Leonard Peltier: How Native Elder Nathan Phillips defeated the MAGA punks with a song


by Leonard Peltier

“Custer’s Last Stand” – Art: Richard Lorenz. Leonard Peltier writes that after the great victory, “On their way back to camp the young heroic Cheyenne warriors made up the song now known as the AIM song and rode into camp singing it, and the women and men joined in and the whole camp began to sing it.” That is the song Elder Nathan Phillips sang to the MAGA punks.

I just saw the incident taking place in Washington, D.C., in which a demonstration between the white Make America Great Again (MAGA) representatives and a Native Elder singing a religious song took a horrendous turn. There were threats and insults by the young punk wearing the red MAGA hat while an Elder, who happens to be my long time AIM friend and comrade Nate Phillips, was singing a religious song. Now, I see the media and folks changing it around like it was the Native Elder’s fault.

Let me explain to you what the song’s history is.

The Northern Cheyenne people gave this song to the American Indian Movement for an honor song in 1972 after the 71-day occupation of the Wounded Knee massacre grave site, which is now a memorial site, owned by a white person … can you believe that?

Wounded Knee is a sacred area for the Lakota peoples, where over 350 Elders, men, children and women with unborn babies still inside of their bodies were slaughtered. There are documented accounts of soldiers who opposed the killing of babies; however, there were cavalry soldiers riding their horses around the massacre grounds waiving their swords with dead babies on them.

The Lakota, who had disarmed themselves, given up their weapons of stone tomahawks, bows and arrows and hand thrown spears to the 7th Cavalry and raised the white peace – and American – flags, after an agreed truce between them.

The leader of the Lakota Band of Natives was a peace chief named Bigfoot. The cavalry was heavily armed with portable cannons, rifles, steel bayonets and knives and pistols. The 7th Cavalry soldiers were under orders of their commanding officers.

After the captives had been fed and convinced they were safe and the babies began to quiet down and sleep under their now warm robes, they did not see or hear what was about to happen. The Cavalry, like thieves and rapists in the dark of night, surrounded them with those deadly weapons. Early that next morning on Dec. 25 (isn’t that the Christians’ God Jesus’s birthday?) after feeding the Natives their last breakfast meal, they began to slaughter them, killing all who could not somehow escape.

A couple decades earlier, this same Army of rapists of girls and boys and murderers of defenseless peoples surrounded a band of peaceful Northern Cheyenne at Sand Creek and committed the very SAME MURDEROUS ACT, AFTER FIRST APPROACHING THEM UNDER BOTH FLAGS, the AMERICAN and WHITE FLAG! When the Natives were given the flags, they were given a promise that if they exposed and flew these flags the Army would never attack them.

Yet over a dozen soldiers were GIVEN MEDALS OF THE HIGHEST HONORS awards THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT has to BESTOW. Their soldiers and civilians received these awards for this act of genocide, and called it a great victory of war. Today they call it “Make America Great Again”!

So, a decade or so later, BELIEVING IN THEIR OWN B.S. PROPAGANDA THAT THESE WERE VICTORIOUS BATTLES, these same murderers with dozens of their traitors again attacked the Crow scouts during a religious ceremony, the Sundance, at the Little Big Horn or Greasy Grass Creek. This was what we Natives named it.

Only this time Crazy Horse and many other young powerful war leaders – we call them SHIRT WEARERS of the Lakota Nations – and their allies, the Cheyenne, were at the camp guarding the people, armed only with stone tomahawks and bows and arrows against superior weaponry. They defended and wiped out Custer AND his band of MURDERERS and RAPISTS OF CHILDREN AND HELPLESS ELDERS AND WOMEN AND BABIES.

On their way back to camp the young heroic Cheyenne warriors made up the song now known as the AIM song and rode into camp singing it, and the women and men joined in and the whole camp began to sing it.

The song says: “Thank you to the great Spirit for allowing our young men to be brave and courageous to FIGHT OFF AND TO PROTECT the young children, THE WOMEN, UNBORN BABIES, THE ELDERLY WOMEN and MEN, AND OUR LEADERS. Singing THANK YOU, Great Spirit, for giving us the strength to SAVE OUR CHILDREN WITH THE BRAVERY YOU GAVE US. Thank you for showing us your Love for our Peoples. We pray you give us peace with these people who only want war and to kill our Nations and Peoples.” This is the meaning behind the words of the AIM song.

