Black History Month in the Fillmore

by The People’s Minister of Information JR Valrey

Karim-‘Hard-Hitta’-Mayfield-Dwayne-Wiggins-Majeid-Crawford-JR-Valrey-at-Fillmore-Heritage-Center-0219-web, Black History Month in the Fillmore, Culture Currents
Promoters take a picture with artist Dwayne Wiggins of Tony! Toni! Toné!: from left, Karim “Hard Hitta” Mayfield (professional boxer and owner of Hard Hitta Promotions), Dwayne Wiggins (Tony! Toni! Toné!, Dwayne Wiggins Presents and Youth Aid nonprofit), Majeid Crawford (New Community Leadership Foundation and Fillmore Heritage Center Equity Partners) and JR Valrey (JR Valrey Promotions).

Black History Month 2019 exploded at the Fillmore Heritage Center with 17 events that celebrated different facets of our very diverse community. There was Fiyah Friday, Fillmore legend LaRon Mayfield’s Aquarius Bash featuring DJ Drama, the weekly Tuesday Bluesday, the Samba Percussion class, a Night of R&Bay featuring DJs DJ 12 and Black Marc, The Global African Experience presentation by the legendary historian Runoko Rashidi, an intimate and epic evening with the Grammy award winning R&B group Tony! Toni! Tone! and the African Diaspora party.

Phi-Delta-Kappa-Beta-Nu-Chapter-holds-Mardi-Gras-Game-Night-Party-at-Fillmore-Heritage-Center-022319-by-Majeid-Crawford-web, Black History Month in the Fillmore, Culture Currents
A Mardi Gras Game Night Party was held on Feb. 23 at the Fillmore Heritage Center by the National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Inc., Beta Nu Chapter. – Photo: Majeid Crawford

The Fillmore Heritage Center persented a forum called “Bring Us a President: What does Black Political Engagement Look like in 2019,” a poetic tribute to Al Robles, Black Girl Magic Karaoke and Lip Sync Battle, Feel More Poetry, The Day Before Hip Hop Festival, We Remember Mary Ellen Pleasant Mixer, Cocktails and Comedy, and Public Defender Jeff Adachi’s Memorial.

Women-graduates-of-Renaissance-Entrepreneurship-Ctr-play-RenTank-Pick-Contest-to-win-cash-prizes-for-their-businesses-at-Fillmore-Heritage-Center-0219, Black History Month in the Fillmore, Culture Currents
Women who graduated from the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center participate in a RenTank Pick Contest to win cash prizes for their businesses. – Photo: Jameel Patterson

Jeff Adachi’s sudden death was felt acutely in our neighborhoods because as our elected public defender Jeff was a major defender of human rights no matter the ethnicity of the victim. He was a major hero in the Black community, where everyone has a favorite Jeff Adachi story. One is his role in getting JJ and Soda Pop out, two young brothers from Hunters Point who did 13 years for a murder they did not commit.

Day-Before-Hip-Hop-Tour-at-Fillmore-Heritage-Center-0219-by-Majeid-Crawford-web, Black History Month in the Fillmore, Culture Currents
Another major event during Black History Month at the Fillmore Heritage Center was The Day Before Hip Hop Tour. – Photo: Majeid Crawford

Thousands of people were given the opportunity to enjoy entertainment and community at the Fillmore Heritage Center during Black History Month, which is fitting, because this new building is built on the site of the headquarters of the San Francisco chapter of the Black Panther Party.

The collaborative that is running the building is doing a great job at hosting a community-oriented world class performance space. I encourage all the readers in the area to come and support community economics at its best.

Tony-Toni-Tone-performs-Valentine-Weekend-at-Fillmore-Heritage-Center-021619-by-Jameel-Patterson-web, Black History Month in the Fillmore, Culture Currents

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