San Francisco Black boycott


by Frederick Jordan, P.E.

Boycott, strike, work stoppage, protests and the like are normally bad words and no one wants to endure such strife, even the purveyors of such physical protests. Protesting is often an early step to objecting to unfair or inequitable treatment by a corporation or government agency.

Frederick E. Jordan, P.EIt was no surprise to some when a few years back, the federal government released a report that cited the African American community of San Francisco as the most banking predatory community in the United States. To others, it was unbelievable, considering that San Francisco is the banking capital of the Western United States. The banks were so bad that the San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce (SFAACC) had status to file with the U.S. Federal Reserve to block three bank mergers.

Tourism is the No. 1 industry in San Francisco, with a $9 billion market. It includes hotels, stadiums, cruise terminals, touring companies, restaurants, stores and many, many tourist venues. However, African Americans are only minimally included in this industry through jobs or contracting. The exclusion is bold and striking and is symptomatic of the $10 billion or more in construction projects in San Francisco that have less than one half of 1 percent to zero participation by African Americans.

In the hotels, attend a banquet and see how many African Americans serve you food? Of the 87 contractors on the new Cruise Terminal, not one is Black, prompting a statement of disappointment and an apology to the Black community from the Port of San Francisco.

Tourism is the No. 1 industry in San Francisco, with a $9 billion market. However, African Americans are only minimally included in this industry through jobs or contracting. The exclusion is bold and striking.

Construction of the $1.5 billion Transbay Terminal in San Francisco for many years had no Black contractors and finally retained one, but the work wouldn’t start for three years. Even the contractor for our beloved San Francisco 49er Stadium built 95 percent of the $700 million stadium with not one single Black contractor participating.

United 4 Justice rally Candlestick 090813-5 Fred Jordan by Kilo G. PerryOne is reminded that the 49er team is about 80 percent Black, winning and bringing in the revenue. Citing this as an insult, the S.F. African American Chamber joined in the United for Justice protest and 49er management quickly got its contractor to identify $25 million to go to Black contractors.

African Americans cannot live in this city and support their families while being shut out from jobs and contracting opportunities. So it follows that San Francisco’s African American population dropped from a reported 18 percent in the late ‘60s to 13.4 percent as the Redevelopment Agency began tearing down the Black Fillmore community to about 4 percent today.

It is a sad mixture of racism, gentrification, apartheid and genocide perpetrated against the Black Community. Moderates would consider it benign neglect, a prevailing form of racism in San Francisco.

So we recall the words of the great Black abolition leader Frederick Douglas: “Power concedes nothing without a demand.” After years of studies, pleading, begging for jobs and contracts in our city, we are prepared to call a boycott of conventions coming to San Francisco. For Jan. 1, 2014, two national organizations of Black meeting planners, controlling 75 percent of the $40 billion Black convention and meeting industry, have been notified to stand by until our meeting with the San Francisco Travel Association and the City.

As Michael Bennett, President Obama’s appointee to the Brand USA Advisory Board, wrote in the July 2008 Black Meetings and Tourism magazine, “I would challenge those meeting planners to approach their members and ask the question, ‘Do you want us to hold our annual convention in “xyz” city when they have done nothing to earn our business?’”

We recall the words of the great Black abolition leader Frederick Douglas: “Power concedes nothing without a demand.” After years of studies, pleading, begging for jobs and contracts in our city, we are prepared to call a boycott of conventions coming to San Francisco.

SFAACC, along with a coalition of other Black and concerned organizations, will present the following DEMANDS in an upcoming meeting with SF Travel, the Hotel Board and the City of San Francisco:

