Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Culture Currents

Cultural happenings in SF and beyond.

Num’s World: interview wit’ Numskull of the Luniz, Part 2

"Music ain’t over because we are creative people so we are gonna always make music, but are we gonna make money at it? That’s the thing."

American Fray

o2 The Good Bad Guy's new poem!

Ladybug Mecca: ‘Drippin’ like water’

How does it feel for you and Digable to be sampled so much by people like E40, Rick Rock and Snoop when initially y’all made music for the conscious community?

‘Fantastic Negrito: Have you lost your mind yet?’ a review

Fantastic Negrito, having gone through many stages and names throughout his career, has understood the struggle one must go through to walk on the other side freer – more true to your being and the story you wish to tell.

Numskull’s View: Looking at the history of Bay Area Hip Hop

Numskull of the Luniz gets candid in this interview!

Got reparations? For 21 questions, Menhuam Ayele has 21 answers

In the book “Got Reparations? 21 Questions, 21 Answers,” author Menhuam Ayele lays out some basic principles of what reparations means for Black people in America

Lady Namastizzle’s movement is to bring cannabis yoga to the Bay’s Black and Brown...

The Yogi spaces didn’t reflect what I needed or who I was. So I decided to be what I needed for myself.

WAA REEM: International Fashion and Music Week in San Francisco June 16-18

The WAA REEM concept, which means in Burkina Faso-West African language “Come and have fun or come enjoy the vibe,” is an idea born in 2013 in Africa

Malcolm X and Music

Musicians did their part to keep Malcolm’s name alive

‘Black Barbie’ documentary review

Watching the movie brought me back to my childhood. I felt a lot of nostalgia while watching the movie

Black Restaurant Week covered the diaspora of African-influenced food from Northern Cali testaurants

Black Restaurant week offers a variety of great cuisines!

Diamano Coura dance company is performing in the SF Internat’l Arts Fest on June...

The Diamano Coura dance company will be performing the Brava Theater as a part of the San Francisco International Arts Festival Saturday June 17.

San Francisco Black Film festival will be coming soon!

Only in your hands is your life worth living. Only you can make yourself free.

Black New World Media Awards night is coming June 3 at the African American...

Come out and celebrate the achievements of Black Media makers

Oakland’s Poet Laureate Ayodele Nzinga

"I art in the tradition of the Black Arts Movement, in the continuum of art that transcends being 'art for art’s sake'

Come see ‘The Nigger Lovers’

There was a lot of red wine at the start of the process and then by the end I think I switched to coffee.

Tidal Wave Comics brings Black and diverse comic characters to life

Ken Johnson is an African American comic book writer and illustrator

California Reparations Task Force comes to Oakland

A heated California Reparations task force meeting took place this past Saturday at Mills College in Oakland.

Political prisoner and wife get mural in East Oakland

Jamal Hart, Mumia’s grandson, has kept up the fight to bring his grandfather home.

‘7 Minutes in Heaven’ review

“7 minutes In Heaven” was a cinematic masterpiece that I would watch again.