Support demands of Prisoners United on hunger strike in Alameda and Santa Clara Counties

by Prisoners United via Silicon Valley De-Bug and Prisoners Hunger Strike Solidarity (PHSS)

On Oct. 15, 2017, Prisoners United in Glenn Dyer Detention Center courageously led the way in a hunger strike that will span across two counties and four jails. Santa Rita Jail, Santa Clara County Main Jail and Elmwood D.O.C. will continue the strike in solidarity on Oct. 22.

This strike will be the first wave for the community to see the abuse of inhumane conditions, indefinite solitary confinement, meaningless classification reviews and group punishment. Glenn Dyer Detention Center has violated our due process protections through cruel and usual punishment.

We are calling for outside support from families and the community protesting the injustices of Alameda County both at Glenn Dyer and Santa Rita. Literally, we are being silenced.

We have been deprived of all forms of social oxygen, with no contact with another human being for weeks at a time. We have been subjected to indeterminate Administrative Segregation, our mail has been blocked, they’ve threatened to stop visitations, and we’ve been rehoused and separated from one another to break our strike. We have grieved everything and received nothing.

We are calling for support from families and the community to contact the Alameda County Sheriff administration, at 510-272-6878, and Alameda County Board of Supervisors, at 510-272-6347, to meet our demands:

  1. End indefinite solitary confinement.
  2. End subjective grievance practices.
  3. End abuse of discretion to lockdown.
  4. End insufficient and unsanitary clothing.
  5. End insufficient food and starvation for indigent prisoners.

Tell the Sheriff Administration and Board of Supervisors you are calling in support of the hunger strike and expect they will work toward an immediate resolution to these issues.

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