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Daily Archives: October 31, 2020

成SF evicts HUNDREDS unhoused from hotels

Tenderloin, San Francisco 賤撾獨here are people supposed to go? Does the city even have a clear plan beyond harassing and hurting our homeless brothers and sisters?@t's getting colder: donate food and clothes now!

映ultimillion dollar condos, no resources for unhoused

Tenderloin, San Francisco Malik speaks to folks at Code Tenderloin about the disparities in the city's priorities. London Breed: What's the plan for our unhoused? The homeless crisis didn't end just because COVID restrictions did!

Jacquelin’s BBQ on Quesada and Third

Bayview, San Francisco Malik talks to local Bayview Hunters Point native chef Jacquelin, who's cooking up stuffed oysters, crab, lobster, brisket and all kinds of food at the corner almost every afternoon. Jacquelin says that the Bayview neighborhood needs support and resources.

Section 3: Use it or lose it

What is Section 3? Lin Robertson makes sure we know in detail about Section 3 because the HUD Section 3 New Hiring Requirements on public and affordable housing are slated to be removed in 2021. Thats very bad news for our low- and very low-income community members, and our communities at large.

Jalil Muntaqim, recently paroled after 49 years, was arrested Friday and is facing re-imprisonment...

Please Sign the Petition The carceral state is relentless. After 49 years caged, Jalil Muntaqims freedom is in jeopardy after completing a voter registration form. Mr. Muntaqim's family and community who know, honor and love their educated, respected and courageous elder, say NO!