacramento, starts Oct. 6, News & Views
The same mother-son team of Equipto and Mama Cristina at the core of this March Against Police Murder made headlines last year with the Frisco 5 hunger strike outside the SFPD Mission Station, culminating in the dramatic march pictured here – the weakened hunger strikers in wheelchairs pushed by medical students – to City Hall on May 3, 2016. Their primary goal, ousting SFPD Chief Greg Suhr, was accomplished days later, and they nearly brought down the mayor as well. – Photo: Mona Caron

On Friday Oct. 6, 2017, we will set out on a march from San Francisco to Sacramento, where we will demand police accountability and charging the police with murder who executed Alex Nieto, Mario Woods, Amilcar Perez-Lopez, Luis Gongora-Pat, Jessica Nelson-Williams, Kenneth Harding Jr. and Derrick Gaines. This is a revolutionary demonstration taking place to demand an end to police murder and hold the cops accountable for shooting unarmed Black and Brown people. This does not just happen in San Francisco but all around the country.

This March is organized by Black and Brown for Justice, Peace and Equality, Mothers on the March and Hunger Strike SF. We plan to begin the march at 850 Bryant in San Francisco on Friday, Oct. 6, at 2 p.m., and complete it on Oct. 19 in Sacramento at Javier Becerra’s office at 1 p.m.

This march will cover a span of 14 days and will hold community meetings in churches or community centers at 7:30 p.m. in every town where we stop. Some of the marchers were participants and leaders in the hunger strike against San Francisco police murders in 2016.

We demand that San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon charge the following cops for murder:

  • Charge Richard Hastings and Richard Lopez for executing Kenneth Harding Jr.
  • Charge Jason Sawyer, Roger Morse, Richard Schiff, and Nathan Chew for executing Alex Nieto.
  • Charge Winston Seto, Antonio Santos, Charles August, Nicholas Cuevas and Scott Phillips for executing Mario Woods.
  • Charge Craig Tiffe and Eric Reboli for executing Amilcar Perez-Lopez.
  • Charge Nate Seger and Michael Mellone for executing Luis Gongora-Pat.
  • Charge Justin Erb for executing Jessica Nelson-Williams.
  • Charge Joshua Cabillo for executing Derrick Gaines.


  • Maria Cristina Gutierrez aka “Mama Christina”
  • Nancy Scott-Cayce
  • Victor Picazo
  • Julio Hernandez
  • Ilyich Sato aka “Equipto”
  • Ike Ali Pinkston
  • Christian L. Ceron
  • Larry Dorsey Jr.
  • Mike Evans Jr.
  • Michael Chapman Jr.


  • Oct. 6, Mill Valley
  • Oct. 7, San Rafael
  • Oct. 8, Novato
  • Oct. 9, Petaluma
  • Oct. 10, Sonoma
  • Oct. 11, Napa
  • Oct. 12, Fairfield
  • Oct. 13 and 14, Vacaville
  • Oct. 15, Dixon
  • Oct. 16 and 17, Davis
  • Oct. 18, Sacramento

To learn more, contact Michael Chapman, at 510-449-3655 or, or Ike Ali Pinkston, at 415-609-9173.