by Davey D

White supremacists – KKK, Neo-Nazis, skinheads – crash a Black community rally in Paris, Texas, supported by the New Black Panther Party, protesting the dismissal of charges against two white men accused of the September dragging murder of a Black man. – Photo: Jesse MuhammadMadness went down in Paris, Texas, on Tuesday, July 21, as members of the New Black Panther Party and white supremacists squared off. The trouble took place when skinheads descended upon a rally held by members of the Black community to protest the Jasper-style dragging death of Brandon McClelland last September by two white men. In what appeared initially to be a slam dunk case, the special prosecutor Toby Shook said no charges would be pursued due to lack of evidence.

Brother Jesse Muhammad of the Final Call newspaper was one of the first to break this story. He was present at the rally on Tuesday and gave us an in-depth breakdown of what took place. You can peep out Brother Jesse’s blog here:

In the meantime, take a look at the footage from Southern Shift TV and the Associated Press (AP) and you can get a glimpse of what took place. As you watch this, ask yourself how and why is this happening in the Age of Obama and why isn’t race being discussed seriously as advocated by Attorney General Eric Holder.

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Southern Shift TV video: Brother Jesse Muhammad of the Final Call newspaper reports to Davey D what took place July 21 in Paris, Texas, when Neo-Nazi and KKK members burst on the scene and tried to disrupt a rally held by the Black community to protest the freeing of two white men accused of dragging a Black man to death.

Associated Press video: Groups traded shouts of “black power” and “white power” on the streets of Paris, Texas. Troopers moved in to keep apart black separatists and white supremacists during protests over the handling of the dragging death of a black man last year (AP’s caption).


  1. I am a white female that lived in Paris as a child then was moved to Florida as a teen the officials in Paris are so corrupt I hope that all of this will open up something on their corption my nepehew passed away in January and the officer who investigated his death had only been a homicide investigator for one month he worked car burgularies for the city before that we feel like something realy bad was overlooked in our case and all of the officials there have each others back and just keep shutting the door in our face. It is the good old boy system and they have such a tight nit group someone higherup needs to investigate. My prayers are with Mrs. McClelland an my sisiter who is trapped in Paris.

  2. i think it is bullsh*t that ni**er people think that they are better then us white people, have they looked in mirror lately. They are still monkeys and what is this in Paris, Texas? I hear they can have there ni**er panther party out in the street, but us southern white people are suppose to shut up and take it, and they cause a scene yelling and crawling around like the monkeys they are. Only my white brothers get arrested, what is this country coming to i believe the whites need to a reality check. White America!

    • You all yell out God…. Right. The Holy Bible….You can not change around the WORD OF GOD to make your life comfortable while you live in sin….. I pray for you. God Bless. I Love You and God Loves You too. You are still my brother.

      Galatians 5:19-21
      The acts of the sinful nature are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God.

      (Matthew 6:14-15) 14 “For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15 But if you don’t forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

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  3. black people that act stupid are stupid. white people that act stupid are stupid. doesn't matter what caller you are, if you act like a dumbass, you're still a dumbass.

  4. black people that act stupid are stupid. white people that act stupid are stupid. doesn’t matter what colour you are, if you act like a dumbass, you’re still a dumbass.

  5. Jessie James, I feel so bad for you childern and the mother who cared you for 9 months. As a woman if I care a child for 9 months I hope the child will have more puropse rather than being a devil victim (that what you are, purposeless, arrgont person)you are prime example of what an arrogant person. I was raised by a white person and you make them look so bad, but thank god not all white peopel think like you. I pray god will take the devil out of you so you can think right, if not hopeful the goverment will put in mental institution which where you belong right now.

  6. There’s only one solution to the race problem that we face in this country–we must have our own. We have bled, protested, organized politically, and attempted to unsuccessfully integrate into this nation’s systems and institutions. We have fought on every battlefield except for the one that counts the most–the economic battlefield. Economics takes precedence over every other social and political sector. We must organize economically first. Then create an economic system that we control and directly benefit from. This will enable us to fight our enemies from a position of strength. We can “command” justice as opposed to simply “demanding” it. As one wickedly-wise person said–and I’m paraphrasing: “US$20 billion dollars can do a lot more than all of the people around the world protesting at the same time can do.” We must organize and grow ourselves on economic lines first–or else we’re protesting and fighting in vain. No longer can we afford to simply demand justice. The time for asking is over. We must position ourselves to command justice and force justice. Just demanding it is no longer acceptable. Why would someone who has their foot on your neck take it off when they got you right where they want you? You can demand that he takes his foot off your neck all you want to–he won’t do it and continue to laugh at your impotency. No, you must gather the strength to lift him off of you so that you will be free from him. Then you must have enough strength to overpower him and destroy him. Economics is the “steroids” that we need to accomplish this. Economics first. We can make this happen, baby.

