Obama song for West Papua


See “Independence or death” to learn more about the struggle for freedom from the brutal oppression of Indonesia and the exploitation of its rich natural resources by multi-national corporations of West Papuans, indomitable people of the African Diaspora.


  1. Please consider the break-away of West Papua/ Melanesia from Indonesia through Self determination as simple mathematics by executing the following formula:

    1. The original 1945 Proklamasi Sukarno-Hatta was from “A till A” (Atjeh till Ambon), NOT including West Papua. Because on that same day West Papua tribal leaders led by Marcus Wonggor Kaisiëpo, issued a statement in Kota Nica to RADEN Colonel AbdulKadir Widojojoatmodjo of the NICA (Netherlands-Indies Civil Administration) which was governing West Papua. The message was simple: “West Papua Melanesia would determine its own future and therefore will never be a part of the new Indonesian republic”.

    As from that moment any historical claim of Indonesia on West Papua is not funded as this 1945 statement widely expressed the Will of the West Papua people.
    On this basis the 1947 Canberra Agreement between Pacific States and western states (U.S., Netherlands, France, Ireland Australia, N-Zealand) was signed, recognizing West Papua as a Nation and recognizing it’s Melanesian territorial borders and establishing the South Pacific Commission. As from that moment West Papua leaders attended the plenary sessions of the SPC.

    So Indonesia is living in denyal by considering West Papua as an internal question and within it’s own territorial integrity, as Indonesia is ILLEGALLY OCCUPYING the undisputed territorial Melanesian borders of West Papua ever since 1963.
    Underlining this illegal basis, Indonesia prooved its democratic INCAPACITY by renaming West Papua several times, divide and conquer- politics, and keeping the world opinion happy by demonstrating democracy by issueing autonomy legislation in 2000, which still has to be implemented. And on top of this, issueing new legislation in 2006, dividing provinces, undermining its own 2001 autonomy law.

    Indonesia’s failing attempts for democracy is illustrated with the banning of showing the West Papua Morningstar flag in public, which’s freely expression was adopted in 2001 by the parlement under president Wahid.

    2. The revenues of West Papua’s natural resources and wealth (gold, copper nickel, oil& gas, wood) are feeding the economy of the failed democratic state Indonesia. West Papua is Indonesia’s guarantee for economic survival and to avoid bankruptcy of the failed democratic Indonesian state.

    See link: http://www.fcx.com/operations/grascomplx.htm

    3. According to the Pax Americana doctrine, the Kennedy Administration handed over West Papua in 1962 to Indonesia. Whenever USA’s interest & profits (natural resources revenues) is endangered, the USA will strike Indonesia for its benefit ( see cases of Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq).
    So in despite of the brutal and corrupt Indonesian Generals regime and its atrocities, the US will take back West Papua by re-implementing the 1962 New York Agreement to its merites through the the United Nations Special Committee on Decolonization (C-24), inorder to maintain the Pax Americana Worldpeace.

    See link: http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/NSAEBB/NSAEBB128/index.htm
    See link: http://www.house.gov/list/press/as00_faleomavaega/enionwestpapua.html
    See link: http://www.house.gov/list/press/as00_faleomavaega/enipayneltrtosusilo.html

    It is a Long Way to Go Never Give Up / Persevero !

    Insjah Allah / Na Kores Ra Refo

    Setia Djudjur Mesra / Trouw, Eerlijk, Innig Verbonden

    Kind regards,

    Kobe Oser/ Unity

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    Kobe Oser office
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