49ers vs. Seahawks: 9/11, peace and the NFL

by Jac Taliaferro, LaHitz Media

49ers-vs.-Seahawks-091111-by-Brant-Ward-The-Chronicle, 49ers vs. Seahawks: 9/11, peace and the NFL , Videos LaHitz goes to the 49ers season opener on Sept. 11. There we discuss the game, playoff hopes, peace, 9/11 and conditions around the stadium.

The sun is shining bright and it is a “good day in the neighborhood,” says Kevin Epps, filmmaker of “Straight Out of Hunters Point” I and II, which is coming out soon. There is a sense of skepticism in the air because it is 9/11/11, 10 years after the bombings in the USA.

Many commemorative events are planned around the world and five here in San Francisco that I know about. The World Champion San Francisco Giants are playing at AT&T Park and an event to acknowledge 9/11 is going on before the game.

At Candlestick Park, the San Francisco 49ers are kicking off their season playing the Seattle Seahawks and they also are holding an event to acknowledge 9/11.

My question is simple: “Are we any closer to peace?” Watch the video and see what people are saying.

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