Calipatria hunger strike update

by Robbie Riva

July 15 update – It’s 112 degrees here at Calipatria and a few people went “man down” today on Day 8 of the hunger strike.

July 14, 2013 – The Calipatria State Prison administration is saying that if we take our liquids off the food trays then it will be considered taking a tray and we will be marked down as eating. They are not allowing anyone to buy liquids off of canteen – i.e., coffee, tea, Kool-Aid. This is a “solid food” hunger strike; liquids should not be restricted.

Hunger-Strike-Rally-Corcoran-crowd-T-shirts-5-demands-We-have-your-back-071313-by-Urszula-Wislanka, Calipatria hunger strike update, Abolition Now! During the last statewide hunger strike in 2011, CDCR made a big deal about us taking milk, saying that milk was considered a food. They used the example of a baby being able to live off of milk for a long time, when in reality babies cannot live off of cow’s milk, which is what we are being denied.

We finally received medical attention yesterday on the sixth day of our hunger strike. We had to submit a bunch of medical slips to get their attention. No one in ASU (Administrative Segregation Unit) has started eating except for those who cannot participate due to medical issues.

We are all remaining strong as one in unity. Everybody back here is determined to push to their limit and the atmosphere around here is strong. The five core demands were re-submitted to the newest warden, Frank Chavez, and we also submitted a few of our own demands to better the conditions here in ASU.

We’ve made it clear that we are going to continue hunger striking until the five core demands are met.

CDCR (California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation) is releasing statements to the media saying we are all doing this for the “gang leaders” in Pelican Bay State Prison’s SHU (Security Housing Units). That’s typical for them to say such an ignorant thing.

We’ve made it clear that we are going to continue hunger striking until the five core demands are met.

CDCR fails to address the fact that they have given their word to change their policy and to sign the five core demands. CDCR failed to mention that this is a united peaceful protest against CDCR’s corrupt policies and abuse of their authority by locking us in their dungeons.

By CDCR keeping their SHUs and ASUs full, they are also keeping their pockets and wallets fat. They are running a gold mine off of the taxpayers and we are their hot commodity. CDCR surely failed to mention that.

This peaceful protest is not being done for any specific individuals. It’s being done for all of us who share the same struggle. It’s being done for our loved ones who are not able to hug us, kiss us or touch us. It’s being done because it’s the right thing to do.

Lastly, we’d like to thank all who are supporting our peaceful movement out there.

In solidarity we stand strong!

Send our brother some love and light: Robbie Riva, T-49359, ASU-127, P.O. Box 5008, Calipatria, CA 92233.