Celebrate Cultural Landmark designation of the Arthur Coleman Medical Center

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The Bayview Clinic staff are here to care for your needs.

You’re invited! Please join us at the Coleman Medical Center on Tuesday, March 26, for an open house from 4:30-6:30 p.m., 6301 Third St. (at Ingerson), San Francisco 94124. Visit this landmark center for Black health! Meet the staff and board of the Bayview Hunters Point Clinic. RSVP please to health@bayviewclinic.org. The event is free.

In 1960, Dr. Arthur H. Coleman was Bayview’s first African American physician. He purchased the property and built this medical center where we care for the community.

Dr. Arthur Coleman served this community for more than 40 years. In 1960 he built this place, now the home of our Bayview Clinic, as a mecca for African American health. For the first time, residents of Bayview Hunters Point had all the care they needed to be well – a team of Black doctors, dentists, OB/GYN, therapists, and even an ophthalmologist and pharmacist – right in the neighborhood.

Arthur-Coleman-Medical-Center-opened-1960-historic-photos, Celebrate Cultural Landmark designation of the Arthur Coleman Medical Center, Local News & Views
The Arthur Coleman Medical Center opened in 1960 with a full staff of Black doctors. These photos are from the early years.

“This clinic represented not only physical health, but mental attitude. It’s an inspirational health place. It’s a good mental health place.” This is how Dr. Walter Morris, orthopedist and an original doctor at the Arthur Coleman Medical Center, described Dr. Coleman’s care.

Did you think the Coleman Medical building at Third and Ingerson was vacant? It was until we brought healthcare services back in 2016. Last year the community rallied to protect it as a San Francisco Cultural Landmark, by unanimous vote of the SF Board of Supervisors.

Dr.-Marquenta-Neblett-orig.-1960-Coleman-Medical-Center-general-practitioner-at-event-0818-web, Celebrate Cultural Landmark designation of the Arthur Coleman Medical Center, Local News & Views
Dr. Marquenta Neblett, one of the original Coleman Medical Center staff, returned for an event in August 2018.

The Bayview Clinic has a 20-year lease and just finished a $2 million remodel to bring state-of-the art equipment and ADA accessibility to this historic center for Black health. Now that is something to celebrate! Join us on March 26, 4:30-6:30 p.m., at 6301 Third St.

Patients like you make Dr. Coleman’s vision of health equity possible. Come meet our practitioners! We have doctors, dentists, therapists, recovery professionals, case managers and health educators to serve you, and there’s no wait for medical or behavioral health appointments.

Bayview Clinic is only the second dental office serving Bayview Hunters Point

Before dental care returned to the Arthur Coleman Medical Center, there was only one dental office serving the 34,000 residents of Bayview Hunters Point.

“My father was one of the doctors – he was a dentist – who opened this building and was part of the group of doctors who were brought together to serve the Bayview community. We honor their history as one of the first African American groups in San Francisco to practice medicine.” Harrison Parker Jr. and his sister, Courtney Jones, attended the reopening.

“I love that we’re bringing the tradition of that clinic back. It feels like a full circle project. I’m honored to be a part of this work,” said Kiki Jordan, Bayview Clinic CEO.

A community celebration in August included then-Supervisor for District 10 Malia Cohen. She and Pastor Aurelius Walker were instrumental in securing Cultural Landmark designation to protect the Arthur Coleman Medical Center as a historic icon of Bayview Hunters Point.

Also speaking at the community event were Dr. Marquenta Neblett, an original practitioner when the center opened in the 1960s, and family members of Drs. Johnson, Morris and Parker. Even our builder, Metcon, spoke about how meaningful it was to them to work on this historic project.

Chief Dental Officer Joshwin Hall grew up in Bayview. He studied at Howard University College of Dentistry and now lives in the community with his family. Dr. Hall designed our state-of-the-art dental clinic for patients to feel welcomed and comfortable.

Dr.-Joshwin-Hall-current-dentist-Coleman-Medical-Center-with-family-web, Celebrate Cultural Landmark designation of the Arthur Coleman Medical Center, Local News & Views
Chief Dental Officer Joshwin Hall grew up in Bayview, studied dentistry at Howard University, lives in the community with his family and designed the new state-of-the-art dental clinic at the new Bayview Clinic in the Coleman Medical Center.

“I’m able to carry on Dr. Coleman’s dream of giving back to this community and the disadvantaged,” said Joshwin Hall, DDS.

Call 415-339-8813 to get a dental appointment today! We accept Medi-Cal and private insurance and can help you get signed up for Medi-Cal or Covered California.

Tired of getting care in the emergency room?

“I had a fear of doctors as a little boy, but Dr. Coleman had a way of making me want to go see the doctor.” – Dominique McDowell, director of Homeless and Addiction Services, Bayview Clinic.

Health Homes is a program providing wraparound healthcare, funded by Medi-Cal. Also known as “Whole Person Care,” it helps our patients navigate available resources to prevent medical emergencies.

Have you been to the emergency room more than once in the past few months? Do you feel sick, but find medical terms confusing? Do you have a friend who is struggling with addiction and having a hard time holding a job? Are you overwhelmed with financial anxiety? Do you want to learn how to manage your child’s asthma so that your family breathes well at home? Make the Bayview Clinic your Health Home!

By utilizing primary care, we can provide the support you need for pain, chronic conditions (such as asthma, diabetes or high blood pressure), addiction, depression or anxiety that keep you from feeling healthy and active. People experiencing homelessness are another group that we serve through this program – a Health Home connects patients with alternatives to living on the street and provides access to healthcare services.

We know that it can be hard to find the care you need, and you may not know where to go for which services. Doctors, lab tests, specialist care, housing and transportation assistance – all of these are part of wellness, and our Health Homes program.

Health Homes is part of the Bayview Clinic’s model of patient-focused care. Our practitioners offer support, not judgment, in getting you the right care for your needs. We thank San Francisco Health Plan for their support of this program.

Harrison-Parker-Jr.-son-of-orig.-1960-Coleman-Medical-Center-dentist-at-event-0818-web, Celebrate Cultural Landmark designation of the Arthur Coleman Medical Center, Local News & Views
Harrison Parker Jr., son of the original dentist on the Coleman Medical Center staff when it opened in 1960, was proud to stand by a plaque honoring his father at an event at the Center last August.

Make the Bayview Clinic your Health Home

Here’s how. It’s easy.

1. Call 415-339-8813 and tell us that you’d like to know more about Health Homes. Our receptionists are ready to help you make an appointment.

2. Meet with a case manager for a needs assessment and to access the resources that you want. This can include things like filling out paperwork for Social Security benefits or signing your child up for healthcare.

About us

The Bayview Hunters Point Clinic brought services back to the Arthur Coleman Medical Center in 2016. After an extensive remodel, the clinic has expanded access to primary care and integrated health services. The Bayview Clinic (and its partner clinic in Marin City) was created by a grassroots movement demanding compassionate, culturally respectful care. As the only public health clinic in the country with the mission of African American health equity, every day our staff talk with patients and neighbors to learn what services they want and need. We know the first step is building trust.

We are here to serve you, and to honor Dr. Coleman’s legacy of high-quality, community based care. Email us any questions at health@bayviewclinic.org or call us today at 415-339-8813 to make an appointment for all of your health and wellness needs.