Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Tag: Marin County Jail

Ex-SF cop threatened to ‘put a bullet’ in 11-year-old’s head for...

Child abuse, kidnapping and criminal death threats seem appropriate to this incident. As long as adult behavior as described here, especially that of an ex-police officer, is the go-to response to annoyance, we are in further danger of losing our humanity. Children will always play pranks with each other and the community at large. They shouldn’t be in danger of dying for their folly.

Robert Chrisman and The Black Scholar

Robert Chrisman and the internationally acclaimed The Black Scholar journal (TBS) are principle beacons of achievement and hope within the movement to create Black Studies departments and ultimately Ethnic Studies and Women’s Studies departments. Chrisman and The Black Scholar occupied the vanguard of the struggle for recognition of Black Studies as a serious academic endeavor.