They loathed Hugo, oppose PEACE

by Minister Umoja Malkuthnaki aka King William E. Brown Jr., United KAGE Brothers & Sisters International Union, New Afrikan Environmental Revolution

“Now the Black civilization that shook the white man up the most was the Egyptian civilization, a Black civilization. (He) was able to take the Egyptian Civilization, write books about it, put pictures in those books, make movies for television and the theater – so skillfully that he has even convinced other white people that the ancient Egyptians were white people … They were African; they were as much African as you and I.” – Malcolm X, Jan. 24, 1965

William-E.-Brown-Jr., They loathed Hugo, oppose PEACE, Abolition Now!
William E. Brown Jr.

Revolutionary greetings, Gods and Goddesses. It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. The system has been making things difficult on a brother, yet I’ve managed to prevail. As you know, CDC got an “R” on its jacket, and with said “R” comes a complex.

Recently us United Kings Against Genocidal Environments (KAGE) refused to settle and dismiss our 42 U.S.C. §1983 suit against defendants Robert Losacco, Lt. R. Amis, and Correctional Officer J. Espinoza et al for the infringement of our First and 14th Amendment rights, as well as violations of our Religious Land Use Institutional Persons Act (RLUIPA) rights.

Pelikkkan Bay State Prison officials have failed or refused to eradicate the implicit racial bias imposed upon New Afrikans, or Blacks – those of us who petitioned and structured the PEACE programs with an ancient Egyptian yoga focal point embraced from Dr. Ashby’s

Consequently, there seems to be a fear that once people, especially those affected by white racism, realize that their roots are tied to an Afrikan woman who lived 200,000 years ago and that Egypt (Kemet) was a Black civilization, they may have psychological problems.

CDC got an “R” because it’s an explicit fact that the problem is rooted in white racism and a false consciousness among its clergy and other Community Resource Managers that won’t allow them to see Egypt universally rooted to an ancient Black civilization, the ancient leader in art, literature, science and government while Europe – the pinnacle of Western thought – eagerly sent its elite students to Kemet to learn the lessons of civilization. Kemet mastered this enterprise via self-realization long before the rise of Europe.

Transferred to avoid an end to a hostile environment and an attempt to prevent litigation

“The only things the Confederate cares about is his money and the weapons to protect it. If they give that up, there’s an ancient phobia rooted that the Blacks and Hispanics will decolonize the 1 percenters; that’s the mental politics of 26 dead worshippers.” – “White Power & Black Gun Powder” by Pye Face, on how Nazis Run Amerikkka

William-E.-Brown-Jr.-with-family, They loathed Hugo, oppose PEACE, Abolition Now!
William E. Brown Jr. with family

After Pelican Bay State Prison closed down its Ad Seg – due to Coleman v. Brown litigation – several prisoners were transferred to both CSP-LAC (Los Angeles) and CSP-SAC (Sacramento). In February of 2017, all false criminal charges against myself were dismissed in the interest of justice. However, PBSP was well aware that two due process claims were pending prior to my court order for a §1370 In re Faretta motion to stand trial and represent myself as a competent pro per litigant.

The fabricated RVR 115 (Rules Violation Report) hadn’t been adjudicated according to CDCr’s disciplinary process, and therefore it would’ve been egregious not to give access to witnesses and other jailhouse litigants who share the petitioner’s non-debriefing ideology, and to gain declarations via investigative employees. See: Title 15 CCR §3315, 3338(h), Wolff v. McDonell (1974). (P.C. §1901, P.C. §134).

It’s also essential to note that KAGE had already been approved as a religious activity group to assemble and promote “peace as the new cool” under our pledge: “I Contribute to Peace.” Even so, I was transferred to CSP-SAC, and upon arrival I noticed CSP-SAC doesn’t have a universal curriculum to promote and maintain consistency via The Agreement to End All Hostilities on A, B and C yards.

