Rwanda: Opposition leader Victoire Ingabire’s sentence increased from 8 to 15 years


Two statements were issued by FDU-Inkingi, the opposition coalition headed by Victoire Ingabire, about the near doubling of her sentence by the Rwandan Supreme Court. She has been imprisoned since she tried to run against Paul Kagame for the presidency of Rwanda in 2010.

by Sixbert Musangamfura

Today, as President Paul Kagame has finally decided to go to pay his last respects to the freedom and reconciliation hero Nelson Mandela, his Supreme Court sentenced political prisoner Madam Victoire Ingabire to 15 years in prison on final appeal, almost double the eight-year High Court sentence of Oct. 30, 2012.

Victoire's daughter Raissa Ujeneza shaves head in solidarity as mom sentenced 15 yrs 121313This is a very strong message to the whole opposition. It’s a slap in the face of those within the international community who asked for the opening of political space and the release of political prisoners. It is a moment of change and paradigm shift in the struggle for democracy in Rwanda.

The court upheld previous trumped up convictions for “conspiracy in harming authorities through terrorism and war” and for minimizing Rwanda’s 1994 genocide and added seven years for “conspiring against the authorities,” another charge that was dropped by the previous court.

At this particular moment, I would like to extend my deepest solidarity and personal appreciation to Madam Victoire Ingabire and her family. Her strong dedication, courage and leadership are inspirations for us and for generations to come.

We will endeavor unremittingly in our struggle for democracy and lasting peace in Rwanda. We, members of the opposition, will set her and our country free. If not, our children and theirs will be left with a heavy burden on their heads.

Together for the release of political prisoners in Rwanda!

Sixbert Musangamfura, external relations commissioner of the Rwandan opposition coalition FDU-Inkingi, can be reached at

Victoire Ingabire will forever embody our democratic struggle

by Dr. Emmanuel Mwiseneza

Brussels, Dec. 13, 2013 – Dear compatriots, dear friends of Rwanda, all of you who love peace, freedom and democracy:

The verdict has been rendered and it is devastating. Indeed, our party chair, Ms. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, has just unjustly been sentenced to 15 years in prison. The verdict of the Supreme Court extended the first judgment of the High Court dated Oct. 30, 2012.

Our first words go to our party chair, Ms. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, to whom we express our unwavering support and promise to continue the fight she initiated until we win total victory in our fight for our rights and freedoms and the total liberation of the Rwandan people from the yoke of dictatorship under which we have been languishing for nearly two decades.

Victoire's family airport farewell 0110- Lin Muyizere, Raissa Ujeneza, Victoire, Rist Shimwa, Remy Ndizeye NiyigenaOur words also go to the family of the political prisoner, who have consented to so many sacrifices in the interests of the Rwandan people and who today are deprived of a mother and a wife.

Finally, our words are addressed to all members of FDU-Inkingi and all democrats everywhere to tell them: “Do not be discouraged; the fight has just begun.” Nothing can stop the aspiration of a people for freedom and democracy. Wherever dictatorial regimes have tried to prevent the people from accessing this deep-rooted aspiration, they failed. Certainly, it often took men and women of exceptional courage to get them to fold back their plans. Ms. Victoire Ingabire is one of those.

Let us recall that the decision of FDU-Inkingi to get involved in politics in Rwanda was made after reviewing all options to restore democratic rule in the face of a dictatorial regime. The peaceful option we chose seemed to be the best to avoid a power shift through bloodshed. We always think that too much blood has already been shed in our country and it was important that the Rwandan regime understand that by such an action, we gave it an offer of peace and reconciliation in order to save the Rwandan people from the sufferings of the past.

We will not go through all the incidents that marred this trial from the High Court to the Supreme Court and were identified by both human rights NGOs, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, and diplomatic representatives who attended the proceedings, marred by intimidation of the accused and her defense counsel, harassment of the accused by special emissaries, unequal treatment between the prosecution and the defense, the use of non-retroactive laws, manufactured evidence, intimidation of defense witnesses etc.

Neither will we dwell on the lynching and attacks orchestrated by the government to which Ms. Victoire Ingabire was subjected upon her arrival in Rwanda, attacks by the highest authorities of the state, including the president of the republic, and which showed from the start the intent of the dictatorship to specifically block the road to our party chair and to FDU-Inkingi in general, in order to prevent them from entering the democratic competition.

