Secret torture unit at San Quentin, Part 2

by Robert Frazier

Once upon a time a pen full of corrupt pigs all of a sudden realized the dirt on them was being exposed to the public. Articles describing some of the asinine antics common to their clique written by an anonymous author had been posted online and circulated in print via local and national “telling it like it is” publications such as the one you’re reading now (see “Secret torture unit at San Quentin”).

San-Quentin-Adjustment-Center-by-National-Geographic, Secret torture unit at San Quentin, Part 2, Behind Enemy Lines Shortly after their epiphany, Calderon and Persaud, to read “Hunger Strike Day 23 Report from San Quentin,” entered through a window of opportunity disguised as peace officers, then extracted a punitive cell search resulting in the arbitrary confiscation of my state-issued TV, conspiring with the Adjustment Center’s former property officer, whose initials are so appropriately B.S. They gleefully trounced upon my few possessions and for all intents and purposes looted the cell, willfully and knowingly violating 15 CCR 3287(a)(2).

They now seemingly hope to cover their tracks by a sloppy alteration of my property card, which is the official registration and authorization for me to have had the digital TV in my possession. They even circumvented 15 CCR 32897(a)(4), which requires “a written notice for any item(s) of … state-issued property removed …”

So, “What,” I ask, “do YOU consider to be the underlying truth?”

a) It’s obviously a coincidence a property registered state-issued DTV was removed from my cell while maintenance replaced the cell’s cable connection or

b) The former property officer, B.S., went out like he came in due to a failed cranial-anal inversion reversal surgery and thought he should back his buddies’ play while still in that position.

More evidence that truth IS stranger than fiction

Cutting prisoners off from the outside world is not an isolated incident in the secret torture unit at San Quentin. In fact, the recent mass disallowing of ALL writing supplies sent via first class mail to San Quentin Death Row AC/SHU prisoners was and is a state-sanctioned terrorist attack on everybody’s right to freedom of expression. It was and is based on a capricious post-interpretation of the March 2013 printing of Operational Procedure 608, Attachment B (as in Bullshit).

The “local rules” exclusively imposed upon Death Row AC/SHU prisoners are OP 608. Those specifically pertaining to and “approved procedures” for “items enclosed in incoming first class mail” are cited to from OP 608, Article 7 Inmate Mail, Section 431 Plan of Operation. Pigs in the pen’s hierarchy rooted up a phrase which has been in the “package authorization” section of all prior Attachment B printings since at least 2006, and something started them snorting out of context.

Attachment B is the “property matrix.” It “identifies ALL allowable property for condemned inmates. Any item(s) not addressed by this procedure (such as “blank greeting cards,” which are listed and otherwise allowable per OP 02120) is [are] not permitted…” Among the items listed at OP 0212.0 and which are “addressed” by Attachment B are stamps, writing paper and envelopes.

The recent mass disallowing of ALL writing supplies sent via first class mail to San Quentin Death Row AC/SHU prisoners was and is a state-sanctioned terrorist attack on everybody’s right to freedom of expression.

Among the items specifically disallowed in personal and legal correspondence per Attachment B are “greeting cards.” Those can be purchased only from the prison canteen and/or “approved vendors” using the “approved procedure” known as $pecial Purchase Order (SPO). This, my comrades, is how the bourgeois grinch stole Christmas, also Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and even your birthday!

In retrospect, I’ve never heard of any demon-possessed swine who went as far as enforcing the “greeting card Attachment B (as in Bullshit) directive,” but it would not be the first time the likes of them have gone over the edge. So it’s unwise to be counting Easter chicks before their scheme is hatched.

If this state-sanctioned terrorist attack on everybody’s right to freedom of expression continues going hog-wild, those orchestrating it should be inundated with relentless written complaints from ALL correspondents pursuant to 15 CCR 3137 “Appeals Relating to Mail and Correspondence.”

For more details on how to write the wrong, visit the pig sty site:

Good squad beats up man down

On Nov. 15, another vigilante Green Wall style [California prison guards sometimes refer to themselves as the Green Wall Gang] shit fit was thrown when a man being held under “indeterminate SHU status” and who has been on a hunger strike for at least 10 days went man-down in the AC first tier shower following an alleged attempted suicide.

Why this happens is well documented concerning the psychological effects of long-term isolation on the mind. Why it continues is due to the fact the powers that be are themselves possessed by madness.

Fight the power and win!

Send our brother some love and light: Robert Frazier, F-55038, San Quentin Death Row SHU 1AC-14, San Quentin, CA 94974.