by Cynthia McKinney

Happy Birthday, dear Cynthia! Cynthia McKinney is 54 years old today, March 17, 2009.I have read and re-read President Obama’s Joint Congressional Address. All of the “acceptable punditry” have spoken and given the president glowing reviews. And so, to them and the population that still believes in them, “All is right with the world.” But for the rest of us, who refuse to swallow the pill that puts us into the Matrix, a good dose of reality is strongly called for.

But reality is not what we’re getting, not even from one of the national columnists whom I’ve met, Maureen Dowd.

I think Maureen Dowd characterized it as “Spock at the Bridge.” Now, being the Trekkie that I am, that headline grabbed my attention. I nearly gagged, however, when I got to the line supposedly from President Obama calling President Bush to proclaim, “‘I’m ending your stupid war.’ Mission relinquished.”

Why write things like this now that it is clear that the Obama administration is continuing the Bush policies for missile strikes inside Pakistan; torture; rendition for torture; public release of Bush administration e-mails; illegal wiretaps; status of prisoners at the U.S. base in Bagram, Afghanistan; and workplace immigration raids?

For the record, President Obama is also pursuing Bush policies on Iran and Israel. President Obama’s chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, responded when asked whether Iran was capable of building an atom bomb, “We think they do, quite frankly.”

Dowd concludes her “Spock” piece by imbuing the president with “a Vulcan-like logic and detachment.” But I think the detachment of “acceptable” political punditry from the real world is what is totally lamentable. In the process, they render themselves irrelevant.

So, it’s clear. I’m about to step into marshy soil here, by noting that I found 19 questionable Obama policies or statements in his Joint Congressional speech delivered three days before his announcement that upon the end of the U.S. combat mission in Iraq, up to 50,000 U.S. troops could remain through 2011, after the “pullout.”

And while various “mint” operations are peddling Obama “Change” coins for purchase, complete with a certificate of authenticity, I wade further into the muck by noting that the president continues the giveaway of our hard-earned coins to an economic team intent on keeping mismanagement structures in place, serving economic ends that do not constitute the common good. I would refer readers to the many statements that I issued during the final days of our Power to the People Green Party presidential campaign about re-creating an economic system truly and finally owned by the people, operating in our interest. It is possible to do that. All it requires is enough political will.

But what forces me out into the open marshland of “non-mainstream” political punditry has to do with the latest Obama “pullout”: the decision to withdraw from the April 2009 Geneva United Nations World Conference Against Racism, dubbed Durban II.

We heard the same palaver in 2001 from the same forces inside our country, basically that a discussion of Zionism, in the context of such a conference, would be anti-Semitic; therefore all the world’s dispossessed and marginalized people must continue to suffer and sacrifice while muting their grievances so that no discussion of Israel would take place on the world stage in this context.

Well, in 2001, upon hearing this line of reasoning, I went to then-Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Chairwoman Eddie Bernice Johnson and asked if I could be appointed as the CBC Task Force chair on Durban. The non-participation argument was also a handy “peg on the track” with the potential of derailing many conversations, including a real discussion about the trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and the issue of reparations. Respectful of the excellent preparatory work that had been done, I wanted to avoid that outcome.

Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson made the appointment and I led a delegation of five members of Congress to Durban.

The current chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus, Barbara Lee, was a member of my delegation to Durban. From my position on the International Relations Committee, we successfully argued for U.S. participation in that conference at a hearing designed to quash our effort.

We not only met with then-United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson, we also presented her with the untold story of COINTELPRO and the remaining unsolved deaths of its Black Panther Party member victims, commissioned by me and written by Kathleen Cleaver and Paul Wolf.

Our CBC chairwoman made a beautiful statement on why it was imperative that the United States join with our Native American and Latino brothers and sisters and with oppressed peoples all over the planet and not only make our statement of solidarity, but also institute policies at the Congress that recognized their needs.

It is incorrect to say that the United States was not present at Durban. We were there and only when the duties of Congress pressed us to return to Washington, D.C., did the Bush administration make a big deal about anti-Semitism and then staged its phony walkout. The United States delegation of Congressional Black Caucus members was there to support the phenomenal work of U.S. activists and the African and Caribbean delegations, in particular. I think everyone in Durban was moved by the plight of the Dalits in India and understood better the surging political power of Afro-Latinos.

