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California Coalition for Women Prisoners’ statement on SB 132 implementation

CDCr is on notice by CCWP Community to stop the fearmongering, manipulative and punitive abuses against all women prisoners, sis and trans, in the implementation of SB 132. 

Mr. Ronnie Winn’s on-going spoken word of abuse by the Board of Parole in...

It either is or it isn’t, but it can’t be isisn’t and expect Ronnie Winn to run with it.

Trials highlight racism – Black Lives Matter!

‘White supremacy and racism are not secondary issues in a society split by deepening class divisions’ and are quantifiable as acts of Genocide.

Open letter from Sunnydale resident to Mayor Breed, Gov. Newsom and HUD Secretary Marcia...

The capital empire insists that the oppressed continue to bend, or move as it were, to the will of the system and its appendages – one of several forms of Genocide.

Bay Area neo-soul sensation Morgan J is set to rock Ghana on tour with...

Morgan J shares her excitement of embarking into her unknown, in Ghana, to experience her culture, her people and to receive whatever God has waiting for her there.

Fighting co-optation: Honoring the Black Panther Party on its 55th anniversary

Delency and Abbas Muntaqim deftly lay out the critical importance of history and education in the revolutionary movement.

Unlock them up!

The People speak – no new, updated or refurbished jails or prisons. 

Is Raimore Construction creating a historical model to build Black community wealth?

Emerging models may be providing new opportunities to building Black community wealth.

‘The Oak’ at 55 Oak St., San Francisco, offers 13 affordable apartments – apply...

13 new “Below Market Rate” homes for sale at The Oak, 55 Oak Street San Francisco, CA 94102 1 studio, 9 one-bedrooms and 3 two-bedroom...

SF jury takes only 5 hours to reach a not guilty verdict for a...

The criminal legal system shows no respect or concern for those who suffer being denied their right to a speedy trial.

Liberate the Caged Voices: Amerikkka Inc. guilty of genocide!

The point of critical mass is evident when those being oppressed are willing to commit to their own deaths by resisting to stop the torture.

A Conspiracy of Flowers

At the International Tribunal 2021, poet Steve Bloom eloquently speaks his poem, ‘A Conspiracy of Flowers,’ to his friend also present, former Political Prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera.

Compassionate release for Maroon

It’s shamefully apparent that, with deliberate indifference, Pennsylvania Department of Corrections and SCI Dallas, have killed political prisoner Russell Maroon Shoatz.

‘What’s going on?’

With low student enrollment and budget cuts looming, there’s good news, too, and community work ahead towards enhanced education.

The George offers 91 SoMa apartments affordable to middle income households – apply by...

91 SoMa Apartments for Middle Income households Available Early 2022 THE GEORGE at 434 Minna Street, San Francisco CA 94103 Households must earn within the income range...

Was the Bay View infiltrated by a ‘rock star’ informant?

Trust and humanity are every day seeming more elusive as we struggle to sort fact from fiction, love from treachery – and human resiliency keeps us from despair.

Little government aid, ongoing stigma and the fight for decriminalization: San Francisco sex industry...

For some sex workers, laws such as FOSTA-SESTA block them from acquiring financial means to survive.

Love! Life! Healing! Reparations now!

Baba Jahahara reminds us to act in healthy ways, pays honor to new Ancestors and Ancients, and brings renewed energy to healing, Reparations and freeing our political prisoners.

Healthcare roulette

The onus is on We the People to demand legislators acknowledge and legislate for health care as a human right instead of a commodity – vote accordingly.

25 affordable apartments at 1028 Market St., SF – apply by Dec. 9

Below Market Rate (BMR) Rental Apartments Available Prism at 1028 Market St, San Francisco CA 94102 12 Studios at $1,227 per month; 6 One-Bedrooms at $1,248...