  1. PROMOTION OF BLACK BUSINESSES AND ORGANIZATIONS TO THE TOURISM INDUSTRY – a special initiative to promote Black businesses and organizations to the tourism industry to include a special section in the SF Travel Association brochure, stories and highlights for Black restaurants, hair salons, clothing stores etc. Specific focus should be presented on the Museum of the African Diaspora, the African American Freedom Trail Tour, the Lorraine Hansberry Theater, Marcus Book Store and other Black cultural institutions.
  2. CONTRACTS with the hotels, restaurants and other hospitality industries for catering, concessions, parking, limousine, janitorial, contract cleaning, printing, graphics, event planning etc. SF Travel has influence and outreach in the hospitality industry.
  3. CONTRACTS – The $54 million Justin Herman Cruise Ship Terminal, $1.5 billion Transbay Terminal and $700 million America’s Cup had minimal participation of African Americans. All 10 of the major construction projects, with the exception of the $1 billion Hunters Point Shipyard Redevelopment Project and the $3.4 billion San Francisco Airport Expansion, have minimal participation by Black professionals and contractors. Even in the Bayview Hunters Point Black community, it is reported that the construction of the new Willie L. Brown Jr. Middle School has no Black contractors. It is proposed that no other major public or private construction contracts that are tourism related may proceed without approval by an African American Committee under the San Francisco Human Rights Commission.
  4. JOBS – African Americans are practically invisible at hotels with the exception of a few doormen. Hospitality venues for the most part are oblivious to diversity among their employees. Ten percent of all new hires should be from the Black community.
  5. ON THE JOB TRAINING PROGRAM in construction and tourism – A San Francisco ordinance requires that all professional services in the construction field must hire two trainees for each $1 million in fee. The tourism industry should adopt the same for professional services on new facilities and expansion of old facilities. Enforcement of San Francisco’s own ordinance could result in hundreds of jobs for the Black community TODAY.
  6. TRAINING in the hospitality industry – All hospitality programs must have a minimum of 10 percent African American participants in attendance.
  7. HOTEL ASSESSMENT MONIES – All monies go to SF Travel currently. We are asking for sharing a percentage with the Chamber to promote Black conferences and meetings. These monies should fully engage contracts with non-profits and other Black businesses with goals.
  8. HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT PROGRAM – Recruitment, selection and financial support for 10 African Americans males as is being discussed with the Hospitality Management Program at the University of San Francisco. Other programs at San Francisco State University, Golden Gate University and California Culinary University would be asked to participate.
  9. PUBLIC HEARING – The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is to provide public hearings into the discriminatory practices and lack of representation of African Americans in the hospitality industry. Hearings are to explore why there has been little follow-up on the report of the Mayor’s African American Out-Migration Task Force published in 2009, HRC Comparative Review and Analysis of Equity and Diversity, completed in 2011 and the perennially long standing “Unfinished Agenda.” The board can establish what action it can mandate and take full responsibility for the “out-migration” of African Americans from San Francisco.
  10. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT – Special support for the Fillmore District and the Bayview Hunters Point District as tourism areas, emphasizing the contributions of these areas.
  11. REVISED VIDEOS AND ADS – Show the real diversity of SF by featuring Blacks, Hispanics, Asians. Hire Black media, film and social consultants to make updates on tourism. Post Black events in mainstream media.
  12. BETTER COMMUNITY OUTREACH ON OPPORTUNITIES – Post on SF Travel and City websites the private and public tourism business leads. The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce voluntarily brought the African American Chamber the America’s Cup bid opportunity at the last minute. These and other “hidden” opportunities need to be brought to light so African Americans can participate in the “good old boy” network.
  13. HOTEL DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES – Many private hotels and restaurants are being renovated. Give Black architects, engineers and contractors the opportunity to compete for these heretofore private “who-you-know” hidden contracts.

Frederick E. Jordan, PE, president and board chairman of the San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce, is also president of F.E. Jordan Associates, an engineering and construction management firm that has completed over 1,000 projects throughout the Western U.S., Africa and Central America. He can be reached at



