Hunger strike declared in Indiana’s worst torture chamber – call now!

Hunger-Strikes-done-in-darkness-never-succeed-the-light-has-to-shine-and-reaons-for-the-strike-exposed-by-Shaka-Shakur-meme, Hunger strike declared in Indiana’s worst torture chamber – call now!, Abolition Now!

by IDOC Watch

Inmates on the Secure Housing Unit at Wabash Correctional Facility in Carlisle, Indiana, are once again going on hunger strike to demand that administration follow policies and end its inhumane and torturous treatment. The strikers are demanding they be permitted, as per DOC policy, to order items from commissary.

Every solitary unit in the state honors the right of prisoners who have been housed for over 60 days to order basic essentials from commissary. However, Unit Team Manager Jerry Snyder, who has ultimate authority over the SHU, is disallowing the prisoners housed there to make their orders.

The commissary is the one way prisoners have to obtain basic necessities like food and hygiene products. Already, the meal portions on the SHU are at starvation levels, with every inmate who is moved there losing an obscene amount of weight in a matter of days.

Without access to commissary, inmates cannot supplement their diets or nutrition. Additionally, the paltry hygiene products distributed on the SHU are not even enough to last a few days.

The administration hands out “finger toothbrushes” with bristles so coarse so they damage teeth and gums. Shampoo comes in packets smaller than what can be found for free in a motel. All of this compounds the mental and physical torture that the strikers experience every single day on the most extreme lockdown unit in the state.

This is all the CHOICE of Jerry Snyder, a defendant in multiple cases of human rights abuse. He chooses to violate policy in order to torture the people over whom he has power. This cannot go on!

Be a voice for the voiceless: Call today!

Please call Wabash Valley Correctional Facility Unit Team Manager Jerry Snyder, at 812-398-5050, ext.4301.

You will likely not speak to Mr. Snyder, but if you do, you can read the script below. If you do not speak with him, you may also leave the script as a message to the secretary or a voicemail.

Script: “I am calling to say that I am aware that several inmates on the Secure Housing Unit are currently on hunger strike and are demanding they be able to order all needed items from commissary. I am in support of these strikers’ efforts and ask that you follow department policy in this matter. I am greatly concerned for the health and well being of not only the strikers but all inmates on the SHU.”

Please tell us how your calls go!

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