Bay View Voters Guide for March 3 Primary Election

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Led by young voters, Blacks are “feeling the Bern,” looking forward to creating the better world that President Bernie Sanders would make feasible. Here in San Francisco and throughout California, it’s on us to give him the overwhelming victory he needs in this early primary election to win the Democratic nomination and the presidency in November! Remember, the old folks used to tell us to VOTE 100%! Black block voting used to swing many elections our way. Let’s do this! – Photo: Bernie’s Facebook

by Jeremiah Jeffries, Jeremiah’s Social Justice Voter Guide

ELECTION DAY is Tuesday, March 3, 2020. This is the presidential primary. This is the second most important election of the year!

This election is mostly about leadership within the Democratic Party, both locally and nationally – who represents our values, who has the most integrity and who will get us closer to the world we want.

A special note about this presidential primary: If you are not registered to voter or if you are registered as any party other than Democrat, it is super important that you re-register as a Democrat or request a Democratic ballot when going to the polls if you want to vote for the Democratic Party nominee.


Our best chance at a bright future is Bernie Sanders​. We need the courage to vote​ for the best world possible, for the biggest dreams, for the biggest potential shift in government and politics. We won’t get to the world we want with half measures and plans that do not challenge the fundamental ways our institutions are inhumane or value markets and money (capitalism) over people.

We need leadership with integrity and vision for a better world. Bernie Sanders has been the most consistent, honest and visionary politician to have the opportunity to be in the White House and has the greatest potential to defeat Donald Trump in November.

However, our work must go beyond voting. We have to engage one another, build community and work toward the future we want. Our first step is to get, not only ourselves, but our friends and community to get out and VOTE!


Bernie Sanders has been the most consistent, honest and visionary politician to have the opportunity to be in the White House and has the greatest potential to defeat Donald Trump in November.

Why not Warren? Well, simply put, TRUST. With many Republicans dressing up as Democrats and​ many Democrats with Republican values and interests, trust should not be easily given. Sen. Elizabeth Warren has been a Republican longer than she’s been a Democrat.

As a young person, when most voters are more progressive, she was Republican. She was a Republican for nearly three decades: the ‘70s, ‘80s and most of the ‘90s.When she came of voting age – just two years after Dr. King was assassinated – she chose to vote Republican.

Coming of age through the Nixon, civil rights and Black power struggle, targeting of the Black Panthers, US Support for Vietnam, Iraq and Iran, Oliver North Scandal, crack epidemic, mass incarceration of Black amd Brown people, LA riots, Ronald Reagan’s presidency and George Bush Sr., to name a few, she remained a Republican – not to ignore the bipartisan culpability of this history.

It wasn’t until whites were significantly impacted by the failure of capitalism and the crash of Wall Street that she was moved to become a Democrat, in the name of a “fairer” capitalism. Now while wisdom often comes with age, she has a long way to go before I’m ready to give her my trust, and unfortunately all the other Democratic candidates – other than Bernie – are less progressive than she is.

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State Bond for Public School Maintenance, Modernization and Construction: Yes!


These are the laws and policies that matter. This is where we help shape the​ city we want!

Prop A, City College Job Training, Repair and Earthquake Safety Measure: Yes!

While the title may be a little confusing and misleading – there is no job training in this proposition, only repair of job training facilities – this is a good proposition that will bring needed dollars for the physical wellness of City College.

Prop B, San Francisco Earthquake Safety and Emergency Response Bond: Yes!

An important investment into our safety and first responder resources. While I am not a fan of “pass through” costs to tenants, overall it’s a needed bond.

Prop C, Retiree Healthcare Benefits for Former Employees of SF Housing Authority: Yes!

Public service workers deserve access to healthcare. It’s a right they should have always had.

Prop D, ​Vacancy Tax: YES!

An important step to help rein in greedy landlords looking to profit from evicting small businesses in the hopes of avoiding renter protections and raising rental cost on the next tenant.

Prop E, Limits on Office Development: YES!​

Keeping a crucial balance between residential and commercial or office space is essential in maintaining the culture and feel of San Francisco. This is an important mechanism in keeping that balance.


U.S. House of Representatives,​ District 12: ​Nancy Pelosi* (The Bay View prefers Shahid Buttar.)

U.S. House of Representative, Congress ​District 14:​ Jackie Speier

State Senate,​ Disrict 11: ​Jackie Fielder. She is really great and will bring a needed voice and energy.

State​ Assembly,​ District 17: ​David Chiu*

State ​Assembly,​ District 19: ​Phil Ting*

Superior Court​ Judge​, Seat 1: ​Maria Evangelista*

Superior Court ​Judge​, Seat 18: ​Michelle Tong*

Superior Court ​Judge​, Seat 21: ​Carolyn Gold*


The DCCC is our local Democratic Party leadership. These are the people who have been doing work in their various communities or have worked to serve the city and I think will help bring the right voices to the Democratic Party, given who’s running.

Other candidates not listed have major failings, do not inspire the trust or a do not have a body of work to be named in this section of the guide.

Assembly District 17

You can​ vote for no more than 14, but less is more! I recommend voting for only 12.

Gloria Berry

Bivett Brackett (added by the Bay View)

Vallie Brown*

Tami Bryant

Bevan Dufty*

Peter Galotta

Shaun Haines (added by the Bay View)

Frances Hsieh

Anabel Ibanez*

Jane Kim

Sophie Maxwell*

Shamann Walton*

Shanell Williams

Assembly District 19

Vote for no more than 10, but less is more! I recommend voting for only seven.

Queena Chen

Leah LaCroix

Mano Raju

Janice Li

Gordon Mar

Faauuga Moliga

Kelly Groth

*Please know that these are simply suggestions to bring out the best outcome. This does not mean alignment of values or personal integrity or constitute an endorsement.

Jeremiah Jeffries is a San Francisco public school teacher and a co-coordinator of Teachers 4 Social Justice. He can be reached at