So, this young man stood there acting like he was making fun of our religious leader, and smirking like he was superior to him. Someone should have been there to remind him about the over 25 children in the Catholic School on the Navajo Nations 15 or so years ago. Not to mention the high numbers of evil crimes done to us in the past hundred years!

Hundreds of Native children had been raped and the priest responsible received as punishment a transfer to another church. Most of the Indian boarding schools even had THEIR OWN GRAVE YARDS. Some with as high as 200 unmarked graves! This is what those kids were demanding, to return to those days when to them America was great.

In the spirit of Crazy Horse.


Leonard Peltier

Leonard Peltier is a world-renowned political prisoner. Send our brother some love and light: Leonard Peltier, 89637-132, USP Coleman I, P.O. Box 1033, Coleman, FL 33521.


  1. Nathan Phillips was denounced by the Lakota as being a member of the terrorist group A.I.M. They disavowed him.

    Phillips is not a combat veteran, never set foot in Vietnam and went AWOL 4 times. He was a refrigerator technician. He left the Marines as a private, which is the lowest enlisted grade in all branches of the service.

    Many Natives served the US Military with distinction and honor. Unfortunately Nathan Phillips didn’t and tarnishes the image of Native Americans.

    There are many great Native Americans, Nathan Phillips isn’t one of them. Amerinds aren’t all holy. Like white and black men, they can have opportunistic jerks within their ranks.

    You’re backing the wrong horse.

  2. The young man pictured has a look of being uncomfortable when his personal space is invaded by a jerk with a drum. The hats worn mean nothing to indicate they are a gang, club or agitators. Philips clearly is out of touch with reality and makes a living trading on his “indian” past and lies. Lying about serving in Vietnam as a marine is enough to banish him from your list heroes and trusted friend. He is a sociopath con man and is dragging everyone who trusts him down.

  3. Nathan Phillips is a phony. He has a history as an alcoholic, and and never met a Liberal protest he couldn’t stay out of. Now he’s been exposed as a liar, after he tried to label himself as a Vietnam Veteran, although he wasn’t. So, knowing all that, why believe anything this charleton says? He just set back Native-Americans back 100 years.

  4. If the AIM song was about making peace with the white man, why is Nathan Philips trying to destroy those white children?

    And I have to agree with the comment above about Philip’s drinking….looks like he’s been soaking in alcohol for decades.

    This is not a good man. I feel bad for all the good Native Americans who are being represented by this hateful, lying charlatan.

  5. This is a very interesting story, but it has little connection to the event. Philips said he was praying for the boy, and then he slanders him on TV, and then we have this story. How can you pray for someone and slander them at the same time with a sacred drum? Doesn’t seem very sacred to me. If all you have is hate for Trump, then anything will do to explain why killing innocent unborn children, like they were on a conveyor belt by the thousands to their execution, makes any sense at all. The Covington kids were standing up for unborn, defenseless children. Native American, African, Mexican, and many more nationalities of children. Philips was just angry about the hats and wanted to hurt the kids in a big way. He missed the whole point of why they were there. How is it that an exit from a uterus is what is required to have any human protections? Even criminals have sanctuaries, but unborn children have none. Gov Cuomo authorized murder at birth. I can’t think of anything more ruthless than to kill a child on what would be their first birthday and gleefully rejoice about it. Even the idea that it compares to wounded knee is appalling at best. I think what the US army did to the tribes of Native Americans was ruthless disregard for some of the most gifted people on the planet. I think we owe a serious apology to indigenous native Americans. The harm we caused is unthinkable, but it pales compared to the millions and millions of unborn children taken in the name of convenience. That is the song that the boys should have been singing, the song of the unborn.

  6. Nathan Phillips is a hypocrite and a liar. I hope Nick wins his lawsuit against this selfish and hateful man and everyone who helped spread his hate.

    I was going to say that anyone who watched the rest of the video would see that the MAGA kids were clearly victimized, but apparently the author of this article is so racist that he is incapable of seeing the truth.

  7. “There were threats and insults by the young punk wearing the red MAGA hat” – Um where exactly did you see this? None of the video I’ve seen would indicate the kid did anything wrong. The complete online annihilation of this kid is disgusting.

  8. “Leonard Peltier is a world-renowned political prisoner.” Have to laugh at that as well as his comments about his bro. In 1977, he was convicted and sentenced to two consecutive terms of life imprisonment for first-degree murder in the shooting of two Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents.

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