Thursday, February 29, 2024

San Francisco is largest US city to call for ceasefire in Gaza

“With the passing of this resolution, the San Francisco Board has courageously stood on the right side of history. The interests and voices of the vast majority of our city’s diverse communities are finally being heard,” says Lara Kiswani, executive director of the Arab Resource and Organizing Center. 

Is Safeway safe for Black customers?

“African Americans should be able to shop anywhere in the world. Maurice's experience needs awareness.” - Brianna Mcgee

Full hearts, full circle: Dr. Gina Fromer leads with love at GLIDE

According to Dr. Gina, “[Rev.] Cecil basically told the entire board that Gina is in this position and y’all need to let her lead. Let her do her thing. She's going to move this organization forward.”

Black Bayview college students tell their success stories

“I go to Harvard University. 100% College Prep was part of that village that helped to cultivate me into the person I am today. I'm from Sunnydale and live in Bayview. My family is from here.”

Black Santa presides over Bayview Hunters Point family wonderland

“The holiday celebration and toy giveaway at the Opera House is amazing for the community. This event demonstrates how the Bayview Hunters Point community is a family and will continue to love on each other.” – Supervisor Shamann Walton

Charges dropped against man shot five times by police after prosecutors determine they cannot...

Police, called when Richard Everett was reported to have a knife in the Tenderloin, shot him five times, unprovoked.
man stairs wreath

Dozens of disabled, chronically homeless people face eviction from Bayview homes

“It’s a shame. Here, they have a roof over their heads, every day, every month, every year. Why wouldn’t [Felton] just renegotiate?” 

Mozell Brooks: ‘It’s hot, baby’ (1937-2023)

Mozell’s Kitchen was a community space where everyone from politicians to executives, Muni bus drivers and teens would come to the purple restaurant for a taste of home.

Supervisor Preston calls for Gaza ceasefire, City Hall swells with support

“Where San Francisco goes, the nation follows and San Francisco has to make its voice known," declared Chris Ballard of Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth.

Dental Robin Hood

The Marin City Health and Wellness Center has been working to restore the type of medical and dental services Dr. Coleman’s center was known for in the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s.

A songsational salute to Black women worldwide

All too often, the value of the feminine gender goes underestimated – at bargain-basement prices not penthouse-level ones.

Golden State Warriors, former NBA player host free holiday event at Bayview Hunters Point...

Mistah FAB on Festus Ezali: “Where you are not just showing up but spending time and allocating resources shows a lot. So when he asked me to accompany him, it was a no brainer.”

Monday: Oakland City Council to vote on Gaza ceasefire resolution in special session

Supporting an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza are 66% of all Americans, over 80% of Democrats, and growing numbers of elected officials, including city council and Congress members.

SF African American Chamber hosts global women business leaders in the Bayview during APEC

The conversation centered around the challenges women around the world face in creating and running their businesses and what resources and support are available for women to launch and grow their enterprises.

APEC faceoff: Homeless in Gaza, homeless in Huchuin

They put up 12-foot-tall iron fences and have harassed and removed literally hundreds of houseless, disabled elders and folks holding on by a thread to “prepare” for APEC.

City College set to collide with CSM football in the battle for the Bay...

"I think each year, City’s team gets better. We’ve had several excellent players and teams, but these players are stronger and faster.”

Nancy Cato helps us see ourselves through art

“It’s been a blast creating these images in one of the Blackest parts of San Francisco. It’s an honor."

Black contractors and workers are participating in SF’s $3 billion sewage treatment plant upgrade

By breaking down barriers to opportunity, the project helps local businesses to thrive and increases the pool of skilled craftworkers in the City, supporting sustainable, long-term economic growth in the community, the City and the region.

Homefulness is HEALing

Houseless leaders propose an innovative rent-free housing-healing model for one of San Francisco’s vacant office buildings – City Hall rally Tuesday, Nov. 7, 10:30 a.m. Be there!

In Loving Memory of Jo Ann Jones

Rest in peace, Jo Ann Jones. Her community advocacy will be sorely missed.