Pennsylvania prisoner shackled, gassed, beaten

by Derrick Gibson

I am an inmate incarcerated in the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, and I have a serious issue that I’m seeking your help with.

Prison-guard-aims-pepper-spray-at-camera-184x184, Pennsylvania prisoner shackled, gassed, beaten, Abolition Now!
Pepper spray has become one of the most widely used prison weapons.

On April 7, 2016, while housed in the Special Management Unit at SCI Fayette on a nine-day hunger strike, confined to the infirmary, I was assaulted by a three-man team of officers with a total of five cans of OC spray. Then again by a seven-man team with another can of OC spray – a sixth can.

I was then placed face down inside a shower stall with an officer and shield laying on top of me. I was handcuffed behind my back and shackled, then savagely beaten with fists, batons and open handcuffs.

I suffered serious head, face and torso injuries and concussions. I was then placed in a restraint belt and chains, still shackled with blood-soaked and wet underwear and undershirt mixed with OC spray, for days in a cell with no mattress, bedding, soap, toilet paper etc.

My court scheduled hearing a week later on my force feeding was postponed for an additional week because of the swelling and injuries to my face. The six cans of OC spray and injuries were recorded in my medical file.

The Pennsylvania DOC is trying to sweep it under the rug, and I continue to seek justice to no avail so far except for being transferred out of the SMU and here to SCI Forest.

If you can and are willing to assist me in receiving justice or bringing attention to the incident, please write back.

Send our brother some love and light – and a lawyer: Derrick Gibson, JP-2190, SCI Forest, P.O. Box 945, Marienville, PA 16239.