Hunger striker responds to Corrections Secretary Beard’s op-ed demonizing hunger strikers


    by Alfred Sandoval

    Today I read an op-ed from the L.A. Times by the new secretary of the California Department of Corruption. He gave a one sided view of prison violence by talking about the 11 murders of guards in the three years between 1970 and 1973.

    Prison guard towerHe failed to mention the 39 inmates murdered between January 1987 and December 1995 in the guard staged gladiator “game” fights and the literally hundreds of seriously wounded and crippled survivors of those fights who were all shot by trigger happy correctional officers as entertainment.

    Even today, right now, here in the Administrative Segregation building or the Pelican Bay Security Housing Units (the SHU), an inmate can be beaten with impunity because there is a code of silence among the guards. The guards close ranks – even the good ones. None of them can or will testify against another guard. This is part of the atmosphere in which we live out our lives.

    If Secretary Beard is concerned about violence in the prisons, he should look at the “Agreement to End Hostilities” we issued in October 2012 to close out the second of our three hunger strikes. We asked that this agreement/call be posted and circulated in the California prison system. He could still post it. With all his degrees in psychology, you would think he could figure out that would be a good idea.

    This letter was intended for the Los Angeles Times, but they chose not to publish it. Send our brother some love and light: Alfred Sandoval, D-61000, Pelican Bay State Prison SHU D4-214, P.O. Box 7500, Crescent City CA 95532.



    1. These men are human beings and still have human rights even if they have committed a crime and are in prison serving their tome for that crime.

    2. if a guards bet on a inmate that dies in a death match does he get to claim the loss of money at tax time?

    3. One of the reasons that the California Department of Corruptions removed all of the iron (weights) off of first the Security Housing Unit yards then off of all yards in men's prisons is because prisoners were more physically fit than the guards were. This was especially the case for the more politically conscious prisoners, despite the substandard meals that all were forced to consume.

      The most weight that the guards, putrid wastes of flesh that they were, ever lifted was when they were engaged in lifting their fat asses off the porcelain in the bathroom and/or out of the sack in the morning, activities which probably induced hernias in most of them. Obviously individuals like this have no active brain cells.

      Which is why the CDC then and now goes to great lengths to make sure that prisoners' food remains substandard and/or gets worse; and devises more ways for the sadists they hire to entertain themselves.

      Enter, the gladiator 'games.' The 'gladiator fights' were real, something that happened a great deal more often than most really know.

      Cell doors of Black and Brown men would just suddenly pop open on days when white supremacists were on the yard. Newly transferred men would find themselves hit (beaten, stabbed or murdered) getting off the bus or with yard days 'accidentally' the same as whites. Known enemies were deliberately thrown together. Some were shot if they didn't fight. Others were forced to 'fight or die.'

      Even money says that most of the sadistic guard participants (i.e. watching the show) couldn't find their private parts with both hands, a map, a flash light, and a search warrant. In fact most of them hadn't SEEN their private parts in a good long time because their guts were so huge they couldn't see their feet, much less anything else.

      So they brought their popcorn, their money, their evil grins and their mini-14s to the show.

      These 'games' were some kind of vicarious thrill for most guards. But the reality is that these 'games' weren't games to the prisoners who were maimed, fought, and died. These 'games' were one of the most blatant examples of systemic racism/genocide permeating the prison industrial complex.

      And the 'games' are continuing to this day, as evidenced by the comparisons of articles written in the UK about California prisons dated 22 August 1996 ( and 2 July 2013 ( I've personally seen hard copy articles older than 1996.

      Then of course, there are the words of the prisoners themselves who've spoken up, but their voices were suppressed by a mainstream media that refuses to publish their words.

      So when I read the stupid, egregious writings of dave and warren, and think of all of the men who have been murdered and/or crippled for life – (and perhaps women too, which definitely no one talks about) it reminds me that dave and warren are dumb, dumber and dumbest by their own design and that of the corporate media, and by the hands of departments of corruption nationally and internationally.

      The dave and warren show knows nothing about the subject matter upon which they've chosen to opine. But they don't have shit else to do, so they will say anything. They and others of their ilk have turned stupidity into fine art and have doctorates in the science of not knowing shit.

      And like the sadistic pigs they choose to emulate, it seems that both dave and warren also need both hands, a flashlight, a map, and a search warrant to to find their non-existent balls as well. Birds of a feather still do flock together.

      So. Since dave and warren have neither balls nor brains, they should take their crass and uneducated asses somewhere else.

      They wouldn't survive 2 seconds in the environment they so readily champion and their comments are a waste of everyone's time.

      So, dave and warren, shut the **** up.

      Especially when grown folks are talking.

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