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U3Fit separates the fitness real from the fitness fake

by Robbie Jackson In this post pandemic world, we have seen the value of a “clean bill of health.” Any fitness expert (qualified or not)...

Steatopygia and the modern Venus

The history of racism in medical science and sexualization of Black Beauty. The story of Sarah Baartman.

The Oakland Roots Soccer Club is making their presence known

In 2018 the Oakland Roots Soccer Club was formed. In the Fall of 2019, they began to play in the National Independent Soccer Association. In 2021, the Oakland Roots Soccer Club began to play in the USL Championship, the second division of professional soccer in the United States.

Shawn Richard: Haight street’s first Black equity dispensary owner through the SF office of...

One such story of triumph recalls the life of Shawn Richard. Having made it alive through the War on Drugs, native San Franciscian Shawn Richard’s has broken through all social hurdles placed in front of him.

Introducing Zaire Saunders, the SF Bay View’s new copy editor

So that’s how I see myself and my work. I want to liberate at least one (Black) person, multiple people would be astounding. If I can offer them a good story, or a poem that just touches the soul and gives them hope, I want to remind us of our humanity so we can go forward and free someone else; then my life would never be in vain.

Campaign launched calling for the removal of Cuba from the list of state sponsors...

Cuba was initially placed on the list of state sponsors of terrorism during the Reagan administration in 1982 because of its support for anti-colonial struggles around the world, most notably in Africa.

The Black Panther and the Redneck

After having my right knee replaced, I had to go to the third floor for physical therapy sessions. It was there that I met Mr.Veronza Bowers or, as he is known, Daoud.

Award-winning Afrofuturist Nisi Shawl brings the magic of history to young readers with ‘Speculation’

  by Sumiko Saulson Award-winning Afrofuturist Nisi Shawl has knocked it out of the park with “Speculation,” a work of mid grade fiction (for 8- to...

Black SF promotes reparations for the people!

Legalized enslavement, Jim Crow policies, redlining and state sanctioned murder are a few reasons why reparations are owed.

A comical stoner’s paradise seen on film in ‘Hippie Hill’

by Robbie Jackson April 20 is upon us, and in the Bay Area, it’s more than just a holiday. It’s a way of life. So...

Let’s talk about botanical sexism

For everything in the environment to function properly there has to be a balance between male and female trees

Jeffrey Blankfort: photographing the Black community and the Panther Party

The fight for freedom and revolution is kept alive through photos of the Black Panther Party, captured by Jeffrey Blankfort

Straight to the point with human rights lawyer Adante Pointer

by JR Valrey, the Minister of Information and Editor in Chief of the San Francisco Bay View Newspaper Adante Pointer has been on the front...

Bakers delight: an interview with local baker extraordinaire Kayla Watson

After a slow start, Kayla Watson became the go-to baker for her friends’ children’s birthday parties. When you look at her creations, it is unimaginable that she made these goodies in her house, instead of at some world class commercial facility.

Afatasi The Artist: ‘In our case for reparations’

There must be sweeping systemic changes; there is no amount of saving, no amount of small business savvy nor educational advancement, that can combat the effects of the racist public policies that are keeping us in poverty

Black on Black solutions: ‘Batters Up, Guns Down’ neighborhood softball league opener is March...

The men's season for Bats Up Guns Down is set to begin on March 26th, 2023, weather permitting. The first tournament event will be held on April 8th, 2023, which will be an Autism Awareness and Pre-Easter Celebration for kids.

Haiti: “The Truth Speaks for Itself”

Support the popular movement in Haiti. Demand an end to U.S. funding for the Haitian National Police and military.   Demand an end to the Biden Administration’s unconscionable attacks on refugees.

Talkin’ to the youngsters

Talking to a few youngsters, I hear them saying there are white people in the inner city walking their poodles and how our communities are being gentrified.

Black co-owner of Rosemary Jane Consumption Bar talks local marijuana business and cannabis politics

JR interviews Cynthia Carey Grant live, at Smoke N’ Word at 2340 Harrison in Downtown Oakland.

Oakland Politics with Allyssa Victory

Oakland continues to work to stabilize itself during multiple local emergencies including one due to a cyberattack on City Hall.