  1. San Francisco is simply a racist city, Black people are ostricized here and no one pays attention to the plight of African Amerikants. The city is known around the world as "liberal"-yes it's liberal to whites only, they practice liberalism amongts themselve. The facade of the liberal myth should be exposed, this is not a liberal city for Blacks when it comes to employment or housing, the hospitality industry has a no hire policy when it comes to Blacks, we're 3 % of the population and less than a fraction of 1% of the hospitality industry of this city. Where are the liberals fighting for our employment rights, they don't exist,the case of the fanthom liberals in the city. The first step to rid the city of Black people is not to hire them this facilitates gentrification, many in the BayView Hunters Point have lost their homes and life savings. The homes are being swept up and bought by whites the instant it goes on the market, we're witnessing the last bastion of Black people who live in the city. The racist regime are marching on the people in this city,the goal is to eliminate you from this city of alledged liberalism.
    This has been planned for decades they are merely executing part ( B). The collective racistr regime wHo runs SF are winning ,and why ? The answer is simple the economic trap door for Blacks is working in their favor, the no hire policy is part of the collective unspoken,and who are these people? Look around you and open your eyes,this is a con-spiracy to gentrify SF and push all Blacks out from their homes. Until we march in protest and demand they meet the needs of our community we'll be obsolete in SF in les than 10 yrs.Remember the Fillmore it was our "Alamo" -that fell to the devil white troops, today the assault is on the Bay View, the foreclosure rate is astronomical, they have turned the acid bath on us and we're falling and burning daily .We need to wake up and smell reality!

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    • Nate Higgers, that's such a clever name. Why are you such a hater? What happened to you? Why is your hear so full of digest and hatred? Were you abused as a child? Did your parents hate you? Do women hate you? Do you hate yourself?

  3. It’s always hilarious when ni66ers “demand” things, as if they actually ever had any power or influence at all.
    Demand all you want, little chimp ni66ers, while we laugh at you all the way to the bank.
    We already know exactly how many of your whimpering, cowardly “demands” will be met. Hahahahaha!

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  5. So let me get this straight, because Blacks have the grammar of a 5 year old with down syndrome, have the education equivalent to a Third Grader, lack any and all work ethic and they think it’s racism for why they don’t get hired for jobs? Please, spare me the Political Correctness BS.

    The problem in the Black community and their inability to get decent jobs is the fault of the Black Community and these Black Leader Race Baiters, not Whitey.

    The Black Leaders should be preaching about taking responsibility for their actions, promoting education such as speaking properly, acting like a civilized Human Being instead of a thug, and smart decision making such as not having kids when you can’t even afford to feed yourself. Oh no Black Leaders would never do such things, instead they continue to push the Victim card which in return is not helping the Blacks, and is keeping them down.

    Blacks need to look at themselves for the answer, blaming everything on Racism is not going to get them anywhere.

    By the way, what the Hell is an African American? Never heard of Africa America.(End Sarcasm) They are Black just as I am White, calling Blacks African American would be like me calling myself an Italian American because my Great Grandfather came here from Italy.

    They are Black, and if you want to be Scientifically Correct about it they are Negroid.

    • We have higher educations at about 60%. l got 7 doctor degrees and created a business with $1,000 and before l left it was making $6m. Not all people are bad and not all people need to be fed fish, open up your funding and lending policies and give us economic parity and we can hold our on in any arena.

      Give me on million dollars and l will turn it into 100m. So you take us out that 400 year old box, called your Uncle Jim Crow laws and l know we will change the world. l am a human being, living in a material world that has not been fair to all people at any given time. l am a southern born american, and proud of my heritage and my black and white family.

    • lf you were treated like you all have treated us, how would you feel. l don't like the labels you mention but l understand. You can get a job with a suit and your skin color our children can't because there are any out there for them other than MacDonald's. But the CEO is black. l am educated and l love all people, my roommates are white, black, Persian, and Arab. My sister is Chinese and brother was half white and we have love for each other and no one is disrespected. Have you ever asked these people why they are angry, rude or nasty. When you say dishonest, USA is 17 in corruption and we don't own banks, we didn't foreclose on people homes, we never made the laws that put our children in jails for 10-15 years or more. We don't control planes so how do the drugs get into the USA? Who is nasty, (the drugs is in our communities, we don't make guns ( how did they get there), we are not CEOs and looking at the bottom line of profit over relationships. Our social security numbers and others including yours are what Wall Street use to sell bonds and we were a people that our history was stolen and denied rights to be one man or woman. Every seven years Congress have to ratify the voting act so one man, one vote counts. You can vote as a white person with a vote so who is holding who hostage after 400 years. The laws said after 7 years any indentured servant would be free. What happen, who was dishonest and how is not still free? Go sit down and shut up. Peace and willing to give mentoring lessons to the misinformed like you.