  7. to jessie james at the top

    it dosent matter if the whites are fucken getting it harder than the blacks you bastard started it im a proud black person and youve gotta show respect to us the more you show the more you get back so dont for one second you can call us all monkeys you fucken asshole stop acting like you know more about the blacks your a proud white man who needs to think more independantly foor you actions and words you say rasism is a big word and not many of us liike it jessica james you get fucked and shoove it in your hiole you fucker

  8. I grew up in Indiana. I have watched the ignorance from a distance around this country. From the perspective of a farmer and working on the fields we were all equal. I’m surprised some of these fools (hate-ists) know how to use a computer. Technology is a detriment in this instance. But I think the answer is legitimate hard work. I do not think the answer lays in accumulating 20 billion dollars, baby. Devices of the devil are everywhere. But even the most evil human beings need only wait for the smartest of us to screw up. I am not surprised so many of these people, these ignorant-ones, believe themselves righteous. There is plenty of fault in our educational systems, the structures of our religions, our blatant disregard for human life and dignity, and a mindset of “the ends justify the means” as a moral precipice from which we stand. I guess its easy to see the faults of another person. But stranger is to see skin color as problematic. Monkeys? More like albino lemurs who figured out how to type on a keyboard. Admittedly I feel there are times I would love to throw my defecate across the room at my enemy, but I’d rather just flush it and be done with it.

  9. @Jessie James: Do you know what your sin is? It's pride, and where in the bible does it say, Whites are better than Blacks? I'm mixed, and i have lots of White, Black, Hispanic, and Asian friends. Me being mixed is an act of unity.

  10. I can remember as a small child living in Houston. I never knew what racism was. I went to school at Burbank Elementery and was one of the very few whites. I DO REMEMBER as a child BLACK older children beating me and my brother with chains sticks etc. We were white so we had money. I remember we were poor and on state sponsored food programs etc. We could not even afford cool clothing! We recieved what my parents could afford. I look at some remarks on here, respect, racism etc. All I want is equality. I look forward to companies like FUBU etc. to get thier butts sewed offf by a white person for discimination and put all on an equall playing field. You talk of black pride and respect, and of the inverse white pride etc. WHAT THE HELL ABOUT JUST BEING AN AMERICAN! No more political correctness etc. What happened happened let the law run its course, stop throwing racial biasness in to the equation.

    • Hello Jimmy
      I agree with you 100%. As I was stating to Dusty I am an African American Woman…. I love myself and most of all Jesus. Unfortunately we live in a world where hate. crime. proverty. racism. does exsist. But as a Christian I set myself apart from the world by not feeding into such ignorance. See everyone shouts out God…. but reads the same Holy Bible. We cannot change around the Word of God to fit our lives to make us comfortable while we live in sin and do what we want as much as it is displeasing to God. Yes I am happy to see my people become educators and teachers, lawyers, God fearing parents like myself b/c this breaks down alot of the stereotypes that has been held over our heads for so long. In saying this I LOVE WHO I AM AND MY ROOTS HOLD A LEGACY THAT INSPIRES OTHERS OUTSIDE OF MY REFLECTION. Because I know this I can love others with no boundaries. I see ignorance in all races, shapes. As long as we are here there will be negative people. The question is how will YOU make a positive difference!

  11. This is just plain ridiculous. They have a site, , and it’s the most racist thing I’ve ever seen. These “monkeys” want exemption from taxes, free homes and healthcare, all “their people” freed from all jails and prisons, and they think it’s a fair deal. I have no problem with black people. I do however, with niggers. There IS a difference.

