Statement for our Palestinian sisters and brothers!

Palestine-Art-Against-Imprisonment-virtual-exhibit-032121, Statement for our Palestinian sisters and brothers!, Abolition Now!
On March 21, 2021, Art Against Imprisonment, a virtual art exhibit, “will shine a light on the multiple forms of creativity that people trapped in Israeli and US prisons use to break through isolation and abuse experienced daily. The exhibit features art from incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people from the US and Palestine as a small testament to their creativity and imagination. The event aims to inspire understanding and solidarity between movements against imprisonment and for the freedom of all held captive inside prisons.” The event will also feature a message from Kevin Cooper! Register here:

by Kevin Cooper

This is Kevin Cooper, writing this statement in solidarity with and support of our sisters and brothers in Palestine. As an oppressed man and a member of a historically oppressed people, it is truly important to me to support all oppressed people in this world who are being denied their universal right to life as well as their basic human rights.

The government of Israel does not want true and lasting peace with Palestine. If it was peace that they wanted, they could have had it a very long time ago. What they want is land, the land of the Palestinian people, and they want it by any means necessary.

Like the Native Americans of this country who had their land stolen from them by oppressors here, the same is happening to our Palestinian sisters and brothers over there.

The willingness to fight and to die in order to live free from oppression is an inspiration to all oppressed people, no matter where they are. 

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As the oppressed African Americans over here are being shot and murdered by the police for any reason and for no reason at all, the same is being done to the people of Palestine by the police and military over there.

As the people of South Africa once lived in a state of apartheid, our sisters and brothers in Palestine are living in those same inhumane conditions. They live in a caste system built and maintained by the oppressive government of Israel – just as the people in India, called the untouchables, are living in that type of caste system. 

Free-Gaza-art-by-Kevin-Cooper, Statement for our Palestinian sisters and brothers!, Abolition Now!

They are forced to live against their will in the world’s largest open prison called the Gaza Strip, yet they keep their dignity, their self-respect and will to live intact. And, like the Native Americans, African Americans, people of South Africa and most oppressed people in the history of the world – they fight back against their oppressors! 

The willingness to fight and to die in order to live free from oppression is an inspiration to all oppressed people, no matter where they are. 

Bob-Marley-art-by-Kevin-Cooper, Statement for our Palestinian sisters and brothers!, Abolition Now!
 “Bob Marley” – Art: Kevin Cooper

They stood by us in Ferguson after the murder of Mike Brown and in all other times when we needed their support. One of our greatest warrior queens to ever fight for us and them and all oppressed people throughout this, Sister Angela Y. Davis, stated that “Freedom Is a Constant Struggle.” Because this is true, we all must stand with, support and help our sisters and brothers in Palestine.

As for my paintings – “Free Gaza” speaks for itself, and Bob Marley was a human rights activist who used his powerful music to fight for human rights!

In struggle and solidarity,

Kevin Cooper 

Send our brother some love and light: Kevin Cooper, C-65304, 4-EB-82 San Quentin State Prison, San Quentin, CA 94974.