City abandons 60 houseless people in Bayview RV lot: ‘Everything we own is soaking wet’

Bayside-RV-lot-1236-Carroll-w-60-people-abandoned-by-City-in-rainy-December-by-B.A.-Anderson-1400x1047, City abandons 60 houseless people in Bayview RV lot: ‘Everything we own is soaking wet’, Featured Local News & Views
Hidden away in a parking lot near the mouth of Yosemite Slough and Double Rock are 60 people, including elders and children, whose only homes are RVs or other vehicles. The City forces them to stay there but offers none of the promised services. In the current weeklong cold, pouring rain, they are soaking wet and miserable and desperately need help. The wind must be almost as bad as the rain; look at the sheet of plastic these folks used to try to stay dry. – Photo: B.A. Anderson

by B.A. Anderson

We are the tenants of Bayside RV lot, located at 1236 Carroll Ave., San Francisco, Calif. 94124. We were forced to relocate here by San Francisco city and county and promised services.

To date we have received no services. Instead for almost 100 days we have been left in deplorable conditions, without heat, electricity, or hot and cold running water.

We are not allowed to leave, nor are we allowed to have visitors. We believe this is an effort by the city and county to keep the world from knowing the conditions they have left us in.

We have been abandoned here with no way to warm ourselves, our vehicles, or to dry out our clothing or bedding. Everything we own is soaking wet and cold and we are dying from exposure to the elements.

We are in desperate need of hot and cold running water and electricity and are in immediate need of warm blankets and warm clothing for 60 people, most of whom are disabled, some of whom are elderly and school-aged children. Please find it in your heart this Christmas to help those who need it most.

B.A. Anderson, advocate for the tenants and Bayside RV lot, can be reached at