Durban was a clear victory for the world’s marginalized peoples, including those of us who reside inside the United States. But, when the Congressional Delegation returned to the U.S., there was no time for celebration because the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001, unfolded.

What has happened in the interim has devastated the very people that Durban was designed to address, unfortunately, much of it due to U.S. policy. Now is not the time for the United States to shrink from this call.

In order to prevail in Durban, I had to go toe to toe with the Anti-Defamation League and members of Congress Tom Lantos and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who, among many other members of Congress, vociferously denounced Durban. This was something that I did because I felt it was the right thing to do.

Given Israel’s recent actions in Gaza that have brought upon it the world’s opprobrium, I can imagine that this is the last point in time that Israel might want to revisit Durban. Israel has said that it will not attend the conference in Geneva.

Early last year, a government official announced Canada’s decision to not attend Durban II after deeming the conference to be anti-Israel. Shortly afterwards, France followed suit with French President Nicolas Sarkozy stating that the “excesses of 2001” transformed the conference “into an intolerable platform against the State of Israel.”

I would note also that France must be particularly loath to discuss racism now with what is happening in Guadeloupe and Martinique as I write this piece. And remembering that Paris, itself, was literally on fire just a few years ago.

The UK, which has been under severe racial tests with Asians rebelling openly in the streets since Durban 2001, and the Netherlands have both threatened to withdraw their support for the conference if a “negative spiral” of events takes place. Interestingly, these remarks came at the same time as the release of a European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance report which found that the tone of Dutch political and public debate on immigrant integration, racism and other issues relevant to ethnic minorities had experienced a “dramatic deterioration.”

So, we shouldn’t be surprised that the racism stress test is revealing cracks and fissures in human relations. But the United States and President Obama should not shield them or this country from these stresses.

This conference gives us the opportunity to get the issues out in the open and to deal with them. That’s the way to put them to an end. The world might have changed because of events occurring in September 2001, but it wasn’t because the United Nations successfully convened the World Conference Against Racism.

And now that I am as completely in the middle of the marsh as I was as completely in the international waters of the Mediterranean Sea when my boat was rammed by the Israelis, let me make an observation about one aspect of marshes. I have witnessed the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets on the Savannah, Georgia, marshland. And the most beautiful rainbows. Being away from the glass and concrete can give one a better perspective.

I observed last year that I thought U.S. voters went to the polls in large numbers to try and regain a bit of dignity lost during the eight years of outright banditry played out in our names, with our resources, against our interests. But I was reminded at the recently adjourned Transpartisan Alliance convention in Colorado that dignity will not come without first an acknowledgment of the truth: With truth we can have justice; and with justice we can have peace; and it is only with peace that we can truly have dignity. Something as easy as a vote, alone, is not going to be enough to wrest us from this mess that has been wrought.

This morning, I sent the following message to the White House:

“Mr. President, it was with great disappointment that I read of your decision to pull out of Durban II. Even the Bush administration, under pressure from the Congressional Black Caucus, provided some funding for the United Nations effort and sent staff to support the Congressional delegation that attended the conference. I was there. I was head of the Congressional Black Caucus Task Force that negotiated Congressional and administration engagement on this issue. There is still time for the U.S. to participate. Your decision is not irrevocable. I would encourage you to please reconsider this decision and not only attend the conference, but also provide funding to ensure its success.”

Dignity will not come without first an acknowledgment of the truth: With truth we can have justice; and with justice we can have peace; and it is only with peace that we can truly have dignity.

I implore the members of the Congressional Black Caucus to spearhead the participation of the United States in the United Nation’s World Conference Against Racism: to boldly go where we have gone before. Dr. King reminded us that “the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” On this issue, President Obama has shown us his measure. I hope that the Congressional Black Caucus and the Progressive Caucus and the Democratic Caucus can show us, oh, so much more.

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  1. Cynthia, let me know where your boat will be next time so I can ram it, too. You appear to be a stalking horse for the GOP, just like your boy that gave us Bush, the wacked out Nader. Let me be perfectly clear: The people you support are neither liberal or progressive. They are the most reactionary and conservative people on earth, and it is a shame that ignorant and misguided people like Rachel Corrie think they are working for progressive ideals by assisting religious chauvinists and misogynists. I personally have no use for conservatives, whether they come from Khartoum or Crawford.

