I Sing the Song of the Black Man

by Paradise Freejahlovesupreme

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I sing the song of the Black Man
The Eternal Black Man
The uncreated, unborn, everlasting
Alpha and Omega Man

The Afrikan, the Indian, the Mexican and the CaucAsian
I am that I am
I am all men in different variations
The tallest and the shortest man
The thinnest and the broadest man
I am the bass, the baritone and the soprano man
My range covers the whole spectrum
From the bottom to the top of man
I am the Huemanitarian
From which all men get their color and hue
Of all the carbon copies
I am the Original Man
The origin of man
The Orisha Man, the Ori Shaman
Respect your Planetary Elders!
The oldest and yet the most spry am I

I am the Voice of the Centuries and the Ages
When I speak with knowledge of self
My words become scripture
My articulations are recorded, circulated and broadcast
Universally on Celestial Pages

Like an Oracle, I speak miracles!
My words are magical, medicinal and lyrical!

I Sing the Song of the Black Man
The Universal Man
The Light of All the Worlds!
The builder of pyramids
The Father of Medicine and Civilization
Your religions and universities
Are but watered down versions
Of my Pharoahnic Phunk, my Afrikan Science
And Nubian Spirituality

I am Malcolm and Martin and Muhammad Ali
The Greatest of All Time!
Isn’t it amazing? I’m still here!

Still sayin’: Black Man
Be not discouraged
If the hills and valleys
Cannot see your point of view
On the mountain top!
Plan your work and work your plan
Master what brings you joy and laughter
Try new things
You never know when you might activate
A Black Genius Gene!
Overcoming is in your DNA
Greatness flows in your bloodstream
You were born and blessed
To nest with the best
And manifest dreamers and dreams!

Black Man, tafadhali! Please understand
You are the Root and the Trunk
Of the Tree of Humanity!
The leaves and the fruit
And the branches that bear the fruit
Are a part of the tree
But they get their sap from you!
They get their juice from the Root
And the Trunk of the Tree
The Phallic Symbol
The Sun that rises up hot and hard and strong!

This is why it is important
To learn and practice ejaculation control
To not cast your pearls before swine
And to be frugal with your seed
Lest you become like a tree that loses its sap
Becomes dry and brittle and keels over and dies!

Like the Sun is the Trunk
Of the Tree called the Solar System
Whose roots are in Heaven
And all the planets and living organisms
And fruit get their life and juice from the Sun
So are you the Pole Star of man
The Solar Man!

Your music is the only music
Being danced to worldwide! And Universally!
Every other kind of music is an acquired taste!

The music that the world hears globally, Black Man
Is the same music that you swagger to
In your walk and your talk
The music that you are!

Honor thy distinction
As the Local Representative of the Universal Hipness!
Others can do the Watusi, but you are the Watusi!
The Rhythm King! The King of Swing!

And yet they still have no reverence for you, Black Man?
Not to worry, one day everyone will come knocking
On the door of the Kingdom of Heaven!
And guess who’s coming to dinner?
Guess who will be the Sentinel?
Guess who’s going to open the door?
A Black Man!

And for those who had no reverence
For the Black Man on earth
He will crack open the door
Just enough so they can hear the music
The live music of the biggest party in the Universe
Ever! Featuring Duke Ellington, Miles Davis
Earth Wind & Fire, Sly Stone, James Brown
George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic
Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Prince, Fela
Monk, Dizzy, Bird, Trane, Hendrix
Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, Sun Ra, Motown
And the Funk Brothers, J.B. Lenoir
Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, Rudi Wongozi
A Tribe Called Quest, Digable Planets, Kev Choice
Etc! Etc! Etc! And so on and so forth and so on!

But then they will be reminded
Of their lack of reverence for the Black Man on earth
And sent back down to Hater’s Island
Where they will have to Face the Music
Of their own making and be forced to listen to
The collective hate musick of all the haters
Until they learn to appreciate and understand
Why … I sing the Song of the Black Man!

© Jan. 22, 2018, by Paradise Freejahlovesupreme. This is Part 2 of Paradise’s “Message to the Black Man.” Part 1 is here. Paradise is president of the International Black Writers & Artists Local 5 in Oakland and was honored by the City of Oakland with “Paradise Day,” on Oct. 6, 2007. Find him on Facebook at Paradise Freejah Lovesupreme.