  6. No wonder all the buildings in SF are able to stand up to earthquakes. They didnt let niggers build them lol…. Any guess as to why tourist are safe to visit SF? It cause ni66ers are only 4% of the population. I applaud these people for only hiring those that are qualified and not giving in to the black undertow and the endless cries of "gibsmedat"

  7. I lived in SF for 10 years and blacks have more rights than anyone else. SF is NOT a majority white city. Latin Americans and Asians make up 60% of the population but where is the charge of racism on them? Lastly, since blacks can do anything they want, then only a suicidal business would do business with them. I would love a black boycott.

  8. If blacks want to be "included" in civilization, they may want to consider behaving in a civilized manner and we might welcome them aboard. How about instead of "demanding" we give you a free ride or a handout, "demand" your negro peers to develop a WORK ETHIC, personal hygiene and manners. "demand" that they quit committing crimes so that they're eligible for employment.

    The "equality" that blacks want is always = Equal prestige, pay, and social position regardless of ability, achievement, or behavior.

    The elephant in the living room, of course is a quarter million years of divergent evolution, 15 IQ points on average, and a much smaller standard deviation. IQ IQ IQ IQ IQ

  9. There was an appropriate and respectful debate going on regarding this article and its predecessor. Using the "n" word is unacceptable. It diminishes your argument and makes you look stupid. Yes, the article is racist, and yes, this website is racist. They are racist because they constantly cry racism and demand special treatment on the basis of race. But being actually racist in response effectively proves their point. Get it? You can have a good discussion with someone, even if you think they are a racist, without openly insulting people on the basis of genetics.

    • Can't agree with you there. It's a cultural problem. There are too many black people I've known who were excellent to buy into the genetic argument. Besides, if it were genetic, what would give you the right to be angry? Genetics aren't a decision, after all.

  10. This city has written the Black community out of existence, they are invisible in the economic strata of the city. We went from 14.5 % of the city in the 1970s to barely 3% -how did this happen, let me tell you how they have a plan to ban us from this city for ever.Why are whites buying up homes in traditional Black hoods-they hate Black people in this alledged liberal white city,don't be fooled by rhetoric and political games played on us. The city is just dayum racist,we should dedmonstrate downtown and all major hotels. Let's expose the stench of racism in SF.

  11. All these feral animal beasts are good at is whining, biaching and complaining about injustice, rights, equality but what they fail to realise is that they are their own worst enemy.

    AA's – 13% of US population yet responsible for over 66% of all crime.
    I don't care how much affirmative action there is: nobody trusts them. They are parasitic species that only know how to rob, rape and murder/destroy things and humans.


    • Sounds like you are actually the parasite here. Try to use your brain. Look at the statistics in the article and also dig deep into your heart to get past your hatred and obvious wounds, if you can. Then if you can say something constructive…then maybe you can post and we'll consider that you have something to offer.

  12. San Francisco has been living the big lie in the sky. This racist city has orchestrated the removal of Black people from this city for decades.We're not going to sit idled and have the city racist remove us from here. This has got to stop,they call it gentrificatiion I call it racism 101 ! The plan is to remove all Blacks from this city, we know who the culprits are, you see them daily,the downtown pig financial structure have launched an attack on Black people and we're going to fight this battle till the end even if it means burning down city hall! The biggest industry in SF is tourism then we shall hit them where it hurts in the pocket book,we need to organize and mobilize people to partake in demonstrating against the evil pork chop pigs in city hall and out side. Lets wake up and smell reality!

  13. Good Article but typical b*llshit from supposed AA "leaders" (Racebaiters). California is no longer a European-American (White) Majority State, and still they hate/blame whites for all there ills and failures. They should remember – Hispanics (Mestizos) / Asians and Many Other Group despise blacks, not so much because of the way they look, But the WAY THEY ACT and BEHAVE.