So, on May 24, 2017, we submitted our KAGE “23 Demands” in honor of political prisoner Hugo L.A. Pinell. [Hugo, a Black Panther and member of the San Quentin 6, who was locked up for 51 years, 46 of them in solitary confinement, most of those in the Pelican Bay SHU, was loved as a symbol of solidarity by prisoners but loathed by guards, who are widely believed to have arranged his death, on Aug. 12, 2015. – ed.]

Ever since the assassination of Hugo, who was a principle sponsor of the Agreement to End Hostilities, CSP-SAC officials – acting under the color of law – violated the 13th Amendment, Prop. 57, Ashker v. Governor and Universal Health Care Services v. U.S., 579 U.S._2016, when they refused to recognize how commonly “hostilities” break out on these yards.

Those hostilities have been instigated by fascist inmates – agents provocateur – working in collusion with corrupt Green Wall provocateurs [CDCr guards call themselves the Green Wall Gang], especially those with an SNY (Special Needs Yard) or debriefing ideology contrary to the focal points of the Agreement to End All Hostilities. [During the decades of indefinite SHU – or solitary confinement – terms, those prisoners had only three ways out: parole, snitch or die – snitching another word for the official term, debriefing. – ed.]

Officials refuse to take constitutional corrective action even though the Government Public Safety Programs Funds of $431 million give CDCr and CSP-SAC the legal and fiduciary duty not to discriminate on the basis of race, religion and national origin. See: Title 15 CCR §3234(b)(3), and Shaw v. U.S., 580 U.S._2016.

CSP-SAC officials received and continue to receive federal financial assistance, constituting federal bank property from a bona fide federal financial institution. See: Loughrin v. U.S., 572 U.S. (2014). Therefore, CDCr and CSP-SAC officials have an obligation that mustn’t be breached by negligence. They must comply with Prop. 57 to enforce a feasible program with the primary intent to rehabilitate state prisoners. Further, it’s the CDCr’s duty to help establish an adequate program that would offer dog training skills and promote and maintain peace by working with an adequate universal curriculum.

Doobie’s-Palace’-art-by-William-E.-Brown-T-58106-web-231x300, They loathed Hugo, oppose PEACE, Abolition Now!
“Doobie’s Palace” – Art: William E. Brown Jr.

At First Level Review, our program, Puppies Embarking Antihostilities Community Exchange (PEACE) was partially granted on the grounds that Recreational Therapist Ms. Kane and Sammons agree to sponsor and facilitate it. However, Sgt. Baker and Correctional Officer R. Kendall, in concert with Sgt. B. Strohmaie, Lt. R. Heise Jr. and others tried to sabotage our plan of action.

Prime example: I was placed in CSP-SAC’s Short Term Restricted Housing (STRH) cell 143 and charged with attempted murder, i.e., battery upon an inmate with a weapon. These charges were dismissed in the interest of justice by Associate Warden and Chief Disciplinary Officer Meier. Even though I was found not guilty, CSP-SAC officials felt it was best to transfer me via special transfer, because, according to them, “I have some sort of leadership role” which could further threaten the safety and security of CSP-SAC. Retaliation 101.

Now is the time for parallel projects attached to the Agreement to End Hostilities, which would expand based on curriculum and allow this same capacity to develop opportunities for prisoners involved to gain a vocational work trade and/or become certified mediators of our workshops and thus obtain true freedom from multiple milestone credits.

For information on how to help us start a PEACE workshop to groom and train dogs at CSP-SAC and other facilities too, contact myself for full non-profit proposals and mission statements.

“And Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and was mighty in words and deeds.” – Acts, 7:22

As we organize to end the unnecessary conflicts and violence within the U.$. prison environment, let us never grow lax as a united front fighting for peace and to abolish slavery in Amerikkka, via the 13th Amendment ratified Jan. 31, 1865, while honoring those Harlem Hellfighters.

All power to the people – those who don’t fear true freedom!

Min. Umoja Malkuthnaki aka Pye Face

Send our brother some love and light: William E. Brown, Jr., T-58106, CSP-LAC B4-211, P.O. Box 4490, Lancaster, CA 93539. Read the “Declaration of United K.A.G.E. Brothers,” posted Jan. 21, 2016, at