Thursday, June 13, 2024

The San Francisco Black Film Festival is back and better than ever! 

The festival will be held on June 13 through 16. Be there!

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Remembering Eddie Kittrell (1951-2023): Nationally known public housing advocate and

Eddie hoped that a focus on family, as opposed to crime or violence, would become integral to understanding the concept of public housing as a place of community.

May 29 Plaza East residents set to rally for accountability from SF housing authority

Plaza East, situated in The Fillmore, one of San Francisco’s last remaining historic Black communities, has seen a drastic decline in its Black population
Peace gathering outside Terry Williams home Friday May 24

After racist attacks, peace rally brings Fillmore together

At 4 p.m. on Friday, May 24, roughly 20 neighbors came together in support of the Williams family. Most had known Terry, 49, their whole lives — and this afternoon was for them.
fire flame smoke firefighter street stop truck

One-alarm fire rips through home of man recently targeted with racist threats

Family home of lifelong Fillmore resident Terry Williams burns down suddenly Tuesday morning, the third incident in a string of targeted attacks.

We don’t want to hear you say Nigga no more: Misclassifying colorism in the...

Rappers feuding opens discourse on colorism

KKK flag and printout calling for ‘extermination’ left at man’s home in second incident

On May 5, a second ziplock bag filled with racist threats was left at Terry Williams’ door, one block from Alamo Square Park. Inside the bag, a paper read: “WE WILL CONTINUE TO EXTERMINATE YOU N— SLAVES.”

Gumbo Social is stirring up some conversations on 3rd Street 

Have a bowl of gumbo and some good conversation at his new location located at  5176 3rd St. near Thornton, San Francisco, CA 94124.

The poisoned people of Treasure Island need gutsy lawyers

Treasure Island soil and groundwater is heavily contaminated with radioactive and hazardous waste deposited through sloppy mishandling of toxic material during Naval operations in the 56 years Treasure Island was a Navy base.

Protests stop SF traffic in its tracks

The goal of A15 Action is to target “the global economy for its complicity in Israel's ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people.”

International civilian aid flotilla to break the siege of Gaza

“When governments fail, we sail!”

‘Let’s watch Mays’

Willie Mays was one of the greatest baseball players of all time. Many who know the game call him the greatest. 

Jinho ‘Piper’ shines in solo play ‘Black Men Everywhere!’

"Black Men Everywhere!" discusses the lives of Black men and the terror they face

Horror and hope in Haiti after 20 years of occupation

In the face of repression that has driven hundreds of thousands from their homes, the Haitian people continue to defend their communities and to build new institutions, such as free clinics, cooperatives and schools. The time for solidarity is now.

Palestinian organizers protest Navy vessel said to be headed to Israel

The protest was intended to stop the ship’s departure and denounce former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s press conference celebrating the ship’s maiden voyage.

Comrade George, Gaza and the Black Community

How many of us are finding out about the Black community in the Gaza Strip for the first time now?

Gold Beams hosts a fire event at West Oakland’s Crucible

The night at the Crucible was filled with creativity, fire performances and a bit of raunch.

‘The Wiz’ returns: There’s no place like the Ruth Williams Bayview Opera House

The Bayview Opera House beat to the rhythm of "The Wiz."

The current state of reparations: case studies from key American cities

The demand for reparations is not merely a call for monetary compensation; it is a fight for recognition and justice and for the country to live up to its ideals of equality and liberty