Are California prisoners the property of prison staff?

by Carl F. Harrison

prison-guard-250x300, Are California prisoners the property of prison staff?, Abolition Now!
This friendly fellow welcomes you to become one of HIS prisoners in HIS prison.

I frequently hear correctional officers make statements such as, “Inmate, get off my table,” “Inmate, get off my yard,” “Inmate, get off my bed” and so on.

The idea that they own everything in the prison sounds like they have serious ownership issues, along with superiority complex and delusions. It could also be the reason they abuse prisoners so much. If correctional officers believe we are their property, they could justify abusive treatment of “their” property.

I would like to alert all correctional officers that the people of the state of California, “the taxpayers,” own the prison system, and they pay all state employees in the prison system. Correctional officers are public servants and are paid to protect and serve.

Nothing in the prison system belongs to correctional officers. Also, on a lighter note, I don’t like the idea that I’m wearing someone else’s underwear; it’s just freaky.

Please don’t get me wrong. I respect the badge, and I respect the authority of a sworn officer, doing their lawful duty, and if I ever meet one of these rare creatures, I will probably be in heaven, ‘cause I’ve never seen one on earth.

If by chance we as prisoners do belong to the prison staff, I would like to say, “Please stop abusing your property.” But of course, we are not slaves, no, not us.

Looking at the body counts in California prisons, we elderly prisoners are just waiting in line to be killed off at their “death camps” when our usefulness is gone. California’s prisons have learned well, from the Nazi SS records, how to justify and excuse inmates’ deaths. I think I feel more like a Jew than a slave, but what’s the difference; the end result is the same.

If by chance we as prisoners do belong to the prison staff, I would like to say, “Please stop abusing your property.”

California boasts of being the food and agro capital of the world, yet we get fed garbage I wouldn’t feed a pig. Why? I have not seen a banana or a peach or an orange in years, not even a grape. This tells you how they treat their slaves or property or whatever they think we are.

While inmates sit in prison on drug charges, who do you think is supplying California’s prisons with unlawful drugs? Prison staff! Yes, and when they get caught, they get a nice scolding and sent back to work.

Damn, that badge is cool to have. If I would have had one, do you think I’d be in prison today? Hell no! I’d be getting a fat paycheck for nothing.

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