    After nearly 50-60 years of unending handouts, and special privileges WE ARE NOT ALL EQUAL. They need to get over it. Just look at the 2 Great Manufacturing Cities (in the so called Rust Belt), since it became part of Black Run America, it has failed and collapsed. Pittsburgh on the other End was too a Great Manufacturing Hub, innovated and thrived! It is over 85% White.

    In fact Look at ALL Black Majority and to a Lesser Extent Hispanic (Mestizo/Indio) Majority City, they decline or stagnate because not enough (A critical mass) of their populace is Educated/Inventive/Creative…. At least Hispanics (mestizos) don't moan as much as Blacks, when they F*ck up they accept for the most part responsibility. Also I noticed with Hispanics they don't mind Whites/Others running things for them, so long as the job gets done and services are fairly provided. Blacks on the other hand, want blacks to be there simply because they are Black…. Pathetic quite honestly.

    Despite what the Media states my Eyes and God Given senses do not lie!

    PLAIN AND SIMPLE – We need the BEST Person and most QUALIFIED/SKILLED person for the job. Know handouts / Affirmative Action etc…. You think Blacks can live with complete equality! Now if the VAST MAJORITY of skilled/qualified and best persons/applicants are from just 1 – 2 OR 3 Ethnic/Racial groups, then the best persons were chosen, and Blacks or whoever need to get over it!

    Just my 2 Cents!

  14. Well if SF can run the remaining blacks out it would save the city millions….
    They could probably early retire over half of their police force.
    Hospital ERs could efficiently serve humans that are in need without having to see Shanequa and her 17 sprogs for runny noses
    Paramedics and firefighters could be cut by at least 2/3s.
    Humans would use pubilc trans 100 times more (saving the city money on road repairs and reducing traffic)
    Property insurance could easily be cut in half while doubling the insurance companies profitability.
    Teachers and staff could be cut in half (one teacher can teach 30 white, asian, and hispanic kids more effectivly than 5 groids).

    On the down side, countless beer, liquer, smoke shops, payday loan, title lender, and buy here finance here car lots would close the doors.

    sounds like a win/win to me if they run'em out

  15. you get a couple in then you get more and more and more then you have a full infestation and next thing you know you have Detroit

  16. The world knows San Frqancisco as the flower children generation,the hippies of yester-year. Today it's a bastion of down town busisness interest and racist corporate greed. The prime real estate in SF is Bay View Hunters Point it's the cheapest and has the vista they crave. We know for fact the dye has been cast, the elimination of Black people in this city is not a debateable point it's a San Francisco fact like (rice a roni). This has not been a good treat, we're witnessing the demise and elimination of the soul of Black folks. The downtown swines have targeted the Black people and evicting them. Look at what happened in the Fillmore our Alamo, they destroyed a Black neighbor hood and made it "yup" to for whites. This is a fight on the front lines, it's no secret Blacks are not hired in SF in the hospitality industry, they practically don't exist and why? When was th last time you saw a Black waiter serving you in a restaurant or hotel? We need to organize and make this a national issue, we cannot sit idle any longer.We can do this by organizing and demonstrating exposing the racism of SF. These tyrants have gone unpunished for too long. What are we waiting for ? Wake up and smell relaity this is the last frontier for Black people in this city, we need to take action to save ourselves. This is not a liberal city, the image is a facade the truth is seeping through the pores of the city,we see how racism is rampant. The stench and disgust of racism permeates the halls of city hall and the downtown interest.We need to wake up march and smell reality.

  17. Its theft -I watched as the Filllmore district in SF went from Black to white overnight. They built million dollar condos, and moved the Black people out,urban renewal /gentrification what ever euphimism floats their boat, racism is the operative word .This is taking place all over the US from NY to Cali, the beast is on the prowl and Black people are on the chopping block. Many have lost their homes due to JP Morgan unscrupulous banking practices and they go unpunished the gov.issue pennies as fines and they continue business as usual. If this administration wanted to take action they would reverse the motion and return all homes to their rightful ownership. Instead we're left with lip service and penny annie fines, the wallstreet brokers simply laugh at.