    • I am a very educated, well cultured African American Woman who do not believe in the new black panther party. I love who am. I know who I am. It's okay to love your culture,,,, when you love yourself it opens the gate for you to love others as Christians God Commands us to love, forgive, and to pray for one another. Nigger is an ignorant person altogether……Don't feed into the hype. Pray these people……

  12. The guy from Oakland, which Oakland? Oakland California? That is the place I was born. It has changed a lot. The change for the worse was due to blacks, PERIOD. You can’t sugar coat it. I moved with my parents to San Leandro, CA., just next to Oakland. It used to be called LILY WHITE, San Leandro. Too bad the blacks got in there too. I still own property there but have moved to Northen CA. Trouble is, most whites won’t say it as it is and most blacks are too small to admit it. I’m tired of the pussy-footing around, call a spade a spade. If the blacks can’t handle that, screw all of them. If I saw a black person in need I would help he or she like anyone else. In fact, I have. I don’t think a thing about it. I do, however, have a huge problem with the New Black Panther Party, Barry Soetoro Hussein, the supposed to be president who was elected by ignorant, sympathetic whites, Hispanics and of course BLACKS who are never RACIST. Obama is the biggest RACIST person in the world. I am not racist, I don’t like Barry’s white half either. What do you say to that? I would like to see the New Black Panther Party come to Placerville, CA. (OLD HANGTOWN) during an election and try to intimidate us. They would find out just why we call it hangtown. It’s time to get it overwith. Oh, just so you know I am not prejudice, I don’t like Plastic Face Pelsoi, Little Timmy Guithner, Franks, Gibbs, Boxer, Feinstein, Holder, Axlerod, Reid or any of the clowns that follow the Little Muslim. Believe me, Barry is not what he seems to be. Or, maybe he is. He should be IMPEACHED, NOW””
    Concerned AMERICAN,

  13. Prime example:

    When a white person kills a black person by accident, it's a hate-crime.

    When a black person kills a white person by accident, it's an accident.

    Another one:

    You can start an black-only book club in the USA, but I dare you to try and found a white-only book club.

    Last one:

    A white person cannot become president just by manipulating guilt feelings in the black community…. you can fill in the rest!

  14. did you not see how ridicoulous thoes people were?
    I'm 14 a white female and was there it was stupid they all just looked like a bunch of jackasses who needed a swift kick in the ass. I don't believe Paris is raciest, because if it is no ones told all the interatial couples or me and my friends.
    If anything Paris should be in trouble for all the churches and intolorence for gays, my friend almost got beat up because a TEACHER told some boy that he had a crush on him! (the boy is bisexual) and There is a fucking church around every damn cornner cramming their ridicoulous views down your throat!! The town it self is a joke!! And so is the school system!!

  15. white people are always claiming their better yet they are the number 1 race thats ALWAYS trying to be something else, mainly black! whites are always trying to sing black, dance black, bumping black music, wearing black fashions, talking black slang and claiming they are from the ghetto! its a fact! thank god you muther fu**kers are killing yourselves on crystal meth! one less dead inbred trailer trash cracker!!!!!

  16. I think it's stupid,we are made for live together and not one against the others,neo nazi=shit.
    We are one race,we bleed the same.
    Hi from Salon de Pce (France)

  17. KKK, come on down to south florida and do your march, parade or whatever you call the shit you do. south florida is a good place for a vacation, you could plan your whatever at the same time!

  18. Everyone is stupid if they are still whinning about black and white differenences now after almost a 100 years. It just means you guys a worste than a 4 year old with a grudge. It just means you guys are idiots who can't take change. GET THE HELL OVER IT!!


  20. White Power White Power White Power kill all the black panthers they all deserve to die for wanting to kill all the white people they all deserve to burn in hell!

  21. In the meantime, take a look at the footage from Southern Shift TV and the Associated Press (AP) and you can get a glimpse of what took place. As you watch this, ask yourself how and why is this happening in the Age of Obama and why isn’t race being discussed seriously as advocated by Attorney General Eric Holder.

  22. Wow I was seriously not raised a racist person but people like you are making me change my mind. I love my people Black power we seriously need to stick together hey. I can’t believe how much racism there is against my people. I mean what on earth did we do besides being born. Hey ass****s its not our fault we born with more pigment don’t get sunburned. I mean what the hell is wrong with you people. You like disgust me hey seriously

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