    Reparations are a non-starter, period. Once the west gets reparations for the Arab invasions of Spain, the Turkish slaughter of the entire Greek population of Asia Minor, the Turkish invasion of the Balkans (not to mention the genocide of the Armenians), the Mongol invasions of Eastern Europe, maybe that can be discussed. Otherwise, tough luck. Quit your sniveling, petty little tyrants that are so far left you have come back to the right. You disgust me, fake liberals.

  2. Cynthia is no liberal, and that’s what the People love about her.

    Cynthia McKinney, you are the greatest threat to the establishment of this country. Seeing how every single liberated country in Latin America (as of last week is now 10), and seeing how they all did it peacefully through democratic elections I realize they are now the leaders of democracy to the world, pushing its limits as no other nation has before experimenting in direct-democracy … you are in a place where no other revolutionary in the United States has treaded before!

    Every single one of those countries ended its state sponsored violence (death squads, paramilitaries) on the People with out exception, as soon as they ended the US military funding. In comparison all of the countries who still receive military funding from the Obama administration (ie. Colombia, Peru, Mexico, etc) still suffer from state sponsored violence. Israel as well. The movement has all of the evidence it needs now.

    10 successful peaceful-democratic revolutions … the movement in our country has not caught on yet. This makes you the leader in leading us through the path of what has been working! The magnificent lady who ran under the first womyn of color presidential ticket in the history of this country.

    “And now that I am as completely in the middle of the marsh as I was as completely in the international waters of the Mediterranean Sea when my boat was rammed by the Israelis, let me make an observation about one aspect of marshes. I have witnessed the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets on the Savannah, Georgia, marshland. And the most beautiful rainbows. Being away from the glass and concrete can give one a better perspective.” – a Revolutionary Goddess!

  3. Why do people make hast judgment of the new administration, when the first thing that Obama is trying to do is get the economy back on track. He has been in the office for less than 3 months and some misguided individuals are already saying he’s following Bush’s policies on war. He might be working on a strategic withdrawal that minimises the impact of such to all parties involved. People wake up, Obama is just human and is still on the right trach. Don’t just criticise for the sake of criticising.

  4. The first guy, Paul is a zionist cold hating on Cynthia practically wishing her death, and Romeo doesnt like Cynthia standing up for People if it means standing against the President of the United States arguing that we should wait so more … even though Obama already signed genocide resolutions in 2006 that allowed Israel to continue its bombing campaign on Lebanon as reports of war crimes were being released. Romeo dares to tell Cynthia to wake up? Is this how people spoke to Malcolm X? Martin Luther King? Assata Shakur? The only ones who spoke like that were the white supremacists and bougie liberals. Romeo humble yourself as your talking about our first revolutionary icon since those days almost 4 decades ago.

    I bet you didnt even see it that way, did you? A sister.

    Sure Obama is changing the Bush policies, for example he has chosen to raise military funding to Israel by another 25%. That’s change under the democrats. The man is a cold baby killer. Every day villagers are being bombed in Pakistan and Afghanistan. He is moving the troops from Iraq to Afghanistan but still leaving 50,000 troops in Iraq. He started whining about the AIG bonuses, even though we waste that same exact amount or more A DAY in the War Against Villagers.

    During his campaigning for the presidency he urged to escalate the violence in Afghanistan and Bush did so which by November over 200 children in Afghanistan were murdered from US bombing. Nobody said anything, except for so called “radicals” in the Green Party and elsewhere. Is it really being a radical to speak truth to power … at least for those children?!?! All of this is being downplayed by the media and we should arm ourselves with the truth.

    Obama said he would be willing to speak to the enemy countless times? He hasnt done shit! He refuses to work with Hamas, even though Mitchel wants a Unity Government … that is all political nonsense which does nothing but waste time as the bombs continue to drop. He hasnt even called for a meeting with all the Villagers were killing over there??? Cynthia would of handled that in less than a week on international public television.

