1. You should be surprised, because we did NOT do that. Part of the sign came down on its own, whether by force, or just because the plywood the tiles were mounted on had rotted completely in the 10 years since the sign was installed. Our staff took the remaining tiles off the rotten wood immediately to SAVE them from falling to the ground and breaking. We have all the tiles we took off the wall safely stored until a decision is made whether to repair the sign or make a new and improved sign.
    Almost every single statement in the article is a blatant lie, and the editor appears not to be ashamed to publish statements that are easily shown to be lies. Here's just one example – Mr. Williams claimed that the Warrior came to the Bayview Opera House and not a single Bayview child was invited. The fact is, the event was organized ONLY for children from Bayview elementary schools that we regularly work with. Here is the Warriors' video about that event: https://tinyurl.com/ybcbl8co
    We at the Bayview Opera House Ruth Williams Memorial Theatre work hard to produce quality community events for Bayview residents to enjoy and provide free arts education to hundreds of Bayview students every year. In our theatre tech internship program young people learn how to be live sound engineers, lighting pros and stage managers. Please attend one of our next events, and you can see for yourself.

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