  18. Let's be fair Mr. Ricketts. People get moved in a city when they 1) don't own or 2) sell. If you rent, it's not yours. If you're Section 8, it's not yours. All the crying in the world won't change that. If you sold, good for you, hope you made a profit. If black people spent more time going to school, again, like the kids in Chinatown, they would still be in the Fillmore. If the black people in the Fillmore had built businesses that were inviting to tourists, they would still be in the Fillmore. If black people reported crimes and took action against street violence and open air drug sales, they would still be in the Fillmore. They didn't, and so they're not. On the other topic, the foreclosure crisis worked two ways. Yes, the bankers got away with murder and should have been rounded up and imprisoned. Obama and Holder didn't want to do that because that's how Obama's campaigns got funded. But honestly, if people hadn't lied about their incomes in order to buy homes they were just going to flip for a quick buck anyway, they wouldn't have been foreclosed upon. The "homes for everyone" frenzy was a Democrat idea, just like the Affordable Care Act, and it was equally disastrous.

  19. If you're wondering where the devil resides, try San Francisco! The racist of downtown have marginalized the Black people in this city and are stiffling them out the city. Today we only constitute 3 % of the population and dwindling, down from 14% in 30 yrs and why is this? The Blacks are sitting on prime real estate the downtown bankers have hatched a plan to turn Hunters Poin into a white unclave and displace the Blacks that have lived there since WW II. The beastial bankers are confiscating homes and literally throwing families out on the sidewalks.We eneed to stop the racist regime downtown, see what happened in the Fillmore, it became white as snow,for them only, you can thank your local politicians for this, today they are marching to up root you in the last Black neighborhood left in SF .Lets stand up and fight. Up you mighty people !

    • Hello, I don't wonder where The Devil resides because I don't have imaginary, invisible enemies or friends.

      What you describe is happening to anyone who can't afford The City as rents go up. Oakland is now home to many hipsters who couldn't afford SF anymore…only they don't complain of mistreatment, they just get on with stuff and fix up bits of West Oakland.

  20. But wasn't an African-American a mayor of San Francisco not too long ago? What was his record and legacy to include all? The constant marginalization situation even when a black is mayor should be looked into. During Mayor Kirk of Dallas era; 1995-2002, first and only African-American ever to be mayor, American Airlines Center; home of Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars, was constructed. There were about 33 minority firms that participated. Once construction was done, 28 of the minority firms went out of business. It is one thing to be in business because of public programs and another to want to be business because one is determined to weather the ups and downs of business. Most minorities are in business becasue they see an opportunity to partake in government programs and hardly develop other business leads. Is that part of the challenge?

  21. There's a lot of us in the East Bay who might like to live in SF, but we can't afford $3,000 per mo for an apartment. It isn't just any one group who has trouble living there. It's anyone who isn't rich. SF is turning into a museum of old culture stuff with rich people living there.

    It's not racism. It's economic-ism.

  22. Thank you Renaldo Ricketts! Thank you for fighting the good fight!

    "The racist regime are marching on the people in this city, the goal is to eliminate you from this city of alledged liberalism."

    "Today it's a bastion of down town business interest and racist corporate greed."

    Money talks in SF. People care about their own. The tenets of liberalism have diminished greatly since the 60's. I was born is SF. As an artist, it's no place I can afford to live. I live in Minneapolis in a multicultural neighborhood. I believe the marginalized have better standard of living here for all of the hard work they do. Of course, corporate greed is ubiquitous, but the city of Minneapolis cares about all residents more than in SF. There simply is less big money interest and more community building here. I think this article and your statements are very important! I wish for the black culture of the SF bay area to ban together with any other marginalized folks, empathizers, ethical people, local politicians with a conscience to demand equality, to demand good jobs and as you say "…stand up and fight. Up you mighty people!"

  23. Age 30 could be hard for many since it is an age where individuals enter the post youth generation. in San francisco , California USA a man from Ethiopia Meron Tesfamariam, a 30-year-old homeless man with a history of stalking, was arrested on suspicion of killing Freeman in 2014. We need to educate our youth on how to swiftly from youth generation to the next one as we strive to prosper.

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