    In short if we want to end the systematic killing of innocents with our money … you have to denounce the leader of that system NO MATTER THE COLOR OF HIS SKIN, or how much smarter he is than Bush … you have to denounce him as the enemy. Cynthia may not go that far, but she may and The women of Afghansitan have already denounced him as the enemy.

  5. I am from vancouver,canada and i wanted to say that the canadian gov. is not sending any representives to the conference.It is more prove that the canadian gov. is racist.Most people in canada already knows that.The canadian gov. is not making any attempt to get Omar Khadr out of Guantanamo or to get the sudanese man back to canada.Im not surprized that canada is not sending anyone to the conference.Im sure all these racist govs.will be put to shame at the conference.I hope there will be a good debate on zionism.It is something that is bad for the palestinian people and needs to be dealt with.It will be the working class people of the world that will get rid of racism once and for all.

    Stan Squires

  6. Too funny. Hey Slab – I am a Zionist – you use that like it’s a bad thing. If you had half a brain (which would be three times the size you have now), you would understand the situation in Israel, which you clearly do not. You are obviously and clearly Al-Qaeda – now how does that fit you? Schmuck!

  7. You’re right – Cynthia “is no liberal” – she is an extremist of the worst kind. She reflects her constituency properly: uneducated and those who suffer from the social disease of getting something for nothing, and selling a food stamp for $0.50 on the $1 just to play the lottery. Now – I’ll give you a guess how I know that and where I am from – take a look of a map of South Brooklyn, NY – get real!

  8. Cynthia,

    If you had any self-respect, you would set the example for your perpetually angry (always playing the victim to shake down people of White color) Black people and return to Africa where you belong. Your own people sold you out, Black on Black violence is nothing new, yet it’s easier for Blacks to always blame Whites, isn’t it? Enough is enough!

    Abraham Lincoln recognized the truth Blacks don’t belong here and never will, as did Marcus Garvey and others. Seek repatriation, not reparations, because if White people demand an accounting, sick and tired of the Blacks being the White Man’s Burden (here and in Africa), Blacks would end up owing us.

    I have a dream! In your new Black African homeland, you can have your very own Congressional Black Caucus, your very own Black president, Miss Black (fill in the space for the name of your Black country of choice), your very own Black Entertainment Network, Black businesses with your Black Pages, Afro-centric ministers, etc.

    What are you waiting for?

  9. Cynthia is a dedicated and courageous leader. Obama increasingly seems to be a puppet of Israel. If Israel has a right to defend theirself so does Iran. I remember that it was the US and Israel who always supported apartheid South Africa. Israel is an apartheid state.

    Paul Chabot, please provide evidence that “The people you support are neither liberal or progressive. They are the most reactionary and conservative people on earth” Also please understand that reparations for US slavery does not depend at all on the historical red herrings you mentioned.

    Slab Tzu, thanks for the relevant info on Latin America, it’s eye-opening.

    Romeo Moblaq, I am sensitive to your sentiments. However, President Obama is boycotting the Conference on Racism this week after it was the African-American vote that put him in office and last week he said at the Summit of the Americas that the US was ready for a new beginning with Cuba. Yet I have not heard of President Obama inviting Cuba to the conference. He should have had Castro there and showed respect even if he did not bow down as he did recently to the Saudi king. That’s not change I can believe in, it’s BS.

    Stan Squires, I agree that Zionism needs to be discussed at the conference with Israel and the US officially in attendance. Better there than the battlefield.

    cb, my people are not trying to get something for nothing. My Cherokee people were on this land thousands of years before Europeans came and stole the land and caused REAL diseases that killed millions. My African ancestors worked for centuries with no compensation while witnessing the rape of our women and the sale and abuse of our children. How would you like to volunteer your family for 246 years of such “nothing?”

    And in this Modern Depression, if someone hit the lottery with food stamp funds, I would say that was pretty smart, though risky.

    As far as Cynthia and her followers being uneducated, here’s her academic background: University of Southern California, BA, 1978; Tufts University, MA in law and diplomacy; University of California, Berkeley, pursuing a PhD, 2000- and I have a BA in English so now you look a bit foolish. What’s your educational background, cb?

    David Ben-Ariel, again my people were here before yours. There is Jewish-on-Jewish violence, even in Crown Heights and in Israel. You can go back where you came from if you don’t like the inevitable rise of justice in the US.
    We will have reparations.

    Cynthia McKinney is real people and I respect her sacrifices for the betterment of the USA and the world.

  10. Adam Jackson? Hhmmm… Doesn’t sound too Cherokee or African. Are you one of those Blacks who pretend to be Cherokee to get some of their money too and were rejected by the true Cherokee people?

    It doesn’t matter whether or not you are Cherokee (or a descendant of any other Beringian immigrant) and here before my Mayflower Pilgrim ancestors came to begin the fulfillment of MANIFEST DESTINY, since God had ordained these “Lands of the Covenant” (United States in Hebrew) as the Promised Land of Manasseh the son of Joseph. This land belongs to White Israelites and the sooner we remember that fact, respect our Hebrew roots and act upon our biblical responsibilities and put everybody where they belong, back into their place, the better.

  11. David Ben-Ariel and Cp … The United States belongs to “white Israelites”, the sons of Joseph? .

    The real revolutions are happening in Latin America and they are reaching us here in the north like a thief in the night. Basically, as no liberal or conservative news propaganda machine is covering the biggest story to happen to the Americas since the Olmecs – 10 direct-participant democracies.

    We already have the blueprint to execute the revolution for the first time in history, we just need to get everyone up here on the North in on it – which will happen. We already have our leaders, we just need to spread her name in the North – which will happen. Either way, it will be our job to move our families, towns and cities to catch up with Latin America. The Green Party is the biggest People’s Party in the United States and have been emulating the ideas of the newly liberated 10 direct democracies.

    Sorry Ben, you didnt see it coming. No, I am lying. I am not sorry, not at all. I am filled with hope and extreme joy. Can’t wait to see you write an article on the Green Party revolution and Cynthia McKinney – you taking a side on this would be helpful.

  12. “Paul Chabot, please provide evidence that The people you support are neither liberal or progressive. They are the most reactionary and conservative people on earth”

    Well, “Adam Jackson,” for my proof I give you the Koran. I give you Sharia law. I can go on, and on, and on, and on, and on. Enough said.

    “Also please understand that reparations for US slavery does not depend at all on the historical red herrings you mentioned.” – Adam Jackson

    Adam, you are absolutely right about the fact that it does not depend on the historical facts that you call “red herrings,” simply because they are inconvenient to your sick and twisted worldview. It depends 100% on our willingness to give reparations. And let me say again, that is a non-starter. It is not going to happen. Ever. Get on with your pointless, ignorant, uninformed and unemployed life.

    Cultural relatvists are the worst kind of hypocrites. They are fake liberals, closet authoritarians and apologists for dictators.

    To Slab, the incompetent moron. Who the hell is Cynthia Mckinney that I should not “dare” to speak any way that I wish? To equate her with Dr. King is ludicrous. To equate her with Malcolm X is understandable. He was a racist, nut-job, reactionary kook as well. So, is she going to come get me? Are you? I should be so lucky. She is an insignificant wing-nut, and none of her priorities will ever be enacted. Hah!

  13. David Sen-Ariel,

    Thank you for your response. The made up stories you cite about so-called “white” Israeli destiny are fables that do not change the fact that my people were here before yours. Your propaganda does not change the reality that my people were here centuries before the Europeans you identify with could read or write. Howard Zinn’s history shows that the Pilgrims were corpse cannibals and grave robbers who did not bathe.

    The historical roots of Hebrew and Judaism are in Egypt, am I right? That means your cultural foundations are based in the civlizartions created by brown people — Africans.

    Regarding my name, it’s Adam Jackson Hasan Cherokee. My people are part of the Cherokee groups that fought the Europeans in Florida. My family historian has confirmed our Cherokee heritage in what is now called North Carolina. I am also African and European but will continue to acknowledge my Cherokeeness and my connection to this land that goes way beyond the Mayflower and made up stories.

    It is a documented fact that Israel and the US were the main supporters of apartheid in South Africa. US and Israel boycotted the recent UN Conference on Racism because they knew Israel was going to get analyzed and criticized for their racist apartheid tendencies. Please educate me on why you say that so-called “Blacks had it better under apartheid.”

  14. AJ:

    The “stories” are all your own with your pagan and primitive mythology Beringian immigrants (“Indians”) are infamous for. Manifest Destiny remains manifest to those willing to see. It’s reality. We’re conversing in English, aren’t we? We’ve become the SINGLE GREAT NATION that Manasseh, the son of Joseph, was supposed to be – the breadbasket of the world, a colonizing people, with a special relationship with the British (Ephraim – the Commonwealth of nations). It’s irrelevant that Beringinan immigrants (“Indians”) occupied this land before God’s time had arrived for prophecies to be fulfilled, and it’s not like the Indians were living in peace and harmony before the superior White Israelite tribes came and claimed our inheritance.

    The United States and every other White Israelite country should have supported apartheid, just as too many non-whites (and self-hating whites) aided and abetted the Black Marxists, the godless ANC.

    It is the Nazi Muslims who practice a perverse apartheid in dismembered parts of the Promised Land of Israel, as they insist those Arab occupied biblical territories be JUDENREIN. The Israelis insanely permit Nazi Muslims to taint their Knesset. So much for Israeli “apartheid.”

    Read the article on “How Evil Was Apartheid?” to see why every color and creed had it better under White Israelite apartheid.

    Furthermore, Egyptian civilization was ran – by White people. Not by primitive Blacks.

  15. David Ben-Ariel,

    Your comments have shown a theme of anti-African sentiment. They have also shown allegiance and reliance on myth to make up for a lack of cultural legitimacy.

    Never mind that the Cherokee and like peoples were on this land in flourishing civlizations at least 12,000 years before the Europeanized humans arrived. Your made up story has an explanation.

    Forget that it was the Europeans who mass murdered Jews and others. Germans were the Nazis. Never mind that, your dream world makes Muslims into Nazis and Germans into benevolent cousins to buy submarines from.

    I’d bet you’re a magnificent example of a man, physically, spiritually, and mentally who would be a source of jealousy to many an African-American man. I’ll bet you blow more trumoet than Miles Davis, can manage nature more completely than George Washington Carver, hit more homers further than Barry Bonds, get more votes than Obama, float more and sting harder than Muhammad Ali, turn a tune more memorably than Patti LaBelle and run the ball as well as act better than Jim Brown.

    I’d bet that if I wanted to lose!! Are all those people on my list what you would call “backward?” Will you now proclaim all of those people so-called “white”?

    I voted for Cynthia McKinney. She stood up to the Israeli bullies to provide medical supplies to Palestine victims. She stands up for the people against the military industrial complex.

    Bush was a part of that military industrial complex and he is the grandson of a Hitler associate. Those kind of people will try to take out the fighting Muslims first so Jewish people can stand alone without their natural cousin. Then they will try to wipe out Jews because it will be easier then to delievr The Final Solution. Do you believe you’re on the same side as Bush?

  16. Интересно написано. Практически за душу цепляет, ну и заставляет поразмышлять над собственным блогом.

  17. There is no diference between the Democrats and the Republicians.John Kennedy started the Bay of bigs invasion of Cuba and got the Cuban missile crisis going.He also made sure the war in VietNam continued.This not doing anything different than previous U.S. govs.It will be up to the working class people of the USA to make the necessary changes so that people can live without these problems.
    When people can live together with out fighting with one another that will be a big step forward.Then the different countries will stop fighting between themselves.At the present time there are different classes of people in the world.This is why people can’t get along with one another. There is nothing done for the good of the people.Even people are considered commodities.We have to sell our labour power to the different work places.
    Only the working class people can change this.We have to take political power into our own hands and over time we can put an end to the different classes of people and things will be done for the good of the people instead of for profit and money for the minority of the rich people.Countries will also stop fighting one another when there is no profit to be made.

    Stan squires

  18. Adam Jackson, you are an incredibly brilliant and compassionate man, and you should be commended for responding so intelligently and even calmly to this clearly white supremacist commenter known as “David Ben-Ariel”. I almost hope that he really is just an Anglo pretending to be Jewish for his ideology is quite in keeping with nazi fascism. It is very disturbing to read such racist justifications for genocide by the U.S., Israel and Western governments.

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