Mandela, KagameLet us also remember, that the persecution of FDU-Inkingi’s chair, Ms. Victoire Ingabire was accompanied by that of the party’s interim secretary general, Mr. Sylvain Sibomana, and other members of FDU-Inkingi, including even her staff, in order to isolate her, to weaken her and undermine all structures of the party. Currently, other members of FDU-Inkingi have been convicted and/or are awaiting convictions for reasons that are purely political, such as having attended the trial of Ms. Victoire Ingabire. These include Mr. Venant Abayisenga, Mr. Emmanuel Byukusenge, Ms. Leonille Gasengayire, Ms. Jenny Irakoze Flora, Mr. Marcel Nahimana, Mr. Samuel Hitimana, Mr. Christian Tuganemungu, Mr. Norbert Ufitamahoro, Mr. Valens Uwilingiyimana, Mr. Venuste Uwiringiyimana and other members who have been persecuted in total indifference to and trampling of laws yet established by the regime.

The leaders of other opposition parties, such as Deo Mushayidi, Bernard Ntaganda and Dr. Theoneste Niyitegeka, are also languishing in prison for political reasons.

With the conviction of FDU-Inkingi Chair Ms. Victoire Ingabire, the conviction of Interim Secretary General Mr. Sylvain Sibomana, as well as the ongoing trials of other party members, the Rwandan government hopes to prevent them from exercising their constitutional rights and to decapitate our party, thanks to the laws the government has tailored in order to padlock the political arena.

We hereby recognize the leadership of our party chair and our party interim secretary general because their fight, which is just and legitimate, is also ours. Imprisoned or not, Ms. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza will remain the beacon that will lead us to total democratic victory.

Imprisoned or not, Ms. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza will remain the beacon that will lead us to total democratic victory.

We’ve already said it at the outset that this trial is political. Nevertheless, we wanted to give to the Rwandan justice system a chance to prove whether it is really independent from the political power. Today’s verdict and those that preceded it definitively prove that we are facing a political conflict that requires a political solution.

This is why we once again solemnly request direct negotiations with the Rwandan government to find appropriate and lasting solutions to problems of democracy, governance, justice and reconciliation to prevent further mayhem and to enable all components of the Rwandan people to live together in mutual respect and to guarantee the rights and freedoms of everyone.

We condemn such acts that are outrageous for a respectful state and call upon the international community, Rwanda’s donors, friends of Rwanda, the countries of the Great Lakes region in Africa, the United Nations, the European Union and all the people who love peace and democracy to use their influence and request the Rwandan government to release Ms. Victoire Ingabire and all other political prisoners and accept democratic rules by letting all political parties operate freely in compliance with the Constitution.

To the Rwandan regime, we reiterate once again our appeal that it exercise restraint and regain its senses.

Dr. Emmanuel Mwiseneza, commissioner for information and communication of the Rwandan opposition coalition FDU-Inkingi, can be reached via



  1. Toute ma compassion à la famille de Victoire INGABIRE face à cette épreuve qui ne fait que perdurer. Sauf à être naïf, l'issue était connue d'avance, seul le nombre d'années de détention qui lui serait infligé était inconnue. On n'attend pas d'une dictature qu'elle se remette en question.

    Malgré toutes les preuves des falsifications qui ont émaillé le premier jugement, en appel "les juges" ont encore été plus durs, faisant preuve d'une dépendance de la justice à la présidence, Paul KAGAME n'ayant cessé d'annoncer cette issue dès le stade de l'instruction.

    Qui aurait eu assez de courage pour prendre une décision contraire à ses injonctions?

    On sait que notre pays est pris en otage par un petit noyau d'extrémistes, hutu et tutsi. Le piège serait de confondre tous les tutsi à la clique de dirigeants qui veut les prendre en otage. Des moments comme celui-ci sont l'occasion pour les non-extrémistes de prendre leur distance de cette clique en condamnant l'injustice.

    En avril-juillet 1994, certains avons pris beaucoup de risque en défendant ou en recueillant des tutsi menacés de morts. S'il y a eu des survivants, c'est grâce à des hutu qui ont risqué leur vie. Ceux-ci se retrouvent actuellement globalement accusés de participation au génocide, et certains devons nous défendre en justice suite à de fallacieuses accusations dont nous pourrons, je l'espère, démasquer les auteurs. En attendant nous perdons un temps précieux que nous pourrions mettre à profit pour le salut de notre peuple. NGO N'UTAKWAMBUYE ARAGUKEREREZA.

    Mon souhait est que nous soyons nombreux à dénoncer ce régime, dictatorial depuis sa mise en place. Cela a prix qu'il faut savoir accepter. Je l'ai dénoncé dans mes présentations de 1994 à Bordeaux, il s'en est suivi des faux documents et une avalanche d'accusations mensongères. Je tiens bon.

    Je comprends ce que peut ressentir INGABIRE, d'autant qu'elle est dans la gueule du loup. Je l'encourage à poursuivre sa lutte avec le même courage. Je ne doute pas que son modèle Nelson MANDELA qui s'en va au moment où elle est condamnée, est-ce un signe des temps, veillera sur elle de là où il sera. Force invisible mais protectrice.

    C'est aussi le moment pour toute l'opposition extérieure et intérieure de proposer et coordonner des actions concrètes de résistance et d'information.

    Toutes mes affections à la famille et aux amis de Victoire INGABIRE.

    Sosthène MUNYEMANA

  2. The Hutu Power Ten Commandments:

    Begin cite:
    "1. Every Hutu should know that a Tutsi woman, whoever she is, works for the interest of her Tutsi ethnic group. As a result, we shall consider a traitor any Hutu who

    marries a Tutsi woman
    befriends a Tutsi woman
    employs a Tutsi woman as a secretary or a concubine.

    2. Every Hutu should know that our Hutu daughters are more suitable and conscientious in their role as woman, wife and mother of the family. Are they not beautiful, good secretaries and more honest?
    3. Hutu women, be vigilant and try to bring your husbands, brothers and sons back to reason.
    4. Every Hutu should know that every Tutsi is dishonest in business. His only aim is the supremacy of his ethnic group. As a result, any Hutu who does the following is a traitor:

    makes a partnership with Tutsi in business
    invests his money or the government's money in a Tutsi enterprise
    lends or borrows money from a Tutsi
    gives favours to Tutsi in business (obtaining import licenses, bank loans, construction sites, public markets, etc.).

    5. All strategic positions, political, administrative, economic, military and security should be entrusted only to Hutu.
    6. The education sector (school pupils, students, teachers) must be majority Hutu.
    7. The Rwandan Armed Forces should be exclusively Hutu. The experience of the October 1990 war has taught us a lesson. No member of the military shall marry a Tutsi.
    8. The Hutu should stop having mercy on the Tutsi.
    9. The Hutu, wherever they are, must have unity and solidarity and be concerned with the fate of their Hutu brothers.

    The Hutu inside and outside Rwanda must constantly look for friends and allies for the Hutu cause, starting with their Hutu brothers.
    They must constantly counteract Tutsi propaganda.
    The Hutu must be firm and vigilant against their common Tutsi enemy.

    10. The Social Revolution of 1959, the Referendum of 1961, and the Hutu Ideology, must be taught to every Hutu at every level. Every Hutu must spread this ideology widely. Any Hutu who persecutes his brother Hutu for having read, spread, and taught this ideology is a traitor.[" End cite.

    You don't want this back, do you?

    • If you knew who wrote that document and the intentions they had towards the hutu community, you would understand under which circumstances the latter have become the palestinians of the great lakes region and tutsis their peer jews.

  3. I do believe that the media and human rights watches even the UN have it wrong about Rwanda and Kagame. When it is emphatically stated that the charges are trumped up, have you analysed the evidence and do you have factual reasons for stating the things you do in this article. I am shocked at the way you are undermining and degrading the Rwandan people after everything they have gone through. Has anyone stopped to think that perhaps there is a force working against Rwanda, such as Islam which is a serious threat to many African countries. Islam operates along subversive and hidden tactics often exploiting ethnic differences and initiating feuds between the tribes of Africa. Muslims are operating in this whole mix but they only get mentioned when the media can no longer hide that fact like in CAR Africa, the only time it was decided that this was a religious war was when the Christians started fighting back after being attacked well over a year and since the Muslim overthrow of the government, the increase in persecution. It seems that the support of them woman, making her a martyr, takes precedence over everything else for human rights activists and the media, to the extent that it will repeatedly denounce Rwandas justice system and governance, deliberately creating insecurity and doubt in Rwandans. Why is that? Is she the global elites choice? The EU seems to have her backed. This is a shocking and reckless attitude to take and exceptionally selfish. Paul Kagame is loved by the majority of the people because he is doing an excellent job. His priority is the people. You should really set aside your stupidity and shut up if you have nothing but criticism for Rwanda and as for this political party that covets the governance of Rwanda, this article has disqualified them for they area dishonour to themselves and the people they purport to care about, which is just a sham. Rwanda will achieve its potential